Fantasy Friday ~ An Outdoor Winter Ceremony on a Candlelit Mountain Top

1 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040824_low

Look how beautiful!!! Seriously, could ya’ bust? Totally reminds me of my fantasy bachelorette party post!! Now, imagine getting married on a mountain top, and then partying the night away at this beautiful venue. Right? Can I get a, “fuck yeah”?!! Seriously, talk about a memorable evening (or weekend!)! And, know what I absolutely love about Jessi (and Nick)? This girl had the balls to get married outside (as in host the ceremony outside!!) in March! WOW! That’s pretty impressive and unique! Although, when you see all the incredible deets, bridey, you won’t be too surprised.  

Pepper, with Pepper Nix Photography, (my new FAVE and FAB photographer!) asked the bride quite a few questions about her wedding plans, overall experience, etc. My favorite? Scroll down and see Jessi’s advice for future brides…. Clearly, Jessi was a Bitchless Bride! Enjoy!

2 Cummings Mengis.001 3 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040133_low 4 Cummings Mengis.002 5 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040173_low 6 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040203_low 7 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040206_low 8 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040246_low

( Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040152_low 10 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040501_low 11 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040335_low 11 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040402_low 11Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040251_low 12 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040453_low 12 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040464_low 13Cummings Mengis.004 14 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040512_low 15 Cummings Mengis.005

Why a Mountain Wedding? Nick and I love to ski. It is something we have been doing since we were very young. Additionally, when we first started dating it was something we did together several times a week. We also love, love, love the mountains, fresh air, and fantastic perspective their majesty brings!16 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040549_low 17 Cummings Mengis.006 18 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040606_low 19 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040619_low 20 Cummings Mengis.007 20 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040628_low 21 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040639_low 22 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040679_low 23 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040688_low 24 Cummings Mengis.008 25 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040753_low

I had all my bridesmaids pick their own dresses. I told them blue, above the knee, and no sleeves. They all picked out dresses that were incredibly flattering and somehow it worked out. Additionally they all wore printed black tights. I bought them coats and boots to keep them warm. One of my bridesmaids, Christina, made muffs (instead of flowers) and we all had a fantastic time making crass poses with them. (HA! Obviously, BB LOVES this!)25 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040763_low

Any advice you have for future brides? Take a deep breath when you are up front and look at everyone who is supporting you. Two, don’t get so caught up in the details that you forget what you are doing, joining two people together. Three, surround yourself with people you love…don’t be obligated to invite people or put people in your bridal party who you don’t want there. Four, hire someone to do things the day of…it was the best decision we made. Five, make a weekend of it. We did a pub crawl on Friday night and it was so fun. We had many activities and stayed together, so it felt like a vacation!26 Cummings Mengis.009 26 Cummings Mengis.010 26 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040774_low 27 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040784_low 28 Cummings Mengis.011 28 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040794_low 28 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040818_low

We wanted something less traditional, so we opted for a brown cake with swirls. Honestly, Nick and I were hanging out with my aunt and she asked us a couple questions about what we liked and what we absolutely didn’t want. In the end we told he she had complete creative control and the cake was deish! So many people came up to us and told us it was the best cake they had ever had, maybe it was because there was no fondant! 29 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040822_low 29 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040858_low 30 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040856_low 31 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040925_low 32 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040916_low

Hated? One of my good friends worked with a very prestigious designer in NY, and needless to say she has a lot of experience lacing up gown. So naturally she laced me up. Everything was fine until we started dancing…I almost passed out because it was so tight. Amy, bridesmaid, loosened it on the dance floor, while we were dancing, as if nothing had happened. 33 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12040970_low 34 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12041081_low 35 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12041006_low 36 Cummings Mengis.014 37 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12041013_low 38 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12041014_low 39 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12041035_low 40 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12041147_low 40 Cummings_Mengis_Pepper_Nix_Photography_12041173_low

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