The Top 5 Bachelorette Party Destinations

1 nyc-show

Want to plan a ladies’ night out to remember? The Bach, an online destination for bachelorette party planning, has pulled together a list of the country’s top bachelorette party destinations for 2015. To our shock, NYC ranked #1, while Vegas took third place. Now that the results are in, here are the top five cities and our pick for the “can’t miss” venues in each hot spot:

1. New York City

There is never a shortage of fun activities or amazing restaurants in the Big Apple. With tons of amazing places to enjoy a killer meal with the girls (Locanda Verde and Yerba Buena are two favorites!), NYC is also a great place to catch a lively performance with your bride-to-be. That Bachelorette Show and Sex Tips for a Straight Woman from a Gay Manare both perfect choices for the occasion.

2 Dance Follies 1 can offer the dresses from the picture)

2. Austin

As the “live music capital of the world,” it’s no surprise that Austin is a fun spot to party with your ladies. Kick things off with fabulous Tex-Mex at spots like La Condesa, or go for tasty barbeque at venues like Stubb’s. At night, bring your group to East Sixth Street, where you will find tons of bars, live music, and plenty of bachelor parties for the single gals to mingle with!

3. Las Vegas

Of course, Las Vegas is no stranger to bachelorette parties. But that doesn’t mean you should follow the well-beaten path. Take a break from the casinos and pool parties for a fun day activity and learn a choreographed routine fromDance Follies. For evening activities, there are plenty of upscale clubs and restaurants to choose from. Keep an eye out for spots like Tao that offer great bachelorette party packages.

3 food

4. Chicago

There are tons of fun activity options in Chicago! Sports fans can catch a baseball game, while more artsy groups can check out one of the many paint n’ sip classes available. You will also find tons of amazing spas, like the one at theFour Seasons Hotel, if your group wants to splurge on a relaxing day with the bride-to-be.

5. New Orleans

There is always a party vibe in New Orleans, even in between Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest. Start your bachelorette party weekend off with beignets from Café Du Monde. It’s always fun to wander around the city, but for a more structured activity, y’all can create your own custom scents at Bourbon French Parfums. At night, head to Bourbon Street to find a rowdy party scene or to the nearby Marigny neighborhood for a classier live music experience.

Fantasy Friday ~ A Colorful, County Fair Themed, Intimate Wedding

0 Blosser_Carvouniaris_Gideon_Photography_IMG736222_low

This wedding is just so awesome! I mean… Joann and Dimitri had a county fair theme! WOW! It really doesn’t get much cooler than that, right? (Totally reminds me of the carnival post I did a little while ago…) Seriously, they were able to pull off a casual and intimate wedding day, all while rockin’ a FAB and exciting theme! And, I am obsessed! Bridey, there are so many titillating (that word always makes me chuckle) deets to absorb… For instance, Dimitri made the ceremony backdrop as a gift for Joann. Awww… But, can we talk about how he MADE it! And, it’s gorgeous! Look up! The backdrop coupled with the rich jewel-toned colors exploding from the photographs… I just love it!

And would you believe that all of this took place outside of Zion National Park? Talk about location! Between Dimitri’s homemade ceremony backdrop and the stunning aesthetics of the park, I am in love! Enjoy!

1 Blosser_Carvouniaris_Gideon_Photography_IMG70552_low

( can offer the cheap bridal dresses from the picture)

2 Blosser_Carvouniaris_Gideon_Photography_IMG70562_low 3 Blosser_Carvouniaris_Gideon_Photography_IMG71242_low 4 Blosser.003 5 Blosser_Carvouniaris_Gideon_Photography_IMG71282_low 6 Blosser.001 7 Blosser_Carvouniaris_Gideon_Photography_IMG7155_low 8 Blosser.002 9 Blosser_Carvouniaris_Gideon_Photography_IMG71622_low 10 Blosser.005 11 Blosser_Carvouniaris_Gideon_Photography_IMG71572_low 12 Blosser.006 13 Blosser_Carvouniaris_Gideon_Photography_IMG72592_low 14 Blosser_Carvouniaris_Gideon_Photography_IMG72902_low 15 Blosser_Carvouniaris_Gideon_Photography_IMG72912_low 16 Blosser_Carvouniaris_Gideon_Photography_IMG73422_low 17 Blosser_Carvouniaris_Gideon_Photography_IMG73442_low 18 Blosser.004 19 Blosser2.001 20 Blosser_Carvouniaris_Gideon_Photography_IMG7039_low 21 Blosser_Carvouniaris_Gideon_Photography_IMG74922_low 22 Blosser_Carvouniaris_Gideon_Photography_IMG74722_low 23 Blosser_Carvouniaris_Gideon_Photography_IMG75082_low 24 Blosser3.001 25 Blosser_Carvouniaris_Gideon_Photography_IMG72252_low


While the trend for rustic, pared-back weddings isn’t going anywhere soon, there’s is another entirely contrasting wedding style that’s starting to really take off.

A movement for the opulent, the glamorous and the luxurious, using decadent hues and lavish textures but executed with the same creativity and personal touches as any DIY festival wedding or barn bash.

And this beautiful wedding inspiration shoot by Kate Nielen Photography with Jemma Jade Events is the perfect example, of how to make a luxe look, both stylish and stand-out.


1 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-30-630x947

Dark wedding details are notoriously difficult to get right, but featuring sweet treats from acclaimed baker, Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, this team has nailed it, blending romantic florals and rich fruits with the opulence of the surroundings and chic attire.

Luxury weddings can sometimes take a more is more approach, without really taking time to use considered and creative features.

But bringing together some of London’s finest wedding vendors, every thoughtful detail, from chic scents to decadent cookies gets a unique, romantic twist.

2 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-18-630x419

But enough of us swooning over this gorgeous shoot, we’ll pass you over to the lady behind it, the lovely, Jemma Jade Events to tell us more…


Mirror mirror on every wall, a glamorous wedding inspiration for you all!

The minute I saw the gorgeous mirror room at No 11 Cadogan Gardens, I fell in love with it and just had to have an editorial shoot in there!

This space provided the perfect backdrop to my vision of a glamorous and regal wedding inspiration.

I thereby called upon a group of the wedding industries finest to help me translate my vision into reality. This editorial shoot was beautifully captured by luxury fine art wedding and events photographer Kate Nielen.

3 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-59-630x947 4 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-15-630x419 5 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-2-630x947 6 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-12-630x945 7 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-55-630x419 8 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-3-630x419


The concept for the flowers by Larry Walshe derived from research into still life oil paintings combined with touches of gothic inspired romance.  

The use of darker shades alongside the purity of white adds a deep richness to the tapestry of flowers which, when placed within such an ornate and light venue, gives a true sense of opulence.

Sweetened further by the inclusion of decadent fruits tumbling across a lavish dresser and the soft glow of candlelight, this design offers a modern interpretation on the romance of yesteryear.

9 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-14-630x947


I wanted the cakes to emulate this look, so decided to have chic black and white cakes made by the talented Elizabeth Solaru from Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium.

The three tiered confection featured luxe gold embellishments, gold berries and butterflies and open white flowers.

Elizabeth also made a four tier white cake decorated with gold swags, black acanthus leaf designs and topped with her signature sugar flowers.

The little treats included striking black and gold jewellery design mini cakes, cupcakes, black embossed cookies and cake pops adding to that romantic luxe feel.

10 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-22-630x419 11 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-60-630x945


Scent is an extremely important part of a wedding, this has been picked up by Wick & Tallow – luxury British candle makers. The idea behind their new floral collection is to tie it in in with the chosen floral designs for your wedding and enhance the scent of the flowers within the candles.

A flickering flame definitely adds to the ambience of the event, making it a romantic environment. The votives are also fantastic for wedding favours, ensuring your guests are reminded of the wedding day through scent for many years to come.

For this editorial shoot we chose English Rose & Amber as a floral scent which is a unique and compelling fusion of great depth and warmth. We also decided to work with their bold range, which has the scent of White Fig & Vanilla due to its colourful and adventurous packaging.

The White Fig & Vanilla candle is a finely crafted concoction of delicious fruits and berries. This therapeutic and soothing fragrance is perfect for an autumnal wedding and mimicked the scents coming from our floral décor perfectly.

12 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-24-630x947 13 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-5-630x419


The hairstyles were created by Kasia Fortuna. ‘For the bride I chose a sleek glossy, minimalistic bun, which is popping up on the red carpet with celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Anniston or Kate Hudson wearing them.

By choosing this style a bride will look fresh, current and truly chick. Sleek buns are suitable for any type of gown.

Long hair is so youthful and fresh, and can be made ever so glamorous with a Hollywood wave. This style has been a constant companion to movie starts ever since the 40s.

More and more bridesmaids have been shying away from structured updos, finally letting their hair down. A Hollywood wave is my personal favourite, as it turns ordinary woman into Hollywood sensations.’

14 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-28-630x947 15 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-29-630x947 16 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-42-630x420


Amanda White talks about the make-up involved in this shoot: ‘For this shoot I wanted to capture an elegance in the make-up but I also wanted it to be bold and quite a statement as I felt the surroundings of the venue are just that.

The black, white and red theme meant that a smokey eye would be quite fitting.

This kind of background was all about sultry glamour, very evening inspired and so I wanted the eyes to be the centre of attention. I created the smokey eye using soft charcoal greys and gradually built up into elements of black, but kept it soft by adding a soft dusky pink and rose gold to accentuate the blueness in the models eyes.

The trick to a smokier eye is to blend everything together so that the effect you are left with is the question where do the colours begin or end, it just encapsulates the eye into a cat-like almond shape which oozes sexiness.

For this to work the rest of the makeup needed to be subtle but flawless. I kept the lip natural using peach tones to again enhance her blue eyes I always think peach nude lips with blue eyes instantly makes the skin look sun-kissed.’

17 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-35-630x947 18 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-41-630x947 19 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-32-630x947


Maids to Measure have recently launched their new Maid in Black range for the ever popular black tie weddings.

This new range exudes glamour and is perfect for bridesmaid dresses, evening events and red carpet moments! It is available in three lengths, mini, midi and maxi.

Thanks to Emma Tindley for the striking and feminine bridal gown and to Freya Rose and Emmy for providing us with some elegant heels.

To finish the look of we had some divine pieces from London’s stylish and contemporary wedding and special events jewellery boutique – Olivier Laudus.

These included classical and elegant white pearl drop down earrings, a dazzling emerald cut crystal hair comb, diamond oval cut stone bracelet amongst other regal and exquisite items from Olivier Laudus new collection.

20 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-45-630x945

( can offer the ball dresses nz from the picture)

221 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-50-630x419 222 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-57-630x947 223 Luxurious-Black-Gold-Wedding-Inspiration-Kate-Nielen-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-47-630x945


Not only are we big fans of weddings here at Bridal Musings, but we’re big fans of wedding blogs too.

We spend as much time as any bride or groom in planning mode, scanning our favourite blogs for beautiful imagery, unique ideas, and unexpected inspiration from around the world.

And that’s the best thing about blogs, isn’t it? Your wedding can be influenced by a barn bash in Australia, a rooftop ceremony in NYC or a beach wedding in Barbados.

And today, our inspiration is coming all the way from Singapore, courtesy of super gorgeous blog,The Wedding Scoop.

1 Mixed-Metallics-Wedding-Shoot-Chen-Sands-Photography-The-Wedding-Scoop-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-1-630x972

( can offer the dresses from the picture)

Coupon code: NsdKum. 10% discount on any order.

Leana of The Wedding Scoop was kind enough of share this oh-so-chic mixed metallics shoot with us and we’re so excited to share it with you guys too.

Photographed by Chen Sands Photography, and styled by Med Kärlek, the shoot features the work of some of Singapore’s best wedding vendors.

Incorporating hues of rose, gold and silver, rather than looking brassy or over the top, this dreamy shoot is pretty, modern and romantic.

Gilded baked goods, slightly sheened gowns and a gorgeous gold-tipped mani, sit just beautifully among white balloons, soft pink blooms, and our elegant blushing bride.

If you’ve dabbled with the idea of metallics, but were unsure how to make it work for your wedding, this, is how to do it…

2 Mixed-Metallics-Wedding-Shoot-Chen-Sands-Photography-The-Wedding-Scoop-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-31-630x945
4 Mixed-Metallics-Wedding-Shoot-Chen-Sands-Photography-The-Wedding-Scoop-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-32-630x945 5 Mixed-Metallics-Wedding-Shoot-Chen-Sands-Photography-The-Wedding-Scoop-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-33-630x956 6 Mixed-Metallics-Wedding-Shoot-Chen-Sands-Photography-The-Wedding-Scoop-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-2-630x945 7 Mixed-Metallics-Wedding-Shoot-Chen-Sands-Photography-The-Wedding-Scoop-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-5-630x609 8 Mixed-Metallics-Wedding-Shoot-Chen-Sands-Photography-The-Wedding-Scoop-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-34-630x834 9 Mixed-Metallics-Wedding-Shoot-Chen-Sands-Photography-The-Wedding-Scoop-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-7-630x820 10 Mixed-Metallics-Wedding-Shoot-Chen-Sands-Photography-The-Wedding-Scoop-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-29-630x988 11 Mixed-Metallics-Wedding-Shoot-Chen-Sands-Photography-The-Wedding-Scoop-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-19-630x945 12 Mixed-Metallics-Wedding-Shoot-Chen-Sands-Photography-The-Wedding-Scoop-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-21-630x945 13 Mixed-Metallics-Wedding-Shoot-Chen-Sands-Photography-The-Wedding-Scoop-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-6-630x945 14 Mixed-Metallics-Wedding-Shoot-Chen-Sands-Photography-The-Wedding-Scoop-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-41-630x945 15 Mixed-Metallics-Wedding-Shoot-Chen-Sands-Photography-The-Wedding-Scoop-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-40-630x945 16 Mixed-Metallics-Wedding-Shoot-Chen-Sands-Photography-The-Wedding-Scoop-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-11-630x945 17 Mixed-Metallics-Wedding-Shoot-Chen-Sands-Photography-The-Wedding-Scoop-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-12-630x945 18 Mixed-Metallics-Wedding-Shoot-Chen-Sands-Photography-The-Wedding-Scoop-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-38-630x945

Dressing Your Flower Girl In Style 

The girl is possibly the sweetest little wedding guest of them all, stealing hearts, since she precedes the bride in her individual miniature fairytale dress. What an ideal opportunity to make the wonderful ultimate touch, tying all of the pieces of your wedding party jointly.

The girl gowns have a sort of magic. Though gorgeous the flowers or reasonable the wedding-day weather, there’s something regarding seeing flower girl following the flower girl in an elegant procession that sets the tone for this particular event. The flower girl gowns capture the enduring beauty of the wedding ceremony and presents flower girl dresses in a diversity of exquisite fabrics, plus styles, and colors.

Flower Girl Dresses Tips

Say it with Style

The Season






Wrinkle Factor

Whereas, girls bring smiles to your wedding party also guests. Your girl will appear and desire the princess she is with a flower girl gown. Discovery an age-appropriate dress for your flower girl is straightforward and hold a huge selection of flower girl gowns that seem stylish plus adorable, in an assortment of colors and styles to praise your wedding. Even have mini bridal gowns that appear merely as beautiful as the bridal gowns they’re styled after.

There is always an enormous compilation of Girl gowns together with wedding dresses also bridal gowns obtainable online and at retail stores. Though, save you sweat and as sipping coffee, ensure the similar stores that vend these dresses online, right from the soothe of your home. Or superior still have a bunch of girlfriends over and argue the theme and wedding gown style. There is nothing which is more fun than screeching over the ideal wedding dress over a slumber. Systematize a bit fashion show for yourselves that night, only between you girls showing each other the designs or samples of Flower Girl Dresses, or bridal gowns or wedding dresses. With the fun concerned, you would get to widen your search variety and have more alternatives in the offing.

The majority of the online stores has been over just another bridal shop, they vend your dreams which turn into a reality, albeit it is for some hours, these stores demonstrate that currently you can get that ideal dress you had expected and they even furnish to prom dresses. Visualize you have a pressing date that has come up from that dream soccer sophomore player you have clandestinely loved in your head also lastly he has asked you out for a dance, are you going to be merely the common plain Jane and wear only anything or is it something particular that you would desire to be in. Be the

Flower Girl Dresses nz each girl dreams of also not someone who can be horrendous on the first date, therefore, look at these stores online or offline and make a dissimilarity in the initial impression that you would presently create. Get your modifications done as per your requirements and desires such as, if you favor long sleeves or would like to diminish or boost the dress length you can at present ask them to get it done for you devoid of wasting any time. is a boutique women’s desire shop. Formal dresses NZ: From wedding dresses nz online with free shipping at affordable price, bridesmaid dresses to ball dress auckland, prom dresses,cocktail dresses new zealand, flower girl dresses, we have the perfect style for you whether you need a dress for a wedding, a ball party, a formal occasion.

The Launch Of The 2014 Bridesmaid Collection 

2015 new collection on bridesmaid gowns that is creative, inspired and stylish. And I’m sure our readers are exciting to see something fresh and enjoy the new design inspiration from the 2014 bridesmaid dresses collection which is really fabulous and hot. I adore the chiffon bridesmaid dresses while the taffeta and charmeuse ones also gives a perfect impact with their trendy performance.Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses

It almost includes all styles of the necklines, straps, spaghetti straps, sweetheart neck, halter neck or one single shoulder strap, you name it, while the silhouettes are classical that suitable all figures whatever your body shape is. Moreover, designer adds the latest fashionable elements to create a elegant and inspired bridesmaid dresses to the modern bridesmaids, one rose decoration, modern twist, ruched or ruffles, shirred cummerbund all these add the feminine and elegance to the bridesmaid gowns and the soft full skirt completes the romantic look.

One thing I want to remind is the new added colors for these long bridesmaid dresses. Silver, Flush Pink, Gray, Vanilla,Opal, Dove… I love all of them and can’t pick out which one for the special day. Well, our smart bridesmaid of course to know which color matching the wedding theme color best and be remember we all customized do any dress in any color of chiffon, so, you just need pick out the style you want and leave the color item to us. Charmeuse Bridesmaid gowns

The long bridesmaid dresses in charmeuse also give you a stunning impression with their stylish and silky touch. See this V-neck empire waist long bridesmaid dress in Truffle, I was attracted by the popular color and elegance. Without redundant embellishment it still gives a chic and modern look. And also this Burgundy bridesmaid dress, a curved strapless neckline, ruched bodice, broad waistband and accented with a peplum embellishment. Finished off with a slim and fitted a-line skirt.Taffeta Bridesmaid gowns

For taffeta long bridesmaid gowns, i will not text too much or post the images of the dresses and I want you my dear readers just to click the link below to check the details for them.

All these long bridesmaid gowns in page 1 or page 2 and you may need to open the dress you like to check the description to get more information of it. I hope you love them and contact with our customer service when you want to clear any problem you may have.

We designed all these long bridesmaid gowns for the modern woman who loves the fashionable style and this collection really captures the fun and flirtatiousness while being exceptionally flattering silhouette, creating a feminine, flirty look to compliment every figure, make these long bridesmaid gowns perfect for those who want to stand out on their big day.

My Bride Dress aesthetic is elegant and classic with a youthful, modern twist. The launch of the 2014 bridal collection features nine new dresses in high quality fabrics while being offered at the affordable prices mainly under $170, it has been become popular since we launched out and we hope more and more clients can get these fabulous and striking long bridesmaid gowns.

Dresses can be custom made to suit every bride’s needs, whether it be in a different length, fabric or even color and a made to measure service is available on most dresses. Dresses are available to purchase online.Or you can contact with our customer service directly. is a boutique women’s desire shop. High quality formal occasion dresses: bridal gowns, affordable bridesmaid dresses,prom dreses,cocktail dresses,fashion jewelry with best service. Buy direct from Gudeer today.We supply plenty of unique, stunning, cheap bridesmaid dresses and gowns for 2014, just like chiffon bridesmaid dresses,long bridesmaid dresses, that will let you present a sexy silhouette just like the models on the runway.