Look more expensive than they are: You can easily buy these 3 fashion trends for summer cheaply

Valentino! Prada! Christian Dior! From season to season we indulge in the most beautiful catwalk dreams between fluffy couture robes and trendy ready-to-wear looks. In everyday life we ​​unfortunately have to pinch ourselves, because the luxurious price tags quickly wake us up from our designer fantasies. Fortunately, you can also dress stylishly without breaking the credit card limit completely. With the following three fashion trends for the summer, for example, which we can get hold of at cheap labels like H&M, Asos and Co., but which still look more expensive than they actually are …  

Budget Shopping: These cheap summer fashion trends look super high quality 

1. Fashion trend for the summer: linen

Linen has long had an ecological character, but for a few years now natural fibers have finally been one of the summer favorites of fashion girls again. The airy material not only cools you down comfortably on hot days, but also always looks elegant, regardless of whether it is interpreted as a wrap dress, coordinated co-ord set or blazer. Our tip: To make the outfit look a little more sophisticated, we recommend monochrome styling in white or light beige nuances. Casual, light, luxurious: the linen look looks a bit like you just got off a yacht in Ibiza …

Stylist Monikh Dale in a white linen ensemble


Beauty expert Marta Lozano wears a white linen wrap dress with a cap and a Louis Vuitton bag


2. Fashion trend for the summer: knit dresses

Knitted dresses in summer ?! That might sound like a sweaty affair at first, but the knit dress is actually the surprising dress trend of the season, which stars like Kendall Jenner are also betting on. But don’t worry: We don’t opt ​​for thick sweater robes, for example, but for delicate fine or ribbed knitwear, which hugs the body airily and always looks très chic in a duet with muted colors and simple cuts! The new fashion trend also works wonderfully in the office with a midi hem.

Simple and luxurious: Caro Daur in a white knitted dress, combined with loafers and a Birkin bag


Luxury vibes: Kendall Jenner wears a green knit dress and an XL sun hat


3. Fashion trend for the summer: pleated blinds

Fine pleated folds are celebrating a fashion comeback this year and are one of the trends that always look stylish and high-quality, even in cheaper versions. Because pleated blinds give dresses, swinging skirts or trousers a feminine, classic and timelessly elegant character that suits every occasion. When shopping for the fashion trend of pleated blinds, it is best to pay attention to noble color nuances such as blue, olive or beige in order to make the look appear a little more expensive.

Fashion expert Brittany Bathgate relies on a sporty, elegant combination with a pleated skirt


Blogger Aimee Song wears a color-coordinated blouse with pleated flared trousers


Extra styling tip: less is more!

When styling your new, affordable fashion trend looks, you should make sure to combine them with a few, but high-quality accessories. Mules, subtle jewelry accents or a statement earring here and there as well as a simple leather bag round off the outfit perfectly and underline the elegant charm. Of course, you can also choose one or the other designer piece from the accessories and combine them with the cheap pieces. cheap formal dresses online


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