Sponsor Saturday – Bella Belle’s Beautiful 2015 Bridal Shoes Collection

Good morning, I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend! I am just stopping by today to introduce you to one of my favourite finds of late, and one of Chic Vintage Brides newest sponsors, Bella Belle. You may remember them from my recent roundup ofperfect bridal shoes for a vintage bride, or if you follow CVB on Pinterest you might have caught glimpses of some of their glamorous styles. Well, today I’m here to share my favourites from their fabulous 2015 collection and to tell you a little more about them…..1 Beautiful-Bridal-Shoes-from-Bella-Belle-Shoes 2 BellaBelle_WhiteLoftStudio_0023_000038940008

(cheap bridal dresses)

Bella Belle is an independent bridal shoe label founded by best friends of 10 years Erina and Veronyca. Offering a fresh approach to those all important heels for your big day, they produce beautiful, high quality shoes at incredibly affordable price points. And with an emphasis on quality, individuality and customer service, they provide a personal boutique experience but online!

Drawing on Erina’s formal training in architecture, Bella Belle shoes are inspired by form and proportion, with attention to detail and craftsmanship. Each design features elaborate and intricate hand-crafted embellishments that define their romantic and feminine aesthetic. And featuring Art Deco influences and Gatsby inspired glamour, their latest collection for 2015, ‘Ethereal’, is quite simply heavenly……

3 BellaBelle_WhiteLoftStudio_0021_000038910013-o 4 BellaBelle_WhiteLoftStudio_0089_000038880007

(affordable bridesmai dresses)

5 BellaBelle_WhiteLoftStudio_0087_000038880014-Duo 6 BellaBelle_WhiteLoftStudio_0083_000038890012 7 BellaBelle_WhiteLoftStudio_0063_000038920014-Duo 8 BellaBelle_WhiteLoftStudio_0024_000038870009 9 BellaBelle_WhiteLoftStudio_0066_000038920009-D 10 Y-BellaBelle_WhiteLoftStudio_0077_000038900005 11 BellaBelle_WhiteLoftStudio_0011_000038900007

(luxury dresses)

12 Y-BellaBelle_WhiteLoftStudio_0001_000038920012 13 Y-4 14 BellaBelle_WhiteLoftStudio_0020_000038960007-Duo 15 BellaBelle_WhiteLoftStudio_0035_000038960004 16 BellaBelle_WhiteLoftStudio_0004_000038940014

A Rustic Australian Wedding with a Stunning Outdoor Ceremony from Pixie Rouge Photography

Oh do I have a treat for you this Monday morning! I hope you had nothing planned for the rest of your day because this seriously inspiring DIY wedding is going to have you pinning and wedding planning all day! In 3 words Jacqui & Matt described their celebration as rustic, fun & relaxed – and based on the fabulous photographs from Pixie Rouge Photography I think you could add perfect!

1 A-Rustic-Australian-Wedding-with-a-Stunning-Outdoor-Ceremony 1-Jacqui-Matt-3 3-Jacqui-Matt-38

(bridesmaid dresses nz)4-Jacqui-Matt-48-Copy 5-Jacqui-Matt-57 6-Jacqui-Matt-105 7-Jacqui-Matt-96 Jacqui-Matt-1 Jacqui-Matt-8 Jacqui-Matt-11 Jacqui-Matt-16-Duo Jacqui-Matt-20 Jacqui-Matt-26-Duo (1) Jacqui-Matt-26-Duo Jacqui-Matt-34 Jacqui-Matt-37 Jacqui-Matt-42 Jacqui-Matt-43 Jacqui-Matt-45 Jacqui-Matt-47 Jacqui-Matt-48 Jacqui-Matt-50 Jacqui-Matt-51 Jacqui-Matt-53 Jacqui-Matt-58 Jacqui-Matt-62 Jacqui-Matt-64 Jacqui-Matt-66 Jacqui-Matt-67 Jacqui-Matt-68 Jacqui-Matt-69

(prom dresses nz)

.Jacqui-Matt-69-Duo Jacqui-Matt-71 Jacqui-Matt-74 Jacqui-Matt-75 Jacqui-Matt-76 Jacqui-Matt-90 Jacqui-Matt-112 Jacqui-Matt-117 Jacqui-Matt-118-Duo Jacqui-Matt-120 Jacqui-Matt-122 Jacqui-Matt-124b Jacqui-Matt-125 Jacqui-Matt-126 Jacqui-Matt-126-Duo

(cocktial dresses nz)

Jacqui-Matt-129 Jacqui-Matt-130 Z-Jacqui-Matt-78

Romantic Spring Wedding Inspiration from Nadia Meli Photography

Whilst many of you are looking forward to a long Summer, here in New Zealand it’s Winter and I am already dreaming ofSpring! And what could be better to brighten a somewhat blustery day than a stunning Spring wedding styled shoot from the ridiculously talented (and not to mention lovely) Nadia Meli…..

Featuring a stylish groom and a bride wearing a lace wedding dress from Sheurina, with beautiful bridal makeup and the most elegant of updos by Melanie Elgert; I rather like to imagine it as a heavenly elopement! After all, all you really need for a wedding is a bride and groom….although the meadow blanketed in flowers and the blossom filled branches of the trees at venue Kitzlein certainly adds a little extra romance to these exquisite portraits.1 Romantic-Spring-Wedding-Inspiration 1-FlorenceIntimateWedding-0517 2-FlorenceIntimateWedding-0752-2 3-FlorenceIntimateWedding-0457 4-FlorenceIntimateWedding-0681

(wedding dresses nz)

5-FlorenceIntimateWedding-0600 6-FlorenceIntimateWedding-0545-Duo 7-FlorenceIntimateWedding-0452-2 8-FlorenceIntimateWedding-1014 9-FlorenceIntimateWedding-1106-Duo 10-FlorenceIntimateWedding-0408 11-FlorenceIntimateWedding-0473 12-FlorenceIntimateWedding-0487-Duo 13-FlorenceIntimateWedding-0642-2 14-FlorenceIntimateWedding-0777 15-FlorenceIntimateWedding-0678 16-FlorenceIntimateWedding-0929-2 17-FlorenceIntimateWedding-0942 18-FlorenceIntimateWedding-1129

(ball dresses nz)

20-FlorenceIntimateWedding-0483-Duo 22-FlorenceIntimateWedding-0551 23-FlorenceIntimateWedding-0576-Duo 24-FlorenceIntimateWedding-0658-2 25-FlorenceIntimateWedding-0346

(bridesmaid dresses)

If you pop across to Nadia’s website you will find more from this magical workshop shoot, as well as links to the blogposts of all the lucky attendees. Or to see more of her work here on Chic Vintage Brides, take a peek at this dreamy destination wedding in the hills of Tuscany.

Just before you go, a few words from Nadia about what makes her workshops so unique “I just have to say it: I love my workshops. I love the people it brings together and what happens to them during it. It is so special to see strangers become friends in the matter of 2 days, through laughter, tears and sharing. Some of them have organized reunions already , I will even be at one in December!

My Workshops are not for everyone. They are for people who are brave enough to be challenged, ready to question themselves and their decisions and willing to dig deep. All in the name of finding their OWN vision and path for their art and their business – I don’t want mini-mes. I want photographers to find their own voice as an artist! I believe that your own voice, your own vision and your own style makes you a happier, more fulfilled, better photographer and business owner.”

If you would like a more in depth explanation you will find one here, or to find out more about dates for coming workshops you’re best to follow Nadia on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to hear of new dates – her next one in October is already sold out!

A Cinematic and Stylish Vintage Engagement Shoot from The Love Studio

Sometimes all it takes is one loved up couple, the right locations and fabulous photographers to create engagement session bliss! Take seriously stylish couple Justin & Vivienne, who spent months scouting Toronto for the perfect locales to bring to life their engagement shoot vision, which they found in the trendy, old-world, Roncesvalles neighbourhood where the couple are lucky enough to live. Nino and Andreea from The Love Studio were on hand with their unique style and eye for light, to capture the couple’s vision and love beautifully…..1-Justin-Vivienne-_-The-Love-Studio026

(plus size wedding dresses)


Here are a few words from The Love Studio “Vivienne and Justin’s engagement shoot is exactly the sort of thing that inspired us to start The Love Studio in the first place. We dreamed of bringing to life the inventive and creative ideas of couples who were not afraid of expressing their character. Couples with strong personalities and opinions. Couples who believe in their own vision of love and marriage so strongly that they take matters into their own hands with confidence. A traditional white wedding is not for everyone. It certainly was not for us, and it most definitely is not for Justin and Vivienne. Both creative souls, with Vivienne working in film and Justin working in graphic design, their aesthetic sense is sharp and refined. This shoot gave life to their love of vintage cinema and analogue street photography, and was particularly influenced by Kar Wai Wong’s In The Mood For Love , Robert Doisneau‘s post war street photography, and old family photographs of Vivienne’s grandparents in Hong Kong.”2-Justin-Vivienne-_-The-Love-Studio005 3-Justin-Vivienne-_-The-Love-Studio006 4-Justin-Vivienne-_-The-Love-Studio003-Duo 5-Justin-Vivienne-_-The-Love-Studio004 6-Justin-Vivienne-_-The-Love-Studio007-Duo 7-Justin-Vivienne-_-The-Love-Studio012 8-Justin-Vivienne-_-The-Love-Studio018

(plus size bridesmaid dresses)

9-Justin-Vivienne-_-The-Love-Studio017 10-Justin-Vivienne-_-The-Love-Studio016-Duo 11-Justin-Vivienne-_-The-Love-Studio022


Snippets, Whispers & Ribbons – Elegant Summer Wedding Tablescape Ideas

After swooning over the last few weeks over the scrummiest Summer wedding cake ideas, these stunning Summer bridal bouquets, these stylish Summer grooms and the five prettiest Summer wedding colour palettes; we continue our Summer themed Snippets, Whispers & Ribbons with a look at some stunning tablescapes!

1 Summer-Wedding-Tablescapes-and-Placesettings

(lace wedding dresses uk)

  1. Summer is all about the outdoors and why should your wedding celebration be any different? Just be sure to choose somewhere that offers shade to protect your friends and loved ones from that hot summer sun – pergolas and trees will help keep you cool and make the perfect place to hang some pretty lighting for the evening!2 Summer-place-setting 3 Summer-Tablescape

Floral Design ~ Kelly Kaufman, Rentals ~ The Tent Merchant, Photography ~ Kurt Boomer Photo via SMP

  1. I love everything about this heavenly beach wedding tablescape. From the elegant silverware to the beautiful blue palette it is a lesson in coastal chic. A monochromatic colour scheme can look so stylish, just be sure to add some depth with beautiful textures in your tableware and linen….

4 Beach-Place-Setting

(uk bridesmaid dresses)

5 Beach-Tablescape

Creative & Florals ~ ever after event and floral design and Photography ~ Melanie Gabrielle

  1. This outdoor summer tablescape just goes to show what a difference a little creative thinking and lighting can make to the most simple of reception settings!…..

6 Yellow-Tablescape 7 Yellow-Place-Setting

Floral Design ~ Anthology Co, Rentals ~ The Salvage Snob, Photographer ~ Melanie Gabrielle Photography via Ruffled

  1. Creating a sense of opulence is all about layering – textures and colours and this as true of tablescapes as it is of floral creations. A cascading centrepiece of summer florals in a complex palette, atop a rustic wood table adorned with rich fruit, delicate china, gold tableware, lavender linen and etched glass is layering at its absolute best!

8 Lilac-Tablescape 9 Lilab-place-setting

Floral Design ~ Studio Mondine, Tabletop Rentals ~ Frances Lane, Photography ~ Jessica Burke via SMP

  1. I love the trend for floral runners as centrepieces. Created from lush greenery like this one they will save a few pennies as well as allow conversation to flow unhindered across the table. And you can always add a little height and opulence to your tablescape with some stunning candelabras…..

10 Herb-Tablescape

(lace bridesmaid dresses uk)

11 Herb-Place-Setting

Floral & Event Design ~ La Fete, Photography ~ Jacque Lynn Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs

For more wedding tablescape and placesetting inspiration take a look at my picks and ideas for Winter & Spring, or for some gorgeous reception lighting ideas take a peek here.


llo and welcome to June! I can’t believe that we’re almost half way through the year already but my goodness, it’s flying by! Now I know I might seem a little eager, telling you about an event that’s taking place in October when we’ve not even hit the height of summer but when the event is the fabulous Brides The Show, I think it’s worth getting that in your diary early, particularly when we’ve got a wonderful 2 for 1 ticket offer for you too.

1 wpid363424-brides-the-show-october-2015-london-3

(lace wedding dresses uk)

So, read on and find out more about this year’s Brides The Show that will be taking place at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London 2-4 October 2015…2 wpid363430-brides-the-show-october-2015-london-1

Brides The Show brings the iconic Brides magazine to life in a truly brilliant way (take a look at my report from last year’s show to see what I mean!) and this year’s edition promises to be even better. From dresses to diamonds, flowers to champagne, you can expect the very best from over 130 amazing wedding suppliers.3 wpid363432-brides-the-show-october-2015-london-2

(uk bridesmaid dresses)

What I loved was that everyone exhibiting was talking to brides, passing on tips and ideas and discussing trends – this isthe event for you if you just love weddings!

One of the undoubted highlights of the day are the amazing catwalk shows and Brides Fashion Editor, Bryony Toogood, will again be styling these to bridal perfection. Designers showing this autumn include some Love My Dress favourites such as Halfpenny London, Catherine Deane, Charlie Brear and Amanda Wakeley among others. If you’d like to see these gowns in gorgeous close-up detail then why not treat yourself to a VIP Gold ticket and enjoy the show from your front row seat? You’ll also receive fast track entry to the show; a glass of delicious Nyetimber English Sparkling wine and a luxury goodie bag.

5 wpid363434-brides-the-show-october-2015-london-4

Whilst we’re talking about fashion, please let me tell you about the Exclusive Jenny Packham Catwalk Show that’s taking place at 6.30pm on Friday 2nd October. This is a unique opportunity to see Jenny’s stunning New York Bridal Week catwalk show including a recreation of her gorgeous ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ set. I have to say that I cannot wait for this!

If you’re looking for planning inspiration then Brides The Show is simply unmissable. The genuinely lovelyBruce Russell, London’s most sought after wedding planner, will again be inviting you to join him on a freeBridal Promenade. After welcoming you with a glass of bubbles, Bruce will take you on a tour of the show and answer any questions you might have about planning your wedding – what a fantastic opportunity to learn from the best in the business!

6 wpid363428-brides-the-show-october-2015-london-5


For more of the latest from the wedding world, join some of the industry’s most creative names On The Sofa, visit The Imagination Room for a series of hands-on workshops or take your seat at The Sommelier’s Table for a free, fun and informative wine tasting session with the experts – yum!

Whilst I’m mentioning delicious treats, this year’s Brides The Show sees the introduction of The Bridal Brunch. After taking your VIP seat for the 10.30am catwalk show on Sunday 4th October, enjoy a luxury brunch and bubbles with Bruce Russell and a luxury goodie bag. What a perfect treat for mothers and daughters, brides and bridesmaids.

And there’s still more – from the Wedding Planners’ Lounge and Lookbook Live, where the Brides lifestyle editors style a range of wedding reception looks, to make-up masterclasses and bridal makeovers with Bobbi Brown and Duck & Dry.

I can’t wait to see you there – this year’s Brides The Show is going to be spectacular.