Bohemian Rustic Wedding at The Glades by Alexis Diack {Taryn and Mike}


Well hot damn. You know it’s going to be an amazing day when we’re kicking it off with a totally unique and beautiful wedding that also happens to feature the talents of not one but two of our most favourite vendors.Casey Jeanne‘s dresses are always exquisite, but along with some deliciously boho accessories, this one makes bride Taryn look (by her own apt description) like a bohemian goddess. In a fashion spread. In Vogue. And the gorgeous (but totally laid-back) details don’t stop there – I promised you a groom in jeans, and here he is, rocking them. There’s a gypsy band of attendants (how much am I loving the MoH’s style?), flowers for the guests’ hair, a hand-tied bridal bouquet, bunches of wildflowers in pastel tin cans on rustic tables – for a bride who decided not to splash out on her floral budget, Taryn was surrounded by blooms. The whole effect is delightfully un-fussy, the kind of atmosphere where guests are ready to kick off their heels and dance with joy – and I’ll bet that’s just what they did. The wonderful Alexis Diack was on the scene to deliver her usual heart-stopping photographic captures. 003-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack

(Wedding dresses from 005-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack 006-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack

Love Story
Mike and I met the boring, old fashioned way: through a mutual friend, at a club (no Tinder for us).

The Proposal
Mike proposed to me at Granny Mouse in the Midlands. It was the first place we ever went away to together as a couple and we loved it so much that we went back again and again and again. (Third time lucky, as that was when the proposal took place.) We both aren’t very big romantics, it makes us a bit shy and awkward, so he proposed in the privacy of our own room where it was just the two of us, before taking me out to dinner – obviously I couldn’t eat.


The Venue
I had always wanted to get married in a barn, it was the one thing that had remained a constant in my girly wedding dream. The Glades was the first venue we looked at and from the moment we walked into the barn we fell hook, line and sinker. If you ever get a chance to see the venue you will understand, it’s perfection and then some.

Wedding Style
We wanted a very relaxed wedding with minimal fuss. We used the beauty of the venue to our advantage, so decor and flowers were kept very simple. We did some DIY by painting tin cans baby yellow, baby blue and coral to hold the flowers and brought in a sailor theme with napkins that my aunt made.

008-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack 009-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack 010-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack

Wedding Details
As Mike and I are not very traditional, I think our wedding matched our personalities in that it was very relaxed. We wanted people to eat good food (burgers), drink lots and dance the night away.

DIY Elements
We saved a lot of costs on flowers. Our amazing friends and family were on tin collection duty, and we painted the tins ourselves which we used for our flower arrangements. My aunt made our napkins.

011-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack 012-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack 013-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack 014-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack 015-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack

The Flowers
I am a big believer that spending a lot of money on wedding flowers is somewhat of a sin, so we opted for fairy daisies, penny gum and other inexpensive blooms.

The Dress
My wedding gown was made by the insanely talented Casey Jeanne Walters. As I had saved costs on flowers, I went all out on my dress. It was a lace and silk Georgette style. It was and still is quite possibly the most beautiful item of clothing I have ever worn. To say I love it would be an understatement. I felt like a bohemian goddess in it. It was my favourite detail of the day.

016-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack 017-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack 018-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack 019-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack 020-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack

Memorable Moment
The most memorable part of the day (besides marrying Mike obviously) was having my ten year old Chihuahua, Chi-Chi, walk down the aisle with me.

The Honeymoon
We actually did not go on honeymoon because we were in the process of moving overseas soon after our wedding. We decided it was more important to spend the honeymoon money on transporting our four animals overseas with us. We are planning a trip to Fiji next year, yay!

021-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack 022-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack 023-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack 024-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack 025-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack 026-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack 027-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack 028-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack 029-TM-bohemian-rustic-wedding-alexis-diack




The days of generic, poorly painted plasticine bride and grooms are over. Today’s wedding cake toppers are anything but boring, and are a fabulous way to add personality and style to your wedding.

Fashionable monograms, vintage jewellery, unique ornaments, fresh flowers and adorable garlands now take centre stage. Metallic monograms are great for the modern couple, and look sleek and simple a top a traditional white cake. While fresh flowers add a pop of colour and an organic element – a perfect choice for an outdoor spring wedding. If your wedding has more of a vintage feel to it, why not try a lace or ribbon bunting? Glamorous antique crowns and sweet bird figurines are also proving to be a popular cake topper choice for 2013. Scour your local antique store for a piece of old world glamour, or perhaps use a family heirloom for a personal touch. Why stop at one? A collection of heart or flag cut-outs adds wonderful texture and dimension. You could even considering adding a quote? The possibilities are endless when it comes to your wedding cake topper, so use your imagination and choose something that really reflects you as a couple, and is in keeping with your style. That way, granted it isn’t edible, the cake topper will make a great memento for years to come.


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Fantasy Friday ~ An Engagement Shoot with Some Serious Style


wedding dresses from

You know those couples that you can just tell you’re going to like? Well, Andrea and Travis are certainly one of those couples. They are incredibly cute, and have a sense of humor! Holy shit, what a concept?!! Right? I am so over the stuffy, boring engagement shoots. Those suck. Those are boring. Those are vanilla. Bridey, why not indulge your quirky side and have some fun? Don’t let your humdrum, uneventful engagement shoot be a glimpse of how your wedding is going to be! Seriously, bridey, if I received a save-the-date from Andrea and Travis, I would look forward to their wedding. I would automatically think that their wedding would be entertaining somehow based solely on what I see in these fun photos!!

Brooke, of Brooke Taylor Studios said that, “I just had to share this adorably hilarious couple with the world. Andrea and Travis are fun, quirky and so absolutely in love. We created a special styled picnic engagement shoot with all local Seattle products (cheese, sparkling wine, apples, etc). We couldn’t have expected to have such a fun time laughing and shooting right as the rain started. The couple decided to push through the rain and I am glad we did because we got a lot of great images of them and they couldn’t be happier with the results.” I completely agree, Brooke!

17Strunk_Salad_Brooke_Taylor_Studios_41_low16Strunk.00315Strunk_Salad_Brooke_Taylor_Studios_46_low14Strunk_Salad_Brooke_Taylor_Studios_44_low13Strunk.00412Strunk_Salad_Brooke_Taylor_Studios_6_low11Strunk_Salad_Brooke_Taylor_Studios_8_low10Strunk.0029Strunk_Salad_Brooke_Taylor_Studios_29_low8Strunk_Salad_Brooke_Taylor_Studios_31_low7Strunk_Salad_Brooke_Taylor_Studios_36_low6Strunk_Salad_Brooke_Taylor_Studios_27_low5Strunk_Salad_Brooke_Taylor_Studios_23_low4Strunk_Salad_Brooke_Taylor_Studios_15_low3Strunk_Salad_Brooke_Taylor_Studios_9_low2Strunk.001 1Strunk_Salad_Brooke_Taylor_Studios_32_low


Styling a Christmas wedding can be tricky.

Do you go all out with fir trees, stockings, and a life-sized Santa Claus in the photo booth? Or do you play it down with rustic touches or an entirely white theme?

To help us on our quest for classy Christmassy wedding decor, we consulted the experts.

And if anyone knows a thing or two about throwing a chic festive soiree, it’s top luxury wedding planners, Collection 26.


Photo by JLB Wedding


A wedding in the winter months allows you to add an extra bit of sparkle and opulence to your big day.

Incorporate sumptuously rich colors, luxurious textures and enchanting lighting to your décor preparations for a show-stopping celebration.

Follow our expert tips to find out how…



Photo via Hotel Banquet

Choosing the colour scheme for your wedding is one of the most important elements to consider as it will directly affect the mood and atmosphere you are trying to create.

For those unafraid of a bold statement, Radiant Orchid is a sensational shade to incorporate into your décor.

Named as Pantone’s Colour of 2014, it’s a fresh alternative to the seasonal reds and greens we are so used to seeing this time of year.

Photo by Katelyn James Photography via Bridal Musings

Luxurious silk drapery in this gorgeous pinkish – purple hue will enhance and add drama to your ceremony entrance as well as set a warm welcoming tone.

Magenta LED up-lighters and colour filters will add a dramatic splash of colour to dark corners and highlight venue features.

The exotic shade looks stunning when it is incorporated into floral arrangements. Orchids themselves are a wonderful option for winter as they are in- season and readily available. Working wonderfully as both a subtle tone to accent neutral bouquets, or as a bold, vibrant centrepiece in itself, this colour is a magnificent choice for your winter wedding.



Photo via Upcycled Treasures

Nothing says winter more than cocoa, butterscotch and egg nog. Our event designers love to incorporate hot drinks bars into their catering designs for the ultimate festive touch.

Perfect for adding an interactive element to the reception space, guests are free to help themselves to delicious toppings such as marshmallows, caramel and whipped cream.

Use an eclectic mix of vintage crystal jars for the toppings and chic espresso glasses to serve the drinks.



Photo by Jaque Lynn Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Couples are increasingly favoring informal style dining concepts, with sharing dishes and buffet tables for a more relaxed feel.

Create an enticing display of dishes using an assortment of textures such as oak slabs and pair with contemporary metal plates and antique glassware.

We love the use of vintage French wine boxes as cake stands, which create a chic, rustic look.

Add a seasonal touch and dash of colour by filling spaces between dishes with deep green ivy garlands. Accent with vibrant red cranberries for a show stopping winter feast like no other.



Photo by Gina & Ryan Photography via Style Me Pretty

As wedding planners, we love to inject texture and depth to our creative designs. In the winter season, we introduce foliage and wood to our decorative arrangements as they add a perfect seasonal touch.

The combination of lighting and foliage is ideal for creating an eye catching, yet ambient atmosphere.

Entwine holly stems around cast iron candelabras and wrap bannisters with ivy and fairy lights to achieve a cohesive winter look throughout your venue.

You could go as far as to install an entire twig ceiling with hanging filament light bulbs for an enchanted, winter forest look, a wedding décor feature we are sure to see more of next year.



Photo by Leo Patrone via Once Wed

Such gorgeous ideas – don’t you think? I love the idea of foliage and candles – so elegant and effortless.

Thanks so much for Collection 26 for sharing their expert tips, take a look at their website for even more inspired ideas.

Chocolate Prom Dresses Collection 2015

1chiffon-tiered-prom-dress-with-spaghetti-straps-2 1chocolate-chiffon-prom-dress-spaghetti-straps-6 1chocolate-chiffon-tiered-prom-dress-3 1chocolate-chiffon-tiered-prom-dress-spaghetti-straps-1 1chocolate-tiered-prom-dress-spaghetti-straps-4 1tiered-prom-dress-with-spaghetti-straps-5

Chocolate Chiffon Tiered Prom Dress with Spaghetti Straps

Code 1E001

30% OFF original price: $256.00
Beautiful, flawless and stunning. This rust ankle length chocolate chiffon prom dress screams timeless elegance! Pure spaghetti straps evoke the simple stain bodice with tiered ruching natural waist. Twirled tiered skirt with seaming flowers embellishment cascades to the floor elegantly creating dramatic three dimension.

2long-one-shoulder-ruffled-coffee-custom-prom-dress-3 2long-ruffled-one-shoulder-coffee-custom-prom-dress-4 2one-shoulder-ruffled-long-coffee-custom-prom-dress-1 2ruffled-one-shoulder-long-coffee-custom-prom-dress-2

One Shoulder Ruffled Long Coffee Custom Prom Dress

Code 1E146

30% OFF original price: $270.00
You will be highly admired with this coffee A line long ruffled tulle dress for your prom party. On shoulder designed with pleats on bodice, waist is decoration with highly ruching and cross pleats look. The skirt is tailored with volume tulle cut for ruffled look, giving a gorgeous hand made skills. Back is detailed with asymmetrical pleats. Custom it for your graduation and make your prom party impressive. Same style with mini length with 1E145

3coffee-one-shoulder-ruffled-mini-prom-tulle-dress-2 3mini-coffee-one-shoulder-ruffled-prom-tulle-dress-4 3mini-one-shoulder-coffee-ruffled-prom-tulle-dress-3 3one-shoulder-coffee-ruffled-mini-prom-tulle-dress-1

One Shoulder Coffee Ruffled Mini Prom Tulle Dress

Code 1E145

30% OFF original price: $185.00
Look sexy with this mini length coffee tulle prom dress, the bodice is decorated with asymmetrical one shoulder style with volume pleats, waist id detailed with wide ruching and cross pleats giving illusion of high charming waist. Voluminous layers of tulle gathering for gorgeous ruffle look. This special design will make you the spotlight for this dress.