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Wedding Dress —Symbol of Happiness

Wedding dress is from west first, it was introduced into our county less than one hundred years. And now all kinds of elegant wedding dresses make people dazzled. from all the wedding dresses, white gives the impression of being quite, white, pure and is intended on everyone. Elieen Chang once had white roses and red roses to girls and young woman who has unique charm.

However, what is the meaning of white wedding dress?It represents purity, standing for the symbol of lily. And morals good luck in one hundred years. Also stands for dream, a dream that all the girls spent all her life chasing for the dream. Every girls dreams the moment to put on wedding dress, as it we all know it is the most beautiful moment of one’s life.

When putting on white wedding dress, it is the most important and the happiest time for women, with the blessings of thousands of people. The most exciting sence is together with her loved ones to create the future that belongs them.

Not only white, wedding dresses in other colors have also becoming popular among people. Green is a kind of extremely shallow light, reflect the bride is lovely. Pink has always been popular among the young girls who are cute, adore western style, those will not miss pink. Yellow series are suitable for white skin, it can show your confidence. Bright blue series, means elegant and fits for romantic bride and owns rich inner world. Red means beaming and bless. Old people are especially passionate about it.

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