The Hottest Bridesmaid Dresses For 2014

Today we are talking about this season’s styles for maids bound to love, that is–bridesmaid gowns! They are showcased from the windows that so many options anyone would like to wear not just for a wedding party. From dark to light colors, from dainty lace to short styles, the stylish are mutative and meet your desires of own the best bridesmaid gowns which fits your figure the best. Below are the latest trends you can refer to when chosse your bridesmaids dreses.

lace bridesmaid dresses

Dark Color 

Balck makes a mysterious and sexy satement this season. No matter in lace, short styles, or long gowns with peplum embellsihment, it can be weared in any speical ocasions and are timeless of the fashions. Your maids really like it. 

lace bridesmaid dresses

Party of Lace 

We noted that some designers would like to give lace a place of honor in the latest designs of lace bridesmaid dresses. Whether in mild tones or full colors, lace is sued all over or as an accent. Designers create the graceful bridesmaid gowns by constituting lace and other fabrics. Such as Lace and Chiffon dresses, Lace and Satin bridesmaid gown, the styles will not be disappionted you even in simple form. Such lace dresses will alway give us a feminne and dainty impression. Different colors combination will enhance the effort of the glamour of the fashionable stunning lace bridesmaid gowns. 

lace bridesmaid dresses

Neutral Color 

Neutral color can sotten things. The earthy color is just the hottest for the coming spring and people enjoy to have a plain dress in the latest styles. It make you feel that simple can be graceful in life. Its flattering in different complexions gives you a sense of happy and bridesmaids can’t say the reasons but loves these bridesmaid gowns naturally. 

lace bridesmaid dresses

Flirty style 

Go to the right places with right dreses is improtant, nowdays the short and flirty style is popular. The main reason is that such bridesmaid gowns or short bridesmaid dresses, can be weared going fromal or casual, evening or daytime, a big night or sweet date. When it is adorned with a peplum, it is more wearable. They are among of our favorites bridesmaid dresses or formal dresses.

With all this cue I think you can easily find the hottest bridesmaid dresses.There must be the lace bridesmaid dresses or short dresses your bridesmaids are bound to love! Good luck and we are keeping to provide the latest and hottest bridesmaid dreses constantly.

Five Simple Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Dresses

What makes a wedding dress special? It’s all in the details, and we’ve got some exciting ideas to spice up your day.
Rethink Wedding Flowers

Rethink Wedding Flowers
Rethink Wedding Flowers

Faux blooms can help bring a gentle touch to your dress. Wear garlands of blossoms on your head, tuck one behind your ear, or attach overblown buds to your gloves, dress, or shoes.

Have Fun with Shoes and Handbags

Illuminate your ensemble by dipping your fingers and toes into an unexpected spectrum of watercolor hues. Choose girly heels and sleek clutches in shades of teal, maize, coral, Aubergine — and everything in between.

Have Fun with Shoes and Handbags
Have Fun with Shoes and Handbags


Wedding Dress with Horsehair Sash

An over-sized horsehair sash would glam up your dress and give it a totally different look.

Wedding Dress with Horsehair Sash
Wedding Dress with Horsehair Sash


Slip On Wedding Gloves

For classic high-waisted style wedding dress, elbow- or opera-length gloves will give your dress an elegant look. For a formal winter wedding, opera-length gloves provide warmth and flair. For a summer garden wedding, shorties are fresh and light, and will give an empire gown a daintier, less formal look.

Slip On Wedding Gloves
Slip On Wedding Gloves


Add Feathers

Pin a single ostrich plume, ivory or blue, to your hair for a dreamy, ethereal headpiece.

Add Feathers
Add Feathers
chiffon bridesmaid dresses

The Launch Of The 2014 Bridesmaid Collection

2014 new collection on bridesmaid dresses that is creative, inspired and stylish. And I’m sure our readers are exciting to see something fresh and enjoy the new design inspiration from the 2014 bridesmaid dresses collection which is really fabulous and hot. I adore the chiffon bridesmaid dresses while the taffeta and charmeuse ones also gives a perfect impact with their trendy performance.

Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses

Chiffon bridesmaid dresses

Chiffon bridesmaid dresses

It almost includes all styles of the necklines, straps, spaghetti straps, sweetheart neck, halter neck or one single shoulder strap, you name it, while the silhouettes are classical that suitable all figures whatever your body shape is. Moreover, designer adds the latest fashionable elements to create a elegant and inspired bridesmaid dresses to the modern bridesmaids, one rose decoration, modern twist, ruched or ruffles, shirred cummerbund all these add the feminine and elegance to the bridesmaid dresses and the soft full skirt completes the romantic look.

One thing I want to remind is the new added colors for these long bridesmaid dresses. Silver, Flush Pink, Gray, Vanilla,Opal, Dove… I love all of them and can’t pick out which one for the special day. Well, our smart bridesmaid of course to know which color matching the wedding theme color best and be remember we all customized do any dress in any color of chiffon, so, you just need pick out the style you want and leave the color item to us.

Charmeuse Bridesmaid Dresses

The long bridesmaid dresses in charmeuse also give you a stunning impression with their stylish and silky touch. See this V-neck empire waist long bridesmaid dress in Truffle, I was attracted by the popular color and elegance. Without redundant embellishment it still gives a chic and modern look. And also this Burgundy bridesmaid dress, a curved strapless neckline, ruched bodice, broad waistband and accented with a peplum embellishment. Finished off with a slim and fitted a-line skirt.

Chiffon bridesmaid dresses

Chiffon bridesmaid dresses

Taffeta Bridesmaid dresses

For taffeta long bridesmaid dresses, i will not text too much or post the images of the dresses and I want you my dear readers just to click the link below to check the details for them.
All these long bridesmaid dresses in page 1 or page 2 and you may need to open the dress you like to check the description to get more information of it. I hope you love them and contact with our customer service when you want to clear any problem you may have.

We designed all these long bridesmaid dresses for the modern woman who loves the fashionable style and this collection really captures the fun and flirtatiousness while being exceptionally flattering silhouette, creating a feminine, flirty look to compliment every figure, make these long bridesmaid dresses perfect for those who want to stand out on their big day.

My Bride Dress aesthetic is elegant and classic with a youthful, modern twist. The launch of the 2014 bridal collection features nine new dresses in high quality fabrics while being offered at the affordable prices mainly under $170, it has been become popular since we launched out and we hope more and more clients can get these fabulous and striking long bridesmaid dresses.

Dresses can be custom made to suit every bride’s needs, whether it be in a different length, fabric or even color and a made to measure service is available on most dresses. Dresses are available to purchase online .Or you can contact with our customer service directly.

Choosing the best sweetheart lace wedding dress for brides

Take your pick of your wedding dress to look the best

Is your big day coming up? Well, congratulations on that. It is a known fact what it means to be getting wed. Along with the immense happiness it also brings on a lot of tensions. How to get a perfect dress is the biggest one among them. It is your day and no wonder you want to look simple the best and that is why finding a perfect dress is something which is really-really necessary. And, guess what! That is why this segment is here to help you out. It will be providing you with various insights which will help you in choosing the best yet unique dress for your wedding day.

Where elegant meets fashion

When you are hunting for a perfect wedding dress then what is the aspect that you want in it the most? It is an assumption; no quite definitively, that most of you will want to have a dress which is immensely beautiful. Moreover, you will also want the factor of elegance and happiness to be there. In that case the sweetheart lace back wedding dress are your pick. These dresses are simply outstanding; they have an air of sophistication in then along with a stunning look. The lace back wedding dress are made of different kind of materials. The color ranges from being white to ivory white. The specialties of these dresses are that the back side of the dress is made of laces. Sometimes along with laces other elements are also used to enhance the gorgeousness of the dress. These dresses give you a look of royalty when you are wearing them. Now, if you are saying that they aren’t exactly your type then don’t worry there are more option for the lovely lady.

The fun and sophistication

If you are much of a person who always loves to keep up with her fun side then the sweetheart wedding dresses are a perfect pick for you. Why? These dresses are designed in such a manner that they portray the qualities of being funny and flirty at the same time. Now, now after reading this are you thinking that this segment is talking about the funky wedding dresses? Well, no. these dresses also have a hint of sophistication in them along with the dominant portrayal of being fun. These dresses are made from such materials which are absolutely unique. Also the color variety on these dresses is quite impressing. The design of the sweetheart wedding dresses also varies a lot. You can always opt for the vintage collection for the elegant old age designs or you can always go with the modern age mermaid wedding dresses.

How to avail?

The laces back wedding dress can be availed from the physical store but it is not always possible for you to run to the store for every nitty-gritty details of your dress, isn’t that so? That is why you can also opt for the service of the online market. You can easily pick your dress from the website of a reputed wedding dress maker. Then you can provide you sizes to get it shipped to your house. So, choose your pick from the sweetheart wedding dresses of your choice and have a happy wedding.

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