Ashley Roberts leads the way: coats now have to be this color to be trendy in winter

What fashion technology did we learn from 2020? Definitely, that cozy doesn’t mean stylistically – quite the opposite. The new comfy trend scores with two special features. First: The clothes fit loosely, which means they fall more casually and automatically look cool. Second: Due to the oversized cuts, cozy trend materials such as wool, fleece, knitwear and felt are now often combined with one another. cheap formal dresses

Ashley Roberts is one of the guys who has it all when it comes to casual looks. The former  Pussy Cat Dolls star recently wore a look that we immediately fell in love with. Especially in the fashion focus: your  coat After all .it comes in a new  trendy color. 

According to Ashley Roberts: Coats in the color silver gray are now a winter trend

After years of relying on black and beige for coats, the 39-year-old singer is now turning a different color into the winter trend. For her latest outfit, the blonde relies on a  silver gray wool coat: elegant, classic but at the same time casual and cool.

Ashley compliments the look with other soft colors. She styles a turtleneck sweater in cream white and wide-leg pants in beige. In addition, the 1.61 meter small all-rounder relies on super trendy beige-colored sneakers. As accessories she chooses a practical crossbody bag and cool sunglasses in 90s style.

Winter trend: Here you will find the trendy coat in silver gray à la Ashley Roberts

Trend color silver gray: Why we love the color in winter

Anyone who has ever owned a white coat knows that it will not stay so shiny and clean for long. Smear marks from bicycles and cars, coffee and sauces are quickly spread on it – and the coat has to be cleaned. The silver gray version is the perfect alternative for light coat lovers.

A coat in silver gray is just as elegant and classic, but not quite as hard and is much easier to care for. In addition, a light gray goes perfectly with all other colors, so it is easy to combine. The new must-have color in your wardrobe that you will see more often in 2021! long sleeve formal dresses australia

Winter trend: Here you will find even more great coats in silver gray

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