Fantasy Friday ~ An Outdoor Winter Ceremony on a Candlelit Mountain Top

1 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040824_low

Look how beautiful!!! Seriously, could ya’ bust? Totally reminds me of my fantasy bachelorette party post!! Now, imagine getting married on a mountain top, and then partying the night away at this beautiful venue. Right? Can I get a, “fuck yeah”?!! Seriously, talk about a memorable evening (or weekend!)! And, know what I absolutely love about Jessi (and Nick)? This girl had the balls to get married outside (as in host the ceremony outside!!) in March! WOW! That’s pretty impressive and unique! Although, when you see all the incredible deets, bridey, you won’t be too surprised.  

Pepper, with Pepper Nix Photography, (my new FAVE and FAB photographer!) asked the bride quite a few questions about her wedding plans, overall experience, etc. My favorite? Scroll down and see Jessi’s advice for future brides…. Clearly, Jessi was a Bitchless Bride! Enjoy!

2 Cummings Mengis.001 3 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040133_low 4 Cummings Mengis.002 5 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040173_low 6 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040203_low 7 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040206_low 8 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040246_low

( Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040152_low 10 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040501_low 11 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040335_low 11 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040402_low 11Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040251_low 12 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040453_low 12 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040464_low 13Cummings Mengis.004 14 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040512_low 15 Cummings Mengis.005

Why a Mountain Wedding? Nick and I love to ski. It is something we have been doing since we were very young. Additionally, when we first started dating it was something we did together several times a week. We also love, love, love the mountains, fresh air, and fantastic perspective their majesty brings!16 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040549_low 17 Cummings Mengis.006 18 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040606_low 19 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040619_low 20 Cummings Mengis.007 20 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040628_low 21 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040639_low 22 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040679_low 23 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040688_low 24 Cummings Mengis.008 25 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040753_low

I had all my bridesmaids pick their own dresses. I told them blue, above the knee, and no sleeves. They all picked out dresses that were incredibly flattering and somehow it worked out. Additionally they all wore printed black tights. I bought them coats and boots to keep them warm. One of my bridesmaids, Christina, made muffs (instead of flowers) and we all had a fantastic time making crass poses with them. (HA! Obviously, BB LOVES this!)25 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040763_low

Any advice you have for future brides? Take a deep breath when you are up front and look at everyone who is supporting you. Two, don’t get so caught up in the details that you forget what you are doing, joining two people together. Three, surround yourself with people you love…don’t be obligated to invite people or put people in your bridal party who you don’t want there. Four, hire someone to do things the day of…it was the best decision we made. Five, make a weekend of it. We did a pub crawl on Friday night and it was so fun. We had many activities and stayed together, so it felt like a vacation!26 Cummings Mengis.009 26 Cummings Mengis.010 26 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040774_low 27 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040784_low 28 Cummings Mengis.011 28 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040794_low 28 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040818_low

We wanted something less traditional, so we opted for a brown cake with swirls. Honestly, Nick and I were hanging out with my aunt and she asked us a couple questions about what we liked and what we absolutely didn’t want. In the end we told he she had complete creative control and the cake was deish! So many people came up to us and told us it was the best cake they had ever had, maybe it was because there was no fondant! 29 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040822_low 29 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040858_low 30 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040856_low 31 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040925_low 32 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040916_low

Hated? One of my good friends worked with a very prestigious designer in NY, and needless to say she has a lot of experience lacing up gown. So naturally she laced me up. Everything was fine until we started dancing…I almost passed out because it was so tight. Amy, bridesmaid, loosened it on the dance floor, while we were dancing, as if nothing had happened. 33 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040970_low 34 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12041081_low 35 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12041006_low 36 Cummings Mengis.014 37 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12041013_low 38 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12041014_low 39 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12041035_low 40 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12041147_low 40 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12041173_low


When it comes to choosing where to go on honeymoon, many couples are seeking out new experiences and a wild adventure – after all, that’s kind of what marriage is, right?

And when it comes to adventures, it doesn’t get much wilder than a safari.

Remote destinations, exotic animals, breathtaking landscapes, and a touch of danger; a safari honeymoon is madly romantic and totally unforgettable.

1 Incredible-Destination-Wedding-in-Zimbabwe-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-6-630x420

Photo by Amy Caroline Photography via Bridal Musings

And while Africa is the obvious choice for a safari, there are so many other parts of the world that boast the same awe-inspiring locations, incredible creatures, and captivating lodges. While in Africa itself, there are lesser-tapped pockets that provide the most magical experiences.

The key to choosing a great safari adventure is to try to go as native as possible, choose sustainable lodges and camps, authentic guides, and look for unique experiences, that don’t exploit the animals, or the resources of the place you visit – while adding a little honeymoon luxury of course!

With that in mind, we’ve selected eight of the most spine-tinglingly beautiful places on earth, with lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) on their doorsteps…


2 South-African-Safari-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog--630x354 3 South-African-Safari-Honeymoon-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog--630x331 4 Safari-Honeymoon-in-South-Africa-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog--630x436 5 Tanzania-Honeymoon-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog--630x394 6 Tanzania-Safari-Honeymoon-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-1-630x3881-630x389 7 Wildebeest-Migration-Honeymoon-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-1-630x375 8 Safari-Honeymoon-in-India-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog--630x384

Photo via Sabi Sands

With the likes of Kruger National Park, one of the largest game reserves in Africa, the beautiful Eastern Cape game reserves, and countless conservations boasting the big five, South Africa is one of the most exciting and diverse safari destinations. Pair it up with a city stay in Cape Town or a winery-pitstop road trip on the Garden Route.

See: All the big safari stars, elephants, lions, zebra, leopards, giraffes, hippos and rhinos.

Sleep: Elizabeth stayed at Vuyani Safari Lodge on her South African travels and said that the rangers were great, the food was delicious, and it had a wonderfully intimate atmosphere – they only have 14 guests (max) at a time. The pool overlooking the bush was perfect for chilling out in after a morning on the lookout for lions and rhinos. Makanyane has incredible accommodation on the Madikwe Game Reserve and Sabi Sand Reserve have a wide selection of spectacular honeymoon backdrops at the edge of Kruger.

Season: May to October is the best time for game spotting in South Africa.


9 Tiger-Safari-Honeymoon-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog--630x420 10 Indian-Safari-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog--630x388 11 Honeymoon-in-Brazil-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog--630x307 12 Honeymoon-in-Brazil-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-1-630x361 13 Amazon-Safari-Honeymoon-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog--630x357

Photo via Jacada Travel

Home to the breathtaking Serengeti, Tanzania is the place to witness The Great Migration. With a dazzling selection of landscapes, from rolling plains to dense bushland, rugged wetlands, and the dramatic volcanic backdrop of the Ngorongoro Crater – this diverse East African country offers the most memorable honeymoon experiences. Finish it off with a beach break in Zanzibar to unwind from your adventures.

See: Those epic herds of wildebeest on the move, tree-climbing lions by Lake Manyara, along with gazelle, zebra, big cats and of course, the national animal of Tanzania, the giraffe.

Sleep: Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is a stunning setting on the crater for taking in the immensity of the landscape and dining with breathtaking views, Serena Mivumo River Lodge is a romantic and isolated hideaway, while the Lamai Serengeti is a dreamy, breezy spot to take in The Great Migration with a front row seat.

Season: Tanzania is a beautiful, year-round destination. As the wildebeest make their migration, they can be spotted in different locations, at different times of the year, so be sure to check they’ll be passing by while you’re there.


14 Honeymoon-in-Rwanda-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-3-630x419 15 Honeymoon-in-Rwanda-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-1-630x392 Nyungwe Forest Lodge Interiors 17 Honeymoon-in-Australia-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog--630x372 18 Australian-Honeymoon-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog--630x505

Photo via The Bison

From a snow leopard safari in the Hemis National Park in Kashmir, to tiger spotting on the rugged plains of Bandhavgarh National Park in Central India, and wild elephant watching in lush Southern jungles in Kerala, there is a world’s worth of wildlife to explore across this incredible subcontinent.

See: Endangered Bengal tigers, wild Indian elephants, snow leopards in the mountains, monkeys on the beaches and incredible birds, snakes, bears, deer, leopards, lions and hyenas.

Sleep: For an authentic safari lodge experience close to the tigers, King’s Lodge in Bandhavgarhhas the full package, head south to spot wild elephants, and stay in The Bison on the Kabini Reserve. For tracking snow leopards, homestays are the only way to do it, go with a sustainable organisation like Karma Quests.

Season: When to go to India depends on what you’d like to see, March to May is the best time to spot tigers, while lusher months, November to April are good times to see elephants in the wild.


19 Alternative-Honeymoon-Destinations-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-2-630x389 "VFMLID=59788458" 21 Safari-in-Borneo-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog--630x394

Photo via Cristalino Lodge

Brazil might seem to be all about the beaches, but with the Amazon representing over half of the world’s rainforest and the Pantanal boasting the world’s largest, and most unusual wetland, this country is not to be overlooked for a unique and unforgettable safari honeymoon.

See: From the brightest birds to flesheating fish, the Amazon boasts the most diverse inhabitants on the planet, highlights include monkeys, macaws, dolphins, piranhas, jaguar, cougars and anacondas. On the Pantanal, you can expect to see rare deer, wolves, eagles and iguanas among the thousands of species that call the region home.

Sleep: For a sophisticated place to rest your head in the Pantanal, Caiman Ecological Refuge is a wildlife haven in the heart of the region. As for the Amazon, Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge offers rare comforts by the iconic Anavilhanas Archipelago, while Cristalino Jungle Lodge further South, offers a romantic sanctuary amid incredible wildlife.

Season: June is a good time to visit the Amazon, as the rains ease off, but the forest is still flooded, while for those who want to explore by foot, the dry weather in October is the best time to hike.


22 Rainforest-Honeymoon-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog--630x376 24 Namibia-Safari-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog--630x394 25 Namibia-Safari-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-3-630x361

Photo via Nyungwe Forest Lodge

Enjoy a real life Gorillas in the Mist experience on your honeymoon, Rwanda is a lesser explored emerald in the heart of East Africa’s safari belt. Lush, green and brimming with wildlife, this dramatic landscape of volcanoes, lakes and tea plantations will capture your imagination.

See: When it comes to Rwanda, it’s all about the gorillas, but you’ll also spot chimpanzees and other monkeys, along with bats, cats, and even some lions, giraffes and elephants.

Sleep: Nyungwe Forest Lodge is perhaps one of the most reknowned places to stay in Rwanda for honeymoons, Sabiyano Silverback Lodge has a beautiful perch on the edge of Volcano National Park and choose Ruzizi Tented Lodge for somewhere eco-friendly and atmospheric on the shores of Lake Ihema.

Season: The best time to visit Rwanda is June to September, making it a perfect honeymoon spot for summer weddings.


26 Incredible-Destination-Wedding-in-Zimbabwe-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-27-630x945

Photo via Silky Oaks Retreat

A country with multiple personalities and infinite landscapes, Australia is perhaps not an obvious choice for a safari, but on further inspection, a natural one. What it lacks in lions and tigers, it makes up for in indigenous species of its own, along with incredible coastlines, captivating plains, and rainforests to rival the Amazon.

See: The wildlife of Australia is as diverse and vast as the country itself. Of course you’ll see the iconic kangaroos, koalas, and emus, along with platypus, echidna, wombats, dingos and camels. And don’t forget incredible marine wildlife, stunning bird population, and the infamous snakes and insects.

Sleep: Longitude 131 is the number one place to stay near Uluru with unrivalled views of the iconic red rock. Explore Western Australia’s rugged wilderness from the comfort of El Questro Homestead. For a jungle escape, Silky Oaks Lodge will get you up close to nature and for a real safari experience in New South Wales, try Paperbark Camp.

Season: There’s no bad time to visit Australia but for sunny, yet comfortable weather, Spring and Autumn are the times to go.



Hanging out in a Parisian square drinking Champagne; This might just be the one of the coolest weddings ever.

Leïla and Arnauld married with a chic civil ceremony in Paris, before jetting off to Casablanca for their epic Moroccan wedding.

We’ll have the big event tomorrow on the blog, but we thought we’d tease you first, with the fun Parisian leg of the celebrations – with photographs by Claire Eliza Photography, in her usual alternative, candid, beautiful style.


1 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-14-630x420

With the most gorgeous little white cheap bridal dresses, bright red lips and a smile on her face, Leïla made a beautiful, beaming bride – just look out for Arnauld’s expression when she makes her entrance!

After they got the legalities out of the way, this cool couple took a stroll around Paris with their friends and family, before spending the night dancing into the wee hours.

Never thought your dream wedding wedding consisted of nothing more than a cute dress, a cool suit, your closest friends and a bottle of bubbly? Prepare to change your mind…

2 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-3-630x420 3 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-2-630x420 4 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-8-630x420 5 6 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-6-630x945 7 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-9-630x420 8 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-10-630x420 9 10 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-18-630x420 11 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-16-630x945 12 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-17-630x420 13 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-19-630x420 14 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-20-630x945 15 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-22-630x420 16 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-21-630x420 17 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-23-630x945 18 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-25-630x420 19 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-24-630x945 20 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-26-630x945 21 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-38-630x420 22Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-27-630x945 23 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-30-630x420 24 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-31-630x420 25 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-32-630x420 26 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-33-630x945 27 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-34-630x420 28 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-36-630x945 29 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-37-630x420 30 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-39-630x420 31 Fun-Civil-Ceremony-in-Paris-Claire-Eliza-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-40-630x420



So freakin’ cool, right? Leïla, Arnauld and their friends seem like a lot of fun – I love how having a separate civil wedding is a chance to have an altogether more relaxed, chilled-out celebration.

Thanks so much to Claire Eliza for sharing her gorgeous photos, and of course, to Leïla and Arnauld for sharing their day. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for their fabulous Moroccan wedding.



The next few weeks are all about bridal style here on Bridal Musings, as we get the first glimpse of the 2016 wedding dress nz collections. (Eeek!)

But while we have a serious soft spot (or rather, obsession) for the gowns, we’re also pretty smitten with the accessories that go with them too.

And if there’s one thing that can take the most simple gown and elevate it to the next level or take an already stylised look and bring it all together beautifully – it’s a gorgeous bridal head piece.

And no one knows that better, than creator of unique, timeless, and elegant bridal accessories,What Katy Did Next.

1 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-28-630x420 2 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-30-630x417

(View more dress from

Her latest, vintage-style collection (and the incredible shoot by Charis Talbot to go with it), is laden with beautiful pieces that range from the chic and simple, to the daring and fashion forward, from headpieces worthy of an old time starlet, to simple heirloom adornments you’ll treasure forever.

But before you swoon over her gorgeous creations, we’ll pass you over to the talented lady behind them, Katy Howieson, to tell us a little more about her latest collection, the shoot that inspired it and how you can bag an exclusive BM reader discount…


After the success of my Gold ‘Reign’ Collection launched last winter, I was lusting after a new project. When London-based vintage style girl group The Wild Tonics got in touch and asked to collaborate on a Gatsbyesque photo shoot with them I jumped at the chance and set about creating the ‘Lovefool’ collection. 

We compromised with a light, fresh and modern take on the theme – of course The Great Gatsby was a huge influence, but I tried to keep within my style at the same time and provide something new and different for my brides.

My aim was to create an assortment of versatile pieces that could adorn an array of bridal tastes from vintage lovers to fashion forward ladies.

I used quality materials and put my all into producing exquisitely detailed pieces stretching from statement deco caps to deliciously delicate hair vines and flirty glitter bands all with a varied price range. 

3 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-22-630x922 4 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-29-630x951 5 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-26-630x929 6 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-27-630x417 7 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-24-630x939 8 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-21-630x951 9 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-15-630x951 10 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-16-630x951 11 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-17-630x949 12 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-13-630x417 13 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-8-630x951 14 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-10-630x988 15 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-1-630x951 16 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-6-630x958 17 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-4-630x410 18 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-11-630x992

(bridesmaid dresses nz)

19 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-38-630x909 20 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-39-630x954 21 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-40-630x965 22 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-36-630x417 23 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-32-630x951 24 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-33-630x417 25 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-34-630x965 26 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-2-630x417 27 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-31-630x916 28 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-35-630x961 29 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-37-630x997



Aren’t they so beautiful? I just love the Gatsby styling too, though What Katy Did Next’s accessories would really pair well with a simple or more modern wedding dress too, don’t you think?

To see more of her gorgeous Lovefool collection, visit the What Katy Did Next website. And don’t forget about Kay’s generous Bridal Musings discount, enter BMUSINGS15 at the checkout for 15% off orders over £100.