These 5 pants trends are airy alternatives to jeans in summer


Jeans are actually  our favorite pants, in which we always feel comfortable. An exception: On really hot summer days, the pants made of the robust material are just one size too thick. You still don’t like to put on dresses or skirts? Then watch out! We have top alternatives to jeans that are just as casual, but viiiielll more summery … 

Instead of jeans: 5 pants trends for hot days

1. Trend for pants as an alternative to jeans: Bermuda shorts

The Bermuda shorts that reach to the knee are one of the most popular trends of the season. No wonder, the pants are versatile. With a tank top and flip-flops it is perfect for everyday wear and with a matching blazer and shirt it is serious enough to shine in the office even on hot days. Bermuda shorts come in summer 2020 mainly in subtle colors such as black, gray, beige or white and are a nice reference to the nonchalant chic of the 90s. Classic patterns such as checks and stripes are also popular.

Amy Julliette Lefévre uses Bermuda shorts for a summery office look


2. Trend for pants as an alternative to jeans: sweat shorts

In quarantine, we got used to the cozy silty look. Of course, we now want to take the casual parts with us into the summer. Sweat shorts are experiencing a real hype. With serious shirts, elegant strappy sandals and trendy statement jewelry, we are now taking the trousers from the sofa to the street. Hardly any trend is more convenient.

Débora Rosa brings sweat shorts with a white shirt from the Fintessstudio


3. Trend for pants as an alternative to jeans: pajama pants

Pajama dressing has also experienced a real upswing in the course of the quarantine. Whether short or long – the pants from the bedroom are particularly airy on hot days. Now rely on trend models in stripes or light construction. With oversize shirts and blazers, the pajama pants are street-ready.

Loulou De Saison makes pajama pants a trend for the street


4. Trend for pants as an alternative to jeans: knitted hot pants

The 70s are back in summer 2020 and with them the sweetest pants trend from that era. Knit hot pants not only provide the right retro feeling on hot days, they are also particularly cozy. Take the look of the 70s to the extreme and wear blouses with eye-catching flower prints and shoes made of bast. There is no more trend.

Hot pants with 70s flair: Marilyn in tight knitted shorts


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