Because skinny jeans are out! 3 hip styling variants that whet your appetite for the fashion trend

Skinny jeans have a break first. After years of no other denim model that was worn so often, we now hardly see any of the skin-tight trousers. Hardly doesn’t mean nothing! formal dresses online

Because as trendy as mom , wide leg and straight jeans are, they can  not completely banish the former fashion trend . With the right combination, skinny jeans can even withstand other models. And they don’t look boring or old-fashioned at all! We are particularly in love with three styling variants …

3 styling combinations that make skinny jeans look really cool again

1. Styling variant: Skinny jeans with a parka & sweatshirt

A look we all already know: skinny jeans and sweaters. Quasi the sporty variant. A long, quilted parka like the one here by Tasha Green in dark green brings a little more dynamism to the look . While colorful sunglasses at the top add a little more color to the outfit, it doesn’t get boring around the bottom either: the gray boots contrast with the black pants and complete the cool combination!

2. Styling variant: Skinny jeans in cowboy style

How do you say it again? People of the same kind stick together. This is why complete jeans  looks are currently very popular. A denim shirt and jeans in a similar tone look pretty casual together. High boots make the cowboy outfit perfect and give the look just the right amount of elegance. And that’s exactly what skinny jeans are perfect for: you don’t have to stuff or fumble to put the fabric into your shoes. It works by itself!

Too cold? With the sweater from Stylestore, the look is not only warmer, but also more exciting

3rd styling variant: skinny jeans with faux fur jacket and platform boots

Another way to make skinny jeans a little more interesting is to use eye-catching trend pieces. The fluffy blue fake fur jacket by Xenia Adonts first attracts everyone’s attention. This makes it ideal for combining with simpler pieces such as skinny jeans or a black longsleeve. The thick statement boots with platform work the same way. In addition, the skin-tight shaft creates the perfect transition to skin-tight pants. formal dresses with sleeves

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