Summer Glamour: An Unmissable Rose Gold Wedding

Today’s Real Wedding is all about the location and all about the dress. Gorgeous bride Joan tied the knot to groom Paul in a lavish, yet super relaxed, Spanish destination wedding in the dream dress, and the dream rose gold Louboutins. The details are stunning, the style impeccable but most importantly the sun shone down on Joan, Paul and their guests for the entire day and they had one whale of a time celebrating this  Get ready for just a hint of envy and some serious temptation to start planning your very own wedding abroad in the sun…

1 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-17 2 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-13 3 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-1 4 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-5

Joan and Paul met in an Irish bar whilst both living and working in Lyon, France. Joan first spotted Paul, approached him and began to chat in her very best French. Little did she know Paul was an Irishman, in fact he hails from Kerry just a short distance from Joan’s family home in Cork.5 6 7 8 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-6

Joan and Paul immediately hit it off and dated for a year in France before deciding to move back home to Ireland –  Joan to Sligo and Paul back to his home in Kerry. Despite the distance Paul and Joan managed to meet up every weekend, and another year later they finally moved in together in Cork.9 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-7 10 11 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-3 12 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-9 13 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-11 14 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-12 15 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-14 16 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-16 17 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-17 18 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-19 19 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-20

For their proposal Joan and Paul were on the move again, this time to London. Joan was in town for work, but unbeknownst to her Paul wasn’t far behind with an epic surprise planned. Liasing with Joan’s client, whom she was due to meet in London, as well as her hotel’s staff, Paul planned a surprise proposal in Joan’s hotel room complete with champagne and her dream engagement ring.20 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-22 21

(View more dress from

22 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-27 23 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-26 24 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-29 25 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-18 26 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-24 27 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-2 28 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-32 29 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-37 30 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-33 31 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-34 32 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-35 33 En-Route-Photography-blush-pink-barcelona-wedding-100-36

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