Lingerie: Every woman should own this item – according to Rebecca Mir

Lingerie experts know that what a woman is worth to herself can usually be seen in her underwear . Because when in doubt, nobody sees them – except you. formal dresses online

If you feel like you’ve been caught discreetly: Don’t panic, it’s the same for us. We write these lines in the home office – we don’t see much reason to exchange our old socks and unexciting underwear for super sexy.

New campaign: Rebecca Mir in lingerie for the first time

Now, however, there is a good reason to leave this comfort zone and invest in new parts again. Because Hunkemoller announced that none other than Rebecca Mir isthe face of the new campaign. We met the 28-year-old for an interview and talked to her about what she wears at home.

Such a campaign is also the first time for the experienced model: Rebecca in lingerie – that has never happened before. Plus: “We have never done a campaign like this in which I hung in the stores more than life-size,” says Rebecca Mir.

We would say: A serious mistake, because in the conversation it becomes clear that Rebecca is pretty good at lingerie and attaches great importance to it herself.

Rebecca Mir: “I don’t own sweatpants”

Don’t you think so? The proof for us was this sentence: “I don’t own sweatpants. At home I just wear normal clothes or a negligee. ”Ok, drop the mic. Is that her secret of her marriage to Massimo Sinato?

However, Rebecca doesn’t forego comfort: “I often use the classic balcony. But such a bralette is of course also super comfortable to wear. In the evening you can then use the push. “

Lingerie: Every woman should own this item – according to Rebecca Mir

We now feel motivated to clean out the laundry drawer again and invest in new laundry. But where do you start? Rebecca’s tip: “Bodies are the most multifunctional. And the corsages – you can wear them in the evening in combination with a skirt or jacket. So if I only chose one piece from our collection, it would probably be this one. “

And what makes perfect underwear? “Of course I pay attention to the quality of the fabric, the accuracy of fit – how does the bra fit – and then to the design. If these three factors are correct, then you have found the perfect underwear. formal dresses with sleeves

The tips are hereby noted – and we say goodbye at this point, because we have to go into town quickly to buy new underwear.

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