Bye, gray jogger! Model Tami Williams is making cargo style track pants a fashion trend

When we are currently scrolling through our social media channels and scouring our databases for new trends, we see everything gray in gray – both in terms of color and style. At the moment it mainly consists of  joggingpants, leggings, knitwear and puffer coats. formal dresses online

Should a look break out of this monotony, it will be noticed. And huge. Like the latest outfit from model Tami Williams. And we love it!

New fashion trend for spring: the cargo-style track pants replace the gray jogger

In doing so, she doesn’t massively modify our current favorite look. The 22-year-old beauty only tweaks a few screws – but that alone creates the impression of an ingenious new fashion trend . 

Fashion screw 1: Tami gives the jogging look an update. Instead of cotton sweatpants, she chooses cargo-style nylon trackpants. The comfort is the same, only the model looks fresher. 

Fashion screw 2: it breaks out of the gray-on-gray cluster with color! The highlight piece comes in pink, which makes you want spring. For the rest of the look, she chooses light cream tones. This turns the style into an absolute mood booster – and with winter blues and lockdown we all need more at the moment anyway. 

At least we’re ready for a bit of variety and color in our wardrobe – and hopefully spring won’t be too long in coming either.  formal dresses with sleeves

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