The most important autumn trends 2020 that all fashion fans should know


Although almost all of Germany is happy about the sun at the moment, fashion fans know that now is the right time to stock up on the latest fashion trends. Instead of having fun at the lake or in the mountains, we are currently enjoying browsing the online shops and discovering the new autumn trends 2020, which of course we want to tell you directly. 

Fashion: these are the most important autumn trends of 2020

1st Fall Trend 2020: Ensembles

While we have celebrated matching pants suits in all variations over the past few seasons, the costume is now coming back. Labels like Prada , Oscar de la Renta or Michael Kors now have matchy blazers and rock in their range and focus on the feminine. In order not to make the ensemble look conservative or bourgeois, we wear bright colors under the costume in muted tones and are braver when it comes to shoes , tights or headgear. 


Fall Trend 2020: Victorian Secret

This trend sounds like lingerie for the first time, but is actually quite chaste. Victorian-inspired dresses, blouses and skirts are the trend in the fall of 2020 and continue to drive the trend and the desire for feminine clothing. The athleisure fashion is increasingly being replaced by extremely feminine autumn trends that draw attention to themselves with frills, flounces, striking arm details and patterns. At the forefront of this trend: Gucci.


3. Fall trend 2020: metal hammer

Metallic tones transform us into a human disco ball, because silver-colored sequins, brocade and shiny materials now make us really sparkle, especially when it comes to designers like Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs or Donatella Versace. If we are no longer allowed to go to the clubs, then let’s get the club feeling in our closet.


4. Fall trend 2020: brilliantly geometric

Math is not one of the absolute favorite subjects. Most of us are probably glad that we no longer have to deal with stochastics and algebra. Geometry is now becoming an issue again, because fashion brands like Givenchy or Alexander McQueen rely on circles, triangles or rhombuses in autumn. Thankfully, we don’t have to calculate Pi and Co. for these autumn trends, but the calculation still works: you will look great in them.


5th Fall Trend 2020: Get REDy!

Don’t worry, we know there is no a in ready up there, but the pun just fits so much, much better. Red dresses were already popular in summer, and in autumn at the latest we will see them everywhere. The alarm color is predominant in the autumn trends 2020 and is a powerful competitor to the classic Autum tones petrol, curry and bordeaux. We were able to admire red dresses at Valentino (of course, the label is famous for striking robes in the signal color), Alberta Ferretti, Bottega Veneta or Carolina Herrera. From red sequins to strict sheaths to playful frill dresses, everything is included.  semi formal dresses australia  


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