A Dream Vintage Destination Wedding in The Hills of Tuscany from Nadia Meli Photography

Good morning lovelies, oh do I have just the perfect post for you! It is absolutely guaranteed to brighten any Monday, however wet or miserable, because today’s vintage-inspired destination wedding is quite simply sublime! Beautifully captured by Nadia Meli, Manuela & Klaus’s charming celebration under the Tuscan sun, really is gorgeous. I mean, when the photographer says she wished it was her wedding, you just know you are in for something special…..1 A-Vintage-Inspired-Destination-Wedding-in-Tuscany-from-Nadia-Meli-Photography

Inspired by their love of the simple things in life, like good food and great wine, Manuela and Klaus wanted a rustic Italian wedding infused with the colours and flavours of Tuscany. And when they visited Villa Cinciano with its stunning gardens, views over rolling hills, quaint courtyard and old farmhouse, they knew: this was it. From the elegant natural colour palette and the pretty fresh flowers (pale pink and blue hydrangeas, dahlias and roses) combined beautifully with aromatic Italian herbs to Manuela & Klaus’s chic style this wedding is Perfect (with a capital P)

Of course, such a beautiful day was only befitting the rather romantic start to their relationship“We met in a small bar in Zurich, Switzerland on November 1, 2011. I was out with a friend of mine and Klaus had a after work drink with a colleague. At first I just heard Klaus’ voice without seeing him and his voice just made me turn around. That is how our relationship began…” The couple dated for around a year before they got engaged, but according to Manuela, Klaus knew from the beginning that one day he would ask her to be his wife! (swoon)

2-1-NMP_1774.jpg_Resized. 3-4-NMP_0539.jpg_Resized. 4-2-NMP_1692.jpg_Resized. 5-7-NMP_1247.jpg_Resized. 6-3-NMP_0752.jpg_Resized. 7 NMP_0507.jpg_Resized. 8-5-NMP_0882.jpg_Resized. 9 NMP_0541-Kopie 10-8-NMP_1503.jpg_Resized.

Before we take a closer look a few words from Nadia, the lovely lady behind all of these gorgeous photos….. “There is really only one thing I have to say about this wedding: I wish it was mine. No really. This is my dream wedding. In the Tuscan sun, under a big tree, with beloved people and good Italian food. I mean!?

Being Manuela and Klaus’s wedding photographer was a dream. I had total freedom, they trusted us completely and put their faith in our hands. Feeling that kind of freedom and appreciation just brings out the best inside of you!

Everything about this wedding was inspiring. Just being in the italian countryside is enough to get your creativity going! When you add this lovely location and the wonderful people : it was nothing short of perfect. I am sounding like a broken record here. But I mean it. This intimate wedding was pure joy and a pleasure to photograph!”

So, sit back and enjoy every single dream worthy photo of this wedding, as we whisk you away to the Tuscan countryside..…

11 NMP_0523.jpg_Resized. 12-NMP_0411.jpg-Duo 13-NMP_6199.jpg_Resized. 14-NMP_6111.jpg_Resized. 15-NMP_0596.jpg_Resized. 16-NMP_0703.jpg-Duo 17-NMP_6232.jpg_Resized. 18-NMP_6246-Duo 19-NMP_0375.jpg-Duo 20-NMP_1207.jpg_Resized. 21-NMP_0754-Duo 22-NMP_0741.jpg-Duo 23 NMP_1200.jpg_Resized. 24 NMP_0531.jpg_Resized. 25 -NMP_0764-Duo 26-NMP_6355.jpg_Resized. 27-NMP_0832-Duo 28-NMP_0872.jpg_Resized. 29-NMP_0923.jpg_Resized. 30-NMP_0927-Duo 31-NMP_0939.jpg_Resized. 32-NMP_0956.jpg_Resized. 33-NMP_0993.jpg_Resized. 34-NMP_6419.jpg_Resized. 35-NMP_1080.jpg_Resized. 36-NMP_1245.jpg_Resized. 37-NMP_1260.jpg-Duo 38-NMP_1040.jpg_Resized. 39-NMP_1157.jpg_Resized. 40-NMP_0563-Duo 41 NMP_1196.jpg_Resized. 42-NMP_1728.jpg_Resized. 43-NMP_1739.jpg_Resized. 44-NMP_14971.jpg_Resized.1 45-NMP_1708.jpg-Duo 46-NMP_6667.jpg_Resized. 47-NMP_17211.jpg_Resized.1 48-NMP_1637.jpg_Resized. 49-NMP_1762.jpg_Resized. 50-NMP_1405.jpg_Resized. 51-NMP_1839.jpg-Duo 52-NMP_1944.jpg_Resized. 53-NMP_2005.jpg_Resized. 54-NMP_1941.jpg_Resized. 55-NMP_2238.jpg_Resized. 56NMP_2603.jpg_Resized. 57NMP_1649-Kopie

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