Royal wedding during Corona: Princess Beatrice’s celebration was so beautiful – and so was her wedding dress


As if planning a wedding weren’t stressful enough, the emotional roller coaster ride in 2020 became even more violent for some bride-to-be. Keyword: Corona.

Due to the worldwide virus pandemic, many a wedding has been canceled or postponed (for example, that of Sylvie Meis). Or the celebration had to take place in a different way than originally planned. Perhaps a little consolation, if you were or were affected as a bride: You are not alone with it. Countless other brides are sitting on the roller coaster with you.

Including a royal passenger. We’re talking about Princess Beatrice of York, daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson and thus granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II. The 31-year-old had actually planned to marry her fiancee Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi at the end of May. Unfortunately, nothing came of it. Also because the Corona virus raged particularly violently in Great Britain.

Royal wedding during Corona: This story is behind Princess Beatrice’s wedding dress

Now, similar to our European neighbors, there were first easing in private festivities. Naturally, Beatrice and her Edoardo did not have to be asked for a long time and married quietly on the weekend, or more precisely on July 17th, in the smallest family circle.

And what should we say? Even if the celebration does not come close to the pompous wedding ceremonies of other royals , we are more than thrilled with the pictures of the wedding. The princess and her newlywed husband shine on the competition and look incredibly happy.

Distance on the wedding photos: Princess Beatrice and her husband with the Queen and Prince Philip


Princess Beatrice looked so beautiful in the tiara and dress of her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth


The wedding took place in the company of around 20 guests in the beautifully decorated Royal Chapel of All Saints in Windsor – among the guests were of course the Queen herself and her 99-year-old husband Prince Philip. cheap formal dresses online

The queen also played a special role in the wedding ceremony: according to the old wedding custom, which originally comes from England, the bride Beatrice wore something old and something borrowed – from her grandmother’s property.

Because the wedding dress of the 31-year-old is not bought new but vintage and comes from the Queen’s wardrobe. She was already wearing the dress by designer Norman Hartnell (who also had her own wedding dress by the way) for two public appearances in the early 1960s. Back then, the diamond-trimmed dress had no sleeves and a balloon-shaped, voluminous skirt. Together with the designers Stewart Parvin and Angela Kelly Beatrice gave the dress her personal touch. So transparent organza sleeves were added and the skirt, thanks to several ruffles, removed the somewhat stale heaviness.

In addition, the princess, who is ninth in the British succession, carried a bridal bouquet with the traditional myrtle branches, her engagement ring by designer Shaun Leane – and on loan from her grandmother: a tiara owned by Queen Elizabeth’s mother, who is today 94-year-old borrowed herself for her wedding in 1947. What a nice gesture!

Queen Elizabeth in Norman Hartnell’s dress at a 1962 film premiere


The tiara, which Princess Beatrice also wore at her wedding, adorned Queen Elizabeth’s head as early as 1947



Something from out: 3 fashion trends that we will no longer wear in 2020 (plus 3 new trend parts)

Our good fashion resolution for 2020? Start your time in Corona with a perfectly sorted wardrobe! This means that we are now sorting out everything that does not fit or that is not needed and we are separating ourselves from the looks that are finally out of date in the new fashion year.

We help a little with the decision and tell you which three fashion trendsyou can now say goodbye to – and which we would like to welcome in 2020. 

Goodbye! These 3 fashion trends are out in 2020 (and we’ll wear them instead) 

Let’s say goodbye: sock boots

Let’s welcome: Chunky Boots

Sock boots that hug your ankles are finally out in 2020 and will be replaced by cool chunky boots . These are, so to speak, the winter version of chunky sneakers and come with comfortable, flat soles and a wide trekking profile – ideal for muddy snow days. Our styling tip: We combine the rocking statement boots in a style break to elegant winter outfits.

Stylist Géraldine Boublil wears chunky Prada boots


Blogger Caro Daur styles chunky boots with a black wool coat and blouse


Let’s say goodbye: neon colors

Let’s welcome: blue

Neon colors between lime green and highlighter pink were among our fashionable summer flirts. With the turn of the year, however, we completely said goodbye to the flashy nuances. Instead, we welcome pretty blue tones in the wardrobe – inspired by the Pantone trend color of the year “Classic Blue”. A powerful tone that still looks very elegant and is much more suitable for everyday use than neon.  cheap formal dresses online


Fashion professional Linda Tol (left) wears a complete outfit in the new trend color


Let’s say goodbye: satin skirts

Let us welcome: pleated skirts + dresses

Whether in shimmering ivory shades or with a leo print: satin skirts were the must-have in 2019, but we were getting fed up with the flowing midi skirts. In 2020, however, pleated parts will bring a breath of fresh air to your wardrobe. In addition to the classic pleated skirt , we are now also investing in long dresses with pleated details. A very feminine look that can be styled super modern with warm knits and casual boots.

Blogger Nina Sandbech in a red pleated skirt and leather shirt


Super elegant: Géraldine Boublil in a long pleated dress


These 5 pants trends are airy alternatives to jeans in summer


Jeans are actually  our favorite pants, in which we always feel comfortable. An exception: On really hot summer days, the pants made of the robust material are just one size too thick. You still don’t like to put on dresses or skirts? Then watch out! We have top alternatives to jeans that are just as casual, but viiiielll more summery … 

Instead of jeans: 5 pants trends for hot days

1. Trend for pants as an alternative to jeans: Bermuda shorts

The Bermuda shorts that reach to the knee are one of the most popular trends of the season. No wonder, the pants are versatile. With a tank top and flip-flops it is perfect for everyday wear and with a matching blazer and shirt it is serious enough to shine in the office even on hot days. Bermuda shorts come in summer 2020 mainly in subtle colors such as black, gray, beige or white and are a nice reference to the nonchalant chic of the 90s. Classic patterns such as checks and stripes are also popular.

Amy Julliette Lefévre uses Bermuda shorts for a summery office look


2. Trend for pants as an alternative to jeans: sweat shorts

In quarantine, we got used to the cozy silty look. Of course, we now want to take the casual parts with us into the summer. Sweat shorts are experiencing a real hype. With serious shirts, elegant strappy sandals and trendy statement jewelry, we are now taking the trousers from the sofa to the street. Hardly any trend is more convenient.

Débora Rosa brings sweat shorts with a white shirt from the Fintessstudio


3. Trend for pants as an alternative to jeans: pajama pants

Pajama dressing has also experienced a real upswing in the course of the quarantine. Whether short or long – the pants from the bedroom are particularly airy on hot days. Now rely on trend models in stripes or light construction. With oversize shirts and blazers, the pajama pants are street-ready.

Loulou De Saison makes pajama pants a trend for the street


4. Trend for pants as an alternative to jeans: knitted hot pants

The 70s are back in summer 2020 and with them the sweetest pants trend from that era. Knit hot pants not only provide the right retro feeling on hot days, they are also particularly cozy. Take the look of the 70s to the extreme and wear blouses with eye-catching flower prints and shoes made of bast. There is no more trend.

Hot pants with 70s flair: Marilyn in tight knitted shorts


Sustainable clothing trends at H&M: These pieces are already in our shopping bag


The Swedish fashion chain H&M has promised to use only recycled and sustainably obtained materials by 2030. While the fashion giant still has a long way to go, he took a step in the right direction this summer – with a sustainable clothing collection. We have the most beautiful models from H&M

The most beautiful summer clothing trends made from sustainable materials at H&M

The little black dress , puffy sleeved dresses or floral print dresses: At H&M we can now shop for the most beautiful dress trends for the summer from sustainable materials. The clothes are made from organic cotton, lyocell fibers or recycled polyester. Clothes made from a mix of materials are at least 50 percent sustainable.

And best of all : These sustainable dresses are not only particularly affordable, they are already the favorites of influencers such as Debbie Le, Vogue Williams and Veronika Heilbrunner. 

Debbie Le in a pink puff sleeve dress made from 100 percent organic cotton


Veronika Heilbrunner in a black puffy sleeve coat from the Conscious campaign by H&M’


These are our 5 favorites of the sustainable clothing trends from H&M

We clicked through the many sustainable clothing trends from H&M and picked five favorites that we absolutely want to show you. Everything from mini to maxi is included, you will also find two plain-colored dresses, two with a floral pattern and a graphic dress. cheap formal dresses online

Each dress has special details such as puff sleeves, a lace insert or puffy ruffles. Here are our 5 favorite dresses that are already in the shopping bag.

Puff sleeve with layers of a lyocell mix and recycled chiffon lining


Chiffon dress made from partially recycled polyester


Chiffon dress made from partially recycled polyester



Black dress with organic cotton puff sleeves


Oversized dress made from recycled polyester