Fantasy Friday ~ An Engagement Shoot with Some Serious Style


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You know those couples that you can just tell you’re going to like? Well, Andrea and Travis are certainly one of those couples. They are incredibly cute, and have a sense of humor! Holy shit, what a concept?!! Right? I am so over the stuffy, boring engagement shoots. Those suck. Those are boring. Those are vanilla. Bridey, why not indulge your quirky side and have some fun? Don’t let your humdrum, uneventful engagement shoot be a glimpse of how your wedding is going to be! Seriously, bridey, if I received a save-the-date from Andrea and Travis, I would look forward to their wedding. I would automatically think that their wedding would be entertaining somehow based solely on what I see in these fun photos!!

Brooke, of Brooke Taylor Studios said that, “I just had to share this adorably hilarious couple with the world. Andrea and Travis are fun, quirky and so absolutely in love. We created a special styled picnic engagement shoot with all local Seattle products (cheese, sparkling wine, apples, etc). We couldn’t have expected to have such a fun time laughing and shooting right as the rain started. The couple decided to push through the rain and I am glad we did because we got a lot of great images of them and they couldn’t be happier with the results.” I completely agree, Brooke!

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