Instead of black! Boots in these colors are trendy in winter 2020

Sure, black boots go with everything, are subtle and classic: it is almost obvious that we walk around in them winter after winter. But also kind of boring, right? For our part, we have decided that in a dreary winter like 2020 it will be time for a bit of color on your feet!  You can find out which boot colors are trendy this winter here.  formal dresses for women

Boots in these colors are trendy in winter 2020 

1. Trend in winter: boots in brown

Brown boots are not necessarily a new discovery, but they will definitely add some variety to the shoe closet. Due to the earthy tones, the trend boot appear softer and warmer than black boots and can therefore be optimally combined with cozy looks. 

Particularly nice: knitted dresses and sweaters in boho style make a perfect match with the brown winter boots.

2. Trend in winter: boots in white

Mega trendy right now: white chunky boots ! The bright models not only ensure warm feet in winter, they are also absolute eye-catchers.  A cool contrast is created with the white boots  especially in combination with black leggings or jeans  .

Of course, one or the other will now wonder whether white boots are even  suitable for bad wether . But we can reassure you: The stylish models will come in winter 2020 with thick and robust soles and are therefore made for winter.

Winter 2020: Here you can find the trend boots in white

3. Trend in winter: boots in green

Triggered by the rubber boots trend, more and more fashionistas are slipping into green boots. And the motives are obvious: the it-pieces harmonize with the colors of trees and leaves – and thus perfectly capture the current longing for nature.

When it comes to styling, however, fashion professionals try to break up the look a little. After all, they don’t want to look like they’ve just dressed for their next fishing trip. Short shorts or skirts, which give the whole thing a sexy touch, are popular with the mostly knee-high boots. Tights ensure that the chic outfit is also suitable for lower temperatures. long sleeve formal dresses