Trend recycling: We will still be wearing these 3 ankle boots from last year in autumn 2020


According to studies, around 391,752 tons of textiles end up in the rubbish bin in Germany every year. That makes an average of 4.7 kilograms of clothes that each of us throws away over the course of a year. The reason for these horror numbers, which are anything but sustainable: Among other things, the fast pace of fashion trends . Just as quickly as they appear, they are being replaced by new looks – because the retailer’s range is changing at record speed. Hardly any part is worn for more than one season.

Time to change that and finally reduce the mountains of waste: We don’t just throw trend favorites in the bin, but take them with us into the next year. Just in time for the start of the new season, we will reveal which ankle boot trends can be easily recycled in 2020 and worn again – without looking from yesterday.

Fashion trend recycling: 3 ankle boot styles that we will wear (again) in autumn 2020

Trend # 1: cream-colored ankle boots

Cream-colored ankle boots will again be the trendsetters in autumn 2020! Anyone who invested last year should definitely rediscover the look. And if you don’t have white boots yet, you can of course treat yourself to a new pair – because we are sure that this trend will still be fashionable in the year after next. Tip: Choose muted shades of cream, because these not only look super elegant, but also a little more timeless than brilliant white.

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