Fashion trend: This is how Diane Keaton (74) turns a simple, white blouse into an it-piece


If there is a fashion trend that is irrevocably linked to actress and Hollywood legend Diane Keaton , it is the big melon hats without which the 74-year-old can hardly be seen.

Admittedly, quite a striking styling that is not necessarily suitable for everyone. Don’t get us wrong: Diane Keaton’s hats look fantastic and so cool! But: As a normal you have to have a lot of self-confidence to walk around with such a crazy head covering in everyday life. 

Fashion trend: this is how the ingenious styling for white blouses by Diane Keaton (74) works

All the better that the latest fashion trend, which the actress shows us on Instagram, is absolutely wearable and suitable for everyday use. This is THE basic par excellence: a simple, white blouse with a classic shirt collar.

But Diane Keaton wouldn’t be Diane Keaton if she didn’t give the simple fashion trend a special twist. So she sets up the collar of the loosely cut and slightly unbuttoned blouse and wears a cool and casual bandanaaround her neck .

74-year-old Diane Keaton shows how to wear a simple, white blouse in a super stylish way

Well, shirt collars don’t have to be. Somehow they sometimes have a slightly lively touch. But we think the styling idea with the bandana is great. After all, the neckerchief with the typical 2020 paisley pattern is not only hip, it also exudes an acute holiday and summer feeling. In contrast to the classic blouse, it is a brilliant break in style.

By the way : Be sure to watch the video completely. In it, Diane Keaton shows how she collects her favorite fashion looks in a book so that she can repeat the styling later. Simply terrific – and definitely inspiring!

This is how Diane Keaton’s fashion trend with white blouse and bandana works:



Diane Keaton completes her look with elegant jeans in Marlene look and simple black sneakers. Of course, your trademark, the melon hat, should not be missing. 

If you like it a bit more modern and summery, you can of course combine the bandana with a short-sleeved blouse and airy bottoms. Hip jeansbermudas or flowing midi skirts in muted colors such as navy or black look great. This goes wonderfully with minimalist mules or filigree strappy sandals .cheap formal dresses australia