According to Pinterest: These are the most important fashion trends in 2021

Pajamas, jogging suits, leggings : if we had to choose our most worn outfits in 2020, these pieces would probably land on the podium. After all, due to the effects of the corona pandemic, we have spent more time in our own four walls than ever before – which is also reflected in the fashion trends of the past year. formal dresses online

But what can we expect in 2021? Even more pajamas, even more unusual leggings looks or completely different fashion trends? The social media platform Pinterest, which is used by many as a source of inspiration for everything to do with fashion, interior and beauty, predicts three major fashion trends for 2021 based on the search queries.

Fashion trends 2021: This is coming in the new fashion year – according to Pinterest

And they can best be described with two words: cozy and creative! Because according to Pinterest, the fashion trends for 2021 will also be determined by the ongoing corona crisis. They have to fit into our new normal and still be stylish. In the video, we show you which fashion trends will dominate the year 2021 according to Pinterest . (Spoiler: both leggings and pajamas can stay in the closet more often in 2021!) formal dresses with sleeves

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