Summer is nearly upon us, which means that in just a few weeks time, our lives will revolve around planning jaunts to the nearest body of water, mapping out which parks, rooftops and random stretches of grass are prime for sunbathing, and buddying up with anyone in our peripheral social circles who has access to a swimming pool. It also means that peak vacation season will swing into high gear, and our Instagram feeds will transform into a never-ending scroll of crystal clear Caribbean beaches and sunsets along the Amalfi Coast.

Needless to say, the aforementioned Instagrammers never travel without a bevy of swimwear options, because the only social media bait that’s more powerful than a cutesy pool float is a fashion-forward bathing suit. While we’ve already established that industry insiders all flock to many of the same styles and brands, there’s a handful of swim-fluencers (sorry, I had to) who seem to be one step further ahead of the pack when it comes to discovering the “the next big thing” in the swimwear space.

In case you need a little inspiration, we rounded up 15 of Instagram’s most popular swimwear enthusiasts, whose feeds feature some of the coolest suits around, along with an envy-inducing mix of exotic locales, flawless beach waves, super-even tans and, yes, impossibly toned “bikini bodies.” But hey, these babes have managed to turn their vacations into big business, which in itself deserves a follow, if you ask us.


This 19-year-old California native has modeled for a variety of beachy brands over the years — PacSun, Brandy Melville, Hurley, etc. — which is not at all surprising considering her surfer girl-next-door aesthetic. Her Instagram feed, which boasts an impressive 5.2 million followers, consists of mainly bikini pics shot on breathtaking beaches — often alongside her equally hot (and Insta-famous) Hawaiian boyfriend, Jay Alvarrez.


Anastasia Ashley first rose to fame as a professional surfer, but thanks to the power of social media, she’s now just as well-known for her stylish, swimwear-heavy Instagram page, which has amassed over a million followers. But make no mistake: This girl’s an athlete, and you’re more likely to find a photo of her running, surfing, golfing or some other competitive activity than of her languidly lounging by the pool.


Simply put, this Los Angeles-based babe looks good in a bathing suit, which is why she posts a hell of a lot of photos of herself in them… and why over 750K people follow along. For what it’s worth, said bathing suits are often very cute.


The two social media powerhouses behind the blog A Bikini A Day Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman (from Australia and Hawaii, respectively) are arguably the pioneers of this crew, and have successfully turned their obsession with bikinis into a full-on lifestyle brand. Aside from their own line of suits called Monday Swimwear, they’ve collaborated with dozens of international labels, have kicked off a fitness series called #BODYLOVE and, like countless other brands as of late, are expanding into activewear.


From Hawaii to Maldives to California, this 19-year-old blogger and author (she published a Young Adult novel before graduating high school) is all over the place, but wherever her chosen destination, little more than a bikini is required dress code-wise.


Yamamoto, better known as @gypsyone on Instagram, is a photographer, blogger and artist whose work takes her all around the world, making for some exceptional swimwear pic opportunities. Born in Hawaii and based in Los Angeles, Yamamoto (who also has Japanese and Puerto Rican roots) has a uniquely exotic look, which is likely why she’s garnered a following that’s close to a million strong.


These California-born sisters are the founders of popular swimwear label Mikoh, which has become known for its sporty silhouettes, accented with macrame and intricate string detailing. As a former pro surfer, creative director/designer Oleema knows a thing or two about the laid-back lifestyle, while Kalani heads up the business side of the operation. However, when it comes to Instagram, they both capture similarly stunning images of white-sand beaches, tropical treats and a cute boy or two. (FYI, Kalani is dating Kelly Slater.)


The LA-based blogger, model and stylist (aka @keller_rose on Instagram) has built herself quite an impressive fan base, thanks in no small part to her super-sexy bikini photos that often leave little to the imagination.


Yep, another LA-based model who looks damn good in a swimsuit. With over 820K Instagram followers, it’s no surprise that Sports Illustrated took notice, featuring her in the 2016 Swimsuit issue.


The Hawaiian model (whose dad is famed surfer Kala Alexander) is downright beautiful, what with her bleached-out curly hair, piercing blue eyes and flawless, tanned skin. So, it should come as no surprise that she is a pro at posing in a swimsuit, whether it be in a remote cove in her native Kauai or on some stretch of beach in Bali.


Countless brands have called upon California-born Rocky Barnes for collaborations over the past couple of years — think Revolve, Polo Ralph Lauren, Vitamin A Swim, 360 Cashmere and more — thanks to her impressive following and versatile, exotic looks. With a blog that encompasses her love for travel, fashion and lifestyle, we have a feeling she’ll be a fixture on the scene for quite a while.


Sahara Ray’s bikini-heavy Instagram page is so popular (it boasts over 930K followers) that it only seems right that she launched her own eponymous line of swimwear — unsurprisingly, it’s a hit among the blogger set.


This Australian model-slash-DJ is now based in LA, and she regularly takes to Instagram to document her adventures and hijinks around the globe. After one scroll through her feed, it’s easy to see that she’s always the life of the party — and the one in the cutest bathing suit.

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