Shoe trend: You really need these 3 models now – and the autumn wardrobe is ready

“Sometimes it is difficult to be in the shoes of a single woman, which is why we occasionally need very special shoes – so that the difficult journey is a little more fun.”

Such wisdom à la Carrie Bradshaw is still remembered today from the series “Sex and the City”. But regardless of whether you are single or taken: As much as we would like to follow her advice – our budget for buying shoes is unfortunately limited. formal dresses online

You really need these shoe trends now

Any shopping investment should therefore be carefully considered. But which models are  really important in  autumn 2020? We did the check using the Lyst fashion search engine .

Et voilà – these three shoe trends are now particularly popular in Germany:

1. Shoe trend for autumn: knee boots

For a long time, overknees  were considered the ultimate and shaft boots that reach down to the knee looked somewhat old-fashioned.

But the 70s called more than ever this season – and left the knee boots behind. They are an indispensable part of fashion and a long-term investment. In terms of search queries, they are currently number

2. Shoe trend for autumn: slippers

A bit of slipper, a bit of très chic: Is it because many of us will still be working from home in 2020? In any case, the fact is: Slippers are the shoe style that is currently the second most sought after in Germany. 

The shoe has a history. Actually, it used to be a model that was mainly worn around the house. They got their name from the English word “slip” for slip, because they usually have no clasp.

In case you ‘re wondering what the difference to loafers is: They are a special form of slipper because they have a small heel, are often made of leather and have a solid sole.

Brave people combine slippers with socks in autumn.

3. Shoe trend for autumn: mules

This shoe took the fashion world by storm – at least since the woven sandals by Bottega Veneta have felt everywhere. Special features of the mules: They always have a heel and a free heel. formal dresses with sleeves

Many models also come with an open toe.