Fall trend: Victoria Beckham has found the perfect blazer

The bad news: we have to gradually get warmer again. The good news: We have to gradually get warmer again. Because the cool weather that awaits us soon also means that we can freshen up our looks with cool jackets.

Of course, this also includes blazers . The fall trend is still far from boring us. Mainly because it is reinvented every season and a different model keeps us warm. Victoria Beckham knows what it will be this fall . formal dresses online

According to Victoria Beckham, the wool blazer is now becoming the fall trend

If anyone can predict what the fashion trend will be in the future, then it would be designer and fashion professional Victoria Beckham. That is why we of course pay close attention to the beautiful fabrics in which the former musician wraps herself. And that’s up to date: wool.

Victoria is now on Instagram in a plaid wool blazer that is part of her new fall winter collection. The cuddly jacket in the restrained, dark colors is actually the perfect autumn trend that creates a cozy atmosphere. And while we’ve known him for a long time, it’s been a while since we wore a plaid wool blazer.

That’s why we’re more than ready to make a little space in our wardrobe for the beautiful piece.

We fell in love: With the Sister Laela blazer

If the autumn trend can get any better, it is only because it warms you properly and can be converted into a protective jacket. And that is exactly what the “Frida” by Sister Laela does.

The blazer is cut long so that no fresh wind can find its way under the jacket. Thanks to the wool mix, it is also significantly warmer than classic variants and – as long as it is not deep winter – it is really perfect to wear as a jacket.

In dark tones and with a large plaid pattern, it is also quite elegant. But don’t worry: the autumn trend is a real combination talent. Casual jeans or sneakers can also be stylishly styled with this trendy piece. formal dresses with sleeves