19 JUN 2014 I’M PREGNANT… + PRETTY SHEER, LACE DRESSES | Claire Pettibone’s Romantique Collection + No, Seriously, I’m Pushing a Baby Out My Vag Soon. (Even Though My Doctor Wants Me To Have a C-Section.)

1 LEAD-Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-knotty-bride-is-pregnant

(Dressmebridal.co.uk can offer the Wedding Dresses from Picture)

Hey everyone!

So Wednesday I went to Claire Pettibone‘s runway show for her new Romantique collection.  I bout died.



But before I get into it– remember this?  Well I want to expand on that news I sort of nonchalantly dropped in the title.  I am like a zillion months pregnant.  Just thought I’d tell you?  Sorry that I’m just now getting up the balls to announce it.  I’m 37 weeks, tomorrow, with my first (and last, if I’m unable to erase from my brain how bad this pregnancy has been).  Also, I just looked up “nonchalantly” to make sure I spelled it correctly and it says “feeling or appearing casually calm and relaxed; not displaying anxiety” – hehe, which is FUNNY, you guys, because I AM NOT AT ALL THOSE THINGS.  I am light years away from the things in that definition.  In fact I think in order not to be constantly tense about it I’ve convinced myself that this is just my new body and a baby isn’t actually going to be coming out of it.  Because HOW DOES THAT WORK.

Also, today my doctor told me there’s so much pressure on my tushie right now that I might want to consider a c-section to avoid UNIMAGINABLE HEMMIES, which she’s convinced are going to murder my behind if I have to push this infant out.  High kick, woot!  (Do let me know if you’d like me to get even more TMI about this, I’m poised and ready..)

Also please tell me it’s going to be ok……… please

3 bambino-the-knotty-frenchie-reaction-to-me-being-pregnant 4 knotty-bride-pregnant-with-a-real-life-child 5 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2

(Wedding Dresses from Dressmebridal.co.uk/wedding-dresses)6 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-3 7 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-4 8 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-5 9 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-6 10 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-7 11 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-8 12 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-9 13 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-12 14 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-10 15 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-11 16 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-13 17 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-14 18 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-15 19 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-16 20 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-17 21 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-18 22 C2laire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-19 23 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-21 24 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-22 25 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-23 26 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-24 27 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-25 28 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-27 29 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-28 30 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-29 31 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-31 32 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-32 33 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-37 34 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-34 35 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-36 36 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-38 37 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-39 38 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-40 39 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-41 40 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-43 41 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-44 42 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-45 43 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-46-knotty-bride-wedding-blog 44 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-47 45 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-48-knotty-bride-wedding-blog 46 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-49 47 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-51-knottybride-blog 48 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-50-knotty-bride-wedding-blog 49 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-52-knottybride-wedding-blog 50 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-53-knotty-bride-wedding-blog 51 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-54 52 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-55 53 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-56 54 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-57 55 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-57b-knottybride-blog 56 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-58 57 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-59 58 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-60 59 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-61-knottybride-blog 60 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-63 61 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-64 62 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-65 63 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-66 64 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-67 65 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-68 66 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-69 67 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-70-knotty-bride-wedding-blog 68 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-71-knottybride-wedding-blog 69 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-72-knottybride-wedding-blog 70 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-73-knottybride-wedding-blog 71 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-74-knottybride-wedding-blog 72 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-75-knottybride-wedding-blog 73 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-76-knottybride-wedding-blog 74 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-77-knottybride-wedding-blog 75 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-78-knotty-bride-blog 76 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-79 77 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-80-knottybride 78 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-81-knotty-bride 79 Claire-Pettibone-Romantique-Wedding-Dress-Collection-82-knottybride-wedding-blog

NEW BHLDN DRESSES + IF I CAN BE HONEST, I HATE YOUR SELFIE. | Motherhood, Selfie Hate and Some Dresses I’d Actually Wear.

1 instagram-selfie-hate-lace-bohemian-wedding-dress-BHLDN_11

I’m taking a vibrator (it’s mini) on a plane today, wish me luck.  I don’t know if it’s legal or not but I’m gonna find out the hard way.

Ok.  Honesty time.

Ever since I became a mom, every time I see a fellow mom on instagram post an exceedingly staged, attractive look, i’ve got my shit together selfie, I have to remind myself that there was probably about an hour of prep that went into that, with the makeup and the hair and the wardrobe selection and the kids not cooperating the whole time and how it was probably the best take out of like 100 takes, and that the worst of the takes probably sent the mom into a bit of a depression spiral.  It makes me feel better when it’s day three of not having showered and the bedsheets need changing.

Is that bad?

Instagram both inspires me and makes me want to curl into a ball in my closet and not exist for a little bit.

In other news, the ethereal nymphs working over at BHLDN sent some images to me and I’ve decided to share them, because LOOK AT ALL THE PRETTY DRESSES

2 1-wedding-dress-BHLDN_1

(Gudeer can offer the bridal gown from the Picture)

Zoe Gown by Catherine Deane ($1,600) Paired with Budding Crystal Comb ($120), Leona Drops ($180) and Parlor Slingbacks ($180) 3-wedding-dress-BHLDN_2 4-bohemian-wedding-dress-BHLDN_3

In Perpetuity Camisole by Natori ($160) and Anika Skirt by Catherine Deane ($500) Paired with Crystal-Crossed Belt ($200), Carmen Halo ($350), Mizar Crystal Cuff ($70)

From the ladies who sent over this great stuff:

BHLDN released its new November lookbook… the black and white imagery is a first for us.  It’s timeless and elegant, highlighting the extraordinary details and craftsmanship of our new gowns.  The assortment, called The Iconic Collection, captures the spirit of iconic women of both past and present.  The collection is luxurious but approachable and distinguishes style from trend. 

Six NEW bridal looks include:

–              Zoe Gown by Catherine Deane ($1600)

–              Zahara Gown by Catherine Deane

–              Nova Gown by Tadashi Shoji

–              Barletta Dress by Watters

–              In Perpetuity Camisole by Natori ($160) and Anika Skirt by Catherine Deane ($500)

–              Francesca Topper by Tadashi Shoji (paired with our Seraphina Gown)

Now you guys, I have to be honest I don’t always feel like BHLDN nails it with the wedding looks they put out.  I don’t know about you but personally they’re usually too ‘bohemian alt’ for me.  I like looking at them but I probably wouldn’t go with one as my actual wedding dress choice.  But this time I think they nailed it.  I’d probably wear one of these.  Assuming I get my pre-baby body back :\  (<– that will happen, right?)


Bartletta by Watters ($960) Paired with Ribboning Cirque Veil ($250), Crystallized Allium Posts ($75) and Primavera Cuff ($100) 6-wedding-dress-BHLDN_6 7-wedding-dress-BHLDN_5Adele Gown by Sue Wong ($800) Paired with Cascading Fleur Lace Veil ($1,000), Snowbud Earrings ($140), Icecube Cuff ($270) and Parlor Slingbacks ($180)8-bohemian-wedding-dress-BHLDN_7Tamsin Gown by Catherine Deane, Ivory ($1,600) Paired with Floating Cathedral Veil ($300) and Forestry Skinny Sash ($250)9-bohemian-wedding-dress-BHLDN_8

Seraphina Gown by Tadashi Shoji ($600) and Francesca Topper by Tadashi Shoji ($180) Paired with Estuary Necklace ($250) and Elsie Studs ($40) 10-lace-bohemian-wedding-dress-BHLDN_10 11-bohemian-wedding-dress-BHLDN_9 12-lace-bohemian-wedding-dress-BHLDN_12

Nova Gown by Tadashi Shoji ($600) Paired with Cascata Chandeliers ($120) and Diadem Sash ($300) 13-bohemian-short-sleeve-wedding-dress-BHLDN_13

Livia Gown by Badgley Mischka ($800). Paired with English Garden Pendant Necklace ($140), Baltic Amber Earrings ($100) 14-bohemian-wedding-dress-BHLDN_14

Zahara Gown by Catherine Deane ($1,800) Paired with Karina Necklace ($350), Night’s Light Earrings ($120) and Parlor Slingbacks ($180) 15-bohemian-wedding-dress-BHLDN_15 16-bohemian-wedding-dress-BHLDN_16 17-bohemian-wedding-BHLDN-dress_detail_2 18-bohemian-wedding-BHLDN-dress_detail_4 19-bohemian-wedding-dress-dress_detail_1 20-bohemian-wedding-BHLDN-dress_detail_3 21-dress_detail_5

You can find more wedding dresses from gudeer.com

Are these dresses your style?  And does instagram bum you out sometimes too… anyone…

And do you want me to STFU about being a mommy (aside from posting the posts about my birth story and my personal tips for getting through pregnancy and birth) and just stick to the wedding stuff, even though it is my whole world now and I don’t know if keeping quiet about it here on the blog it is even humanly possible for me?



9 Things Not to Say at a Friend’s Wedding-Dress Appointment


(Idress.co.nz can offer the wedding dresses from the picture!)

Wedding dress nz appointments are full of landmines to avoid, but it’s typically the responsibility of a bride’s entourage to skirt them. Issues of wedding jitters, weight, and confidence are all wrapped up in this one major purchase, so when it comes to accompanying a friend to her appointment, honesty is not necessarily the best policy. Support, positivity, and delight should be key themes in any word that’s uttered at the appointment. As for what not to say, here are nine comments that should pass your lips at a friend’s bridal appointment.

1. “Are you 100 percent sure about this one?”
If your BFF is certain about her dress, she may take your question as a sign of your distaste for the design and second-guess her choice. And if she has an indecisive personality to begin with, you may have bought yourself an extra two hours of watching her hem and haw.

2. “But you never wear anything like this style in your daily life!”
A wedding gown is intended to be a step or two outside the norm unless your friend attends galas on a weekly basis. Weddings are a day to indulge in a bit of fantasy, so unless your friend is selecting a design which you’re certain she’ll detest on her big day, allow her some creative freedom.

3. “I know what you like, and that gown isn’t it.”
A bride knows her style better than you do. If she’s fallen for a dress, attempting to come between the two is a recipe for disaster.

4. “It’s not really working for me. If it were my wedding…”
The dress doesn’t in fact need to be working for anyone but the bride — and hopefully her groom. The bride’s happiness is paramount, so save the commentary for a future time when the item she’s test-driving isn’t quite so high-stakes.

See more: How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

  1. “My, it’s tight around the bust/waist/hip region, isn’t it?”
    Your friend is trying on the store’s sample, which unsurprisingly isn’t cut to her exact shape and measurements. Her actual bridal gown will undergo alterations to fit every curve perfectly, so pocket any potentially devastating weight commentary. Your friend’s actual dress will fit like a glove on her big day.

6. “It’s okay.”
You’re not fooling anyone with lukewarm adjectives like “okay” or “fine”. If you have nothing positive to say, smile and nod in silent agreement with the rest of the bridal entourage.

7. “That gown been done before. Can’t you find something more unique?”
Even if you’ve attended a wedding at which the bride was wearing an exact replica of your friend’s dress, chances are your pal will sport it in an entirely new fashion.

Hannah and Matthew’s Modern London Wedding. By Amy B Photography

Hello Monday and welcome to another exciting week on the blog. How was your weekend? I hope you had a good one? I have another fab week of wonderful weddings lined up for you, starting off with this modern London wedding from Amy B Photography. Obviously I love a boho wedding, full of flower crowns, hay bales and DIY details, but equally I love a modern wedding and that’s what we have today. Hannah and Matthew chose the Hawksmoor because they wanted a cool modern restaurant that serves great food and reflected them as a couple. With giant light up letters to add that extra wow factor this wedding just oozes style and sophistication.1 a-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 2-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 3-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 4-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography How they met We met through Matts sister (I lived with her at university) and we have been together for 6 years The Proposal The weekend before Christmas Matt had booked le-manoir-aux-quat-saisons in oxford, we had a beautiful lunch and the idea was for him to propose in the grounds, after walking down an amazing flower walled path we came to a greenhouse with two glasses and champagne on ice. Matt looked totally shocked and ushered me out as quickly as possible – we had only gone and gate-crashed someone else’s proposal. I muttered something that resembled some smooth bastard is about to propose -This obviously through matt sidewise and we continued into Oxford for some cocktails. He later proposed that evening in the mal mason, oxford where we were staying. It was wonderful and hilarious at the same time, after finding out that his agenda was to do it much earlier… 5-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 6-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 7-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 8-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 9-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 10-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 11-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 12-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 13-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography

(Cmdress.co.nz can offer the bridesmaid dresses nz from Picture)14-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 15-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography

16-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 17-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 18-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 19-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 20-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 21-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 22-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography

(Idress.co.nz can offer the wedding dresses nz from the picture)

23-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 24-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 25-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 26-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 27-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 28-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 29-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 30-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 31-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 32-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 33-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 34-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 35-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 36-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography How did you allocate your budget The budget was mainly spent on the venue, as this included the food and drink. This was extremely important to us, as we are such a foodie couple that the meal was the main part of the day that we felt our guest would look forward too. We also wanted to make sure there was a party atmosphere, so the DJ and band were a crucial part to the evening. How did you choose your photographer I had seen Amy’s pictures online and fell in love with her natural, relaxed but fun style. We knew we didn’t want anything too posy and the way she has captured other peoples weddings felt right 37-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 38-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 39-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 40-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 41-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 42-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography 43-Modern-London-Wedding-By-Amy-B-Photography

10 Ideas for a Chic Country-Themed Wedding

Many brides choose to plan their wedding in gorgeous outdoor locations — after all, countryside nuptials have irresistible appeal. Who wouldn’t want to dance the night away under the stars? But planning a Western-themed wedding comes with its own unique considerations; here are ten things to keep in mind throughout the planning process:

  1. You can host a country-themed affair in almost any setting, but a barn, ranch, farm or meadow are natural choices to make the most of your theme and to incorporate the setting’s natural beauty. Remember that all venues aren’t created equal and to keep practical logistics in mind when selecting the perfect place for your wedding. For example, will you need additional power, restrooms, or water? Or does the venue provide all of the site necessities and it only requires fabulous décor? Check out 11 questions to ask your reception site.

1 happily-ever-after-sign

Photo Credit: Otto Schulze Photographers

  1. Colors can range from wildflower blues and purples to vibrant reds to muted earth tones. The palette options are limitless with a country-themed wedding because you’re working with natural surroundings, as opposed to a ballroom, where your flowers and linens might clash with the carpet or other preexisting elements.


Photo Credit: Kate Holstein

  1. Keep the décor clean and avoid too much kitsch. In the wise words of Coco Chanel, “Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory,” and this also applies to wedding decorations. Lace, burlap, and Mason jars are fitting for some venues, but be sure to use these types of items sparingly so that they enhance the feel of your event as opposed to overwhelming the space. It’s all about balance to create a sophisticated ambiance and not just a purely “country” wedding.

3 4

Photo Credits: Laura Murray Photography

  1. Incorporate unique items that you can find in or around your venue. For instance, if you’re getting married in a barn, use old wagons as beverage and food stations, and farming tools or horseshoes to decorate the escort card table. Instead of a stretch hummer limo, a vintage car or horse and wagon may fit your grand departure better.

5 6 7

Photo Credits: Laura Murray Photography

  1. A country band or bluegrass band can create the perfect ambiance for this special occasion. (If you prefer to have a traditional wedding band, consider having a country musician play during just the cocktail hour to get guests in the festive spirit.) Classic country hits for the first dance include “Then” by Brad Paisley, “Only You Can Love Me This Way” by Keith Urban or “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascall Flats.


Photo Credit: Kate Holstein

  1. Keep your venue in mind — specifically, what the ground is like — when selecting shoes and the size of the skirt on your dress. Seven-inch stilettos look fabulous but they might sink into the soft grass, and you want to be comfortable walking down the aisle and dancing the night away. Additionally, if you’re the type of bride who might fret about getting dirt on your dress, choose something with a lower profile skirt.


(Idress.co.nz can offer the wedding dresses nz from picture)

Photo Credit: Jason + Gina

  1. Offer your guests a more refined menu than standard country fare. Dress up the ribs with a unique sauce or serve a local tenderloin. Remember that presentation is key! The red and white checked paper from years past, although festive and fun, could be replaced with simple china to create a slightly more elevated and chic farm-to-table feel.

10 11

Photo Credits: Kate Holstein

  1. Let your guests know that they are in for a fabulous time by sending invitations and save-the-dates with “We’re getting hitched!” wording. Print your invites on burlap or include fun illustrated icons. Be sure to use a creative font: Jackpot, Bleeding Cowboy, Smokum, Old Western, Nashville and Dry Gulch are just a few of our favorites. (P.S. Whether you choose casual cowboy attire or a more formal dress code, note this information on your invitation or include an insert card. The appropriate attire will not only make your celebration more festive but will also ensure comfortable and happy guests.)


Photo Credit: Kate Holstein

  1. Most outdoor and “country” venues have minimal lighting, so this is something to think about. Twinkle lights or bistro lights can look very beautiful strung from rafters, or you can get creative and hang Mason jars with LED lights in them.



Photo Credit: Laura Murray Photography

  1. The most important thing to remember when planning is to keep to keep the country influences as an accent, as opposed to an overwhelming theme. Blend the elegance of a traditional wedding with the natural rustic influences of your venue. Simple, personalized details will elevate the affair and ensure your guests will walk away exclaiming how unique and different your special day was.

10 Wedding “Rules” You Don’t Have to Follow

For decades, there have been lists of “don’t do this” and “do this” given out to brides for their weddings. The rules seem to change with every season that passes, but there are a few myths out there that couples need not worry about:

Rule #1: You cannot see your bride/groom before you walk down the aisle.

If you’re a traditional person, then you aren’t going to want to see your sweetheart before the ceremony. But if you want to enjoy your cocktail hour with your guest, and tradition isn’t really your thing, then breaking this rule is perfect for you. “First look” pictures are becoming insanely popular as more and more couples want to attend their entire wedding and not just the reception. During a “First Look,” the couple sees each other before the ceremony, and their photographer captures pictures of the moment. This also makes is possible to take pictures with other family members and friends, as long as you don’t mind them seeing you before you walk down the aisle either. Think about it this way: The more pictures you take before the ceremony, the more time you will have to enjoy your wedding — including your cocktail hour.


(Gudeer.com can offer the bridesmaid dresses from pic)

Photo Credit: Disney Fine Art Photography & Video

Rule #2: You must toss the bouquet and the garter.

You actually don’t have to do either of these things. Many couples choose to just toss the bouquet or to simply hand it off to the couple in the room who has been married the longest. Fewer brides are comfortable with the idea of their groom lifting up their skirt to reach under and grab the garter, only to then toss it over his head to a pack of guys. If you don’t want to do either of these traditional aspects, you don’t have to.

Rule #3: You must pass out favors.

Guess again! Favors frequently end up in the trash if they aren’t food or alcohol. Let’s face it; no one wants those Jordan almonds, and anything with your monogram on it won’t make sense for your guests to keep. Unless you are providing a split bottle of wine with a thank you label or something interesting like a bag of coffee grounds from Peru, do not feel pressured to provide your guests with a favor. Of course, a donation to a charity in lieu of a favor is always another option to consider.


Photo Credit: Shewanders

Rule #4: Your wedding has to be on a weekend.

This is becoming less and less true. Celebrities are paving the way for Monday weddings to be acceptable, and while your guests may not be fans of this, a Saturday night wedding isn’t the rule anymore. In fact, we have many couples who want a particular venue during a particular time of the year — and if that means they settle for a Tuesday afternoon, they will take it. Just understand that this will impact your guest list, much like having it on a holiday weekend. However, if your wedding is small and your venue only has non-traditional dates available, there’s nothing wrong with taking one of them!

Rule #5: You have to invite children to your wedding.

Don’t worry about hurting feelings here. Truth be told, you will offend someone at some point in time during your wedding planning anyway, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Weddings are adult affairs, and I know plenty of parents (myself included) who don’t want to bring their children with them anyway. Between the long day, driving from one place to the next, the alcohol and the late night, weddings just aren’t a fun place for kids to be. Do not feel guilty when you write “Adults Only” on your invitations. As long as you are giving enough notice, your guests can find babysitters.


Photo Credit: Studio Cabrelli

Rule #6: You have to provide transportation for your guests for the entire day.

While this is an extremely nice gesture, it certainly is not mandatory. If you can afford to do this, then by all means offer to shuttle your guests. However, these shuttles must be booked months in advance prior to your invitations going out. This means guessing how many people will actually use the shuttle. There is a strong chance that you will provide transportation for far more people than will actually use it. In fact, many guests will tell you they will use the shuttle and then change their mind at the last minute. The truth is, they don’t realize this is another incurred cost for the couple, so they will think nothing of taking their own car.

Rule #7: Someone must walk you down the aisle.

If you want to take the trip alone, you can take the trip alone! If you don’t have a parent, sibling, or someone else in your life that you feel needs to “give you away,” then you can walk to your fiancé all by yourself. Besides, many aisles are narrow, and if you’re wearing a ballgown, you might be the only person who fits down the aisle.


Photo Credit: Toto Villaruel on Bride and Breakfast via Lover.ly

Rule #8: You need a certain number of bridesmaids depending on how many guests you’re inviting

This is simply not true! Your bridal party should consist of the people you are closest with, and if that means one or two people, then that is perfectly fine. If your fiancé has more people than you, that is totally acceptable, too. Many couples are opting not to have a wedding party at all and frankly, that’s even better in some cases: Fewer headaches, less drama, and no arguments over wardrobe.

Rule #9: Your friend would make a great officiant/planner/DJ/etc.

We see this mistake happen all of the time, and as much as we warn couples, there’s only so much we can do. While it’s a nice thought to have your friend officiant the wedding, there are states where this simply isn’t allowed, and you will have to get married in advance of your ceremony. Plus, we’ve seen friends mess up on the wedding day, and then things get really difficult and out of control. Take our advice here: Hire a professional. Let your friends just be guests at your wedding!

Rule #10: There is a specific order that your reception must have.

While there are certainly things that need to be organized — for instance: parent dances, cake cutting or other traditions — there is not set order in which to do them. If you want to get all of the formalities out of the way so that your group can dance all night, then do it. If you want everything to be spread out, that’s fine, too! It’s your day and your wedding, so schedule whatever you want, in whatever order you want.