These 4 fashion mistakes are quick to make you feel old

Some days we feel energetic and full of energy. On others rather tired and weak and – really old! This can of course have many causes (sometimes we just slept badly) but we never thought that our outfit could have anything to do with it! We reveal here which items of clothing can make us feel old. formal dresses online

Fashion trend? These 4 fashion mistakes are quick to make you feel old

1. Fashion flaw: a heavy bag

Anyone who travels a lot knows this: laptop, sports gear, lunch, sometimes even a change of shoes: everything goes into the handbag, which we quickly throw over one shoulder in the morning. What we rarely think about: The whole thing can quickly add up to an extra weight of five to eight kilos.

Ouch! Not only does the weight make us feel bulky (and sweaty), it also makes our muscles cramp. The result is neck and back pain  – and we quickly complain about ailments like grandma and grandpa.

If you can’t muck out even after a close inspection, it is best to think about investing in a backpack. They’re hip right now anyway.

2. Fashion mistakes: shoes that are too flat or too high

Die negativen Effekte von hohen Schuhen brauchen wir wohl nicht zu erklären. Wer jetzt denkt, dass Ballerinas und Loafer die bessere Alternative sind, irrt sich. Denn auch zu flache Schuhe können für ordentlich Fußschmerzen sorgen: Ohne richtige Sohle, die den Fuß stützt, tun nämlich irgendwann Füße, Knie und Rücken gleichermaßen weh und man fühlt sich alt und erschöpft.

An Tagen, an denen du viel laufen musst, solltest du bequeme Sneaker oder orthopädische Einlagen tragen, die deinem Fußbett angepasst sind. Auch die hippen chunky Boots oder chunky Loafer sind ideal.

3. Fashion mistakes: clothes that are too tight

Have you ever tried to pick something up while wearing your tightest jeans? Just! If your pants are so tight that they interfere with your freedom of movement, they will get caught in the closet for a long time. formal dresses with sleeves

And: Nothing is worse than feeling like you can’t move freely. As soon as you become physically aware of your body with every movement, you automatically feel that you have aged by decades. If you like the look of skinny jeans, you should therefore rely on a high percentage of stretch. Knit pants are also trendy and super comfortable.

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