Sweatshirts now have to be this color to be a fashion trend – and this is how you style them

A sweater is not just a sweater. It is the piece of clothing that others notice about us first and therefore always a little fashion statement! Ideally, the sweater should not only look cool, but also keep you warm and, above all, be comfortable.  cheap formal dresses

But there is another criterion that the sweatshirt has to meet these days: It has to be in a very specific, new trend color. Spoiler alert: We have found a model that actually combines all of these features.

Sweatshirts in this color are now a fashion trend

In dreary winter everyday life, when everything appears gray on gray and most of the clothes come in muted colors, we are always happy to have a little variety and a little mood lightener. So it’s no wonder that the new trend color of the hour – tadaaaa – is pink. Pullovers and sweaters in the soft color match perfectly with blue jeans, gray denim trousers but just as well with khaki, black and brown.

Our favorite model is the super soft and quick-drying sweater made of sustainable cotton from the label KCA-LAB. With its oversize cut and subtle puff sleeves, the sweater looks casual, but at the same time not too masculine. Cool twist: there is a KCA-LAB logo embroidery on the back. This makes the sweater not only an ingenious home and sportswear piece, but also definitely has the potential to become a real street style star.

Shop the sweater with logo embroidery on the back from KCA-LAB:

Fashion trend: 3 ways to style a pink sweatshirt in everyday life
Is pink always girly? 
We have long since passed these stereotypes! 
You can style the sweater in totally different ways. 
Fancy a few inspos? 
With pleasure! 
1. Sporty: So you can style the fashion trend sportily
If you want to style the colorful sweatshirt more sportily, wear it casually with sweatpants and sneakers. 
Add an elegant coat and a pink it-bag and voilà, the look is ready.

2. To cool for you: This is how you can really cool the fashion trend

With leather pants and a blazer, the pink sweater looks super fashionable and therefore automatically cool. Due to the mix of materials, don’t dress up with garish accessories – then it quickly becomes too much. Better: a relaxed statement bag in black. formal dresses with sleeves

3. Classy: So you can style the fashion trend really elegant

The third variant is perfect for dinner dates or for the office: Simply style the sweater with a white turtleneck underneath, so the styling immediately looks more serious. Because the look hardly shows any skin on top, a brown mini skirt and high boots go particularly well with it – and look very elegant and classic.