In vs. Out: These dresses are the trend in autumn 2020 – and these are no longer

With the beginning of autumn, two fashion hearts beat in our breasts. One that wants the warm days and airy  fashion trends such as skirts, shorts and dresses back and one that is happy that you have to wear more clothes on your body again and can hardly wait to experiment with several layers of styling again.

To bring these two hearts into harmony, you need a fashion trend that combines the best of both worlds. It’s clear: we ‘re talking about autumn clothing trends. But: Not all autumn dresses are the same. We’ll tell you which clothes make your fashion heart beat faster – and which clothes are less popular this fall. formal dresses online

Fall 2020: We no longer wear these dresses – and these 4 are instead trendy

1. Out: oversize knitted dresses // In: figure-hugging rib knit dresses

Knit dresses are comfortable. Knit dresses are cozy. And knitted dresses are oversized. At least that was the fashionable mantra for a long time. Because at best, knitwear trends were cut so large that you could make yourself really comfortable in them. Quasi a blanket to wear.

The knitted dresses are also cozy in autumn 2020. Only they are a little narrower – means: more figure-hugging. Narrow rid knit dresses are the absolute trend this year. Thanks to their silhouette, they look super classy and chic, but can also be easily trimmed for casual with rough chunky boots.

Influencer Ellie pimps her simple knitted dress with eye-catching accessories

Kenza Zouiten skilfully stages her baby bump with a figure-hugging knitted dress

2. Out: dresses with small patterns // In: dresses with a large retro print

It should have long been clear that being small is not a disadvantage. True to the motto “Small, but powerful!” Small patterns such as dots, flowers and the like have also done to us . The prints on dresses create a playful romantic look in spring and summer.

Now in autumn the small patterned dresses take a break. In keeping with the ongoing 70s trend, dresses with large-area retro prints in bright colors are now in fashion. Simple boots in brown or cream go wonderfully with it. 

Stylist Hanna wears a dress with a large print by Mara Hoffman

Hanna Stefansson is obviously in a really good mood in her print dress

3. Out: turtleneck dresses // In: dresses with XXL Peter Pan collars

Granted, turtleneck dresses will never go out of style in fall and winter. The trend parts are simply far too stylish for that and, on top of that, incredibly practical. After all, we can easily keep our necks warm with them. But: sometimes you need a little variety when it comes to collars. The dresses with peter pan collar in XXL are just the thing. They provide trendy retro vibes and are already extremely popular with influencers and street style icons.

And best of all: if you like, you can easily style thin turtleneck sweaters under the dresses with XXL peter pan collars in layering.

The Scandi girls Marie Hindkær and Mie Juel both swear by the collar trend in autumn 2020

Cecilie Thorsmark wears a trendy dress by Ganni with an XXL collar

4. Out: smooth satin dresses // In: dresses with pleats

Satin looks super classy and chic thanks to its smooth surface – the perfect material for the holidays in winter. We’re already looking forward to the trend. And to really savor the anticipation, satin dress trends are taking a little break this autumn. They are being replaced by dresses that are hardly less elegant: dresses with pleats .

Great: Pleated blinds are available in all possible sizes this autumn. If you like it more playful, you can use very fine folds in the style of Sania Claus Demina. Coarser pleated blinds like Leonie Hanne’s look cooler and also a little more casual – especially when combined with coarse and slightly masculine pieces (e.g. oversize blazers or chunky boots).

Sania Claus Demina’s dress by Totême has very fine pleats

Leonie Hanne combines her pleated dress with a masculine blazer formal dresses with sleeves

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