Wow! Lily Collins styles the leggings fashion trend so elegantly

Although there are hardly any taboos in terms of fashion today, we still don’t really dare to approach some pieces. An example? Vinyl leggings. Although the material can be really downstyled with the help of longsleeve and sneakers, one is always a bit afraid of looking too much like fetish wear. “Emily in Paris” star  Lily Collins now proves that this is total nonsense. But not by down-styling her vinyl leggings – on the contrary. formal dresses online

Fashion trend: Lily Collins styles her vinyl leggings so classy

Lily Collins styles her black vinyl leggings extremely elegant. She takes a light blue, transparent blouse with a bow and combines it with a blazer of the same color that she has casually thrown over her shoulder. This monochrome mix of materials looks incredibly classy, ​​but thanks to the thrown-on blazer, the look remains nonchalant and cool. The perfectly coordinated style is  skilfully broken up by the  skin-tight patent leather leggings . The leggings become the perfect eye-catcher – but remain classy. 

Lilly Collings shows: The vinyl leggings can look totally elegant

When styling, just imagine that your black vinyl leggings are simple, black trousers that you want to style elegantly – then styling à la Lilly Collins succeeds and you take vinyl leggings to a completely new level.  formal dresses with sleeves