In vs. Out: These jackets are trendy in spring 2021 – and these are no longer

How do you arm yourself fashionably for the spring season? With a new jacket that will bring you warm and stylish through the zigzag weather. We reveal which new trend pieces you can now rely on and which you should better leave in the closet for the current season. Attention! Don’t throw anything away – the jackets that are now disappearing into the depths of our closet will definitely be back in fashion in one of the next few seasons. Because, as is well known, everything comes back in fashion.

Trend for spring 2021: These jackets are now in – and these are out

1. Trend for spring 2021: In – Chore Jackets // Out – Classic anoraks

Do you already know what a chore jacket is? No! May we introduce: Chore translates as “duties” in German. That’s why the jackets look as if they were part of a classic workers uniform. What makes them stand out? The trend jackets have a boxy cut and patch pockets. So straightforward that they are the perfect companions for a minimalist spring look. The jacket trend in spring 2021 is simply a new alternative to the classic anorak. Just as practical, but with 100 percent more style factor!

Brittany Bathgate has opted for a minimalist chore jacket for spring

2. Trend for spring 2021: In – down jackets in pastel shades // Out – down jackets in muted colors

It can get really cold again in spring 2021, especially if we spend the evenings outside again. Then a down jacket can help. Can’t you see them anymore? Then bring freshness to your wardrobe with a down jacket in pastel tones such as lilac, yellow or pink. The perfect highlight for every subtle everyday outfit. Down jackets in muted colors have to disappear very quickly in the back of the closet. Sorry! We love you guys, but we need a little distance!

Nina Sandbech brings the down jacket in pastel shades into spring

3. Trend for spring 2021: In – lambskin jackets in the 70s style // Out – lambskin jackets in an oversize look

Attention! Lambskin lovers do not have to do without the cuddly material even in spring. The key to good style: jackets with a retro look, for example cropped jackets in blouson style or trendy items with individual lambskin details – e.g. on the collar, hem or cuffs. Take the 70s look to the extreme. Nothing looks cooler than pairing the jackets with bell-bottoms and turtlenecks. Sheepskin jackets in an oversize look, on the other hand, are now taking a summer break. But they are guaranteed to keep us warm again in the coming winter!

So 70s: Monica de La Villardière relies on a cropped lambskin jacket with a retro flair

4. Trend for spring 2021: In – Long Shackets // Out – jackets in eggshape shape

What brings us perfectly through the unsteady spring weather without having to throw ourselves back into our winter coats? The long shacket! The mix of shirt and jacket in long form keeps you warm and is perfect for a trendy layered look. With a tight turtleneck and shirt underneath, the shacket now looks particularly cool. Eggshape jackets, on the other hand, are a bit too ladylike. Spring 2021 simply calls for more casual trends.

Naaomi Ross gives the spring-like layered look a casual look with a long shacket

5. Trend for spring 2021: In – fleece jackets // Out – multifunctional jackets

The functional look will also be with us in spring 2021. Most of them want to finally get out into nature and experience micro-adventures again. This requires the right clothing. For jacket trends this means: rely on cool fleece jackets. Outerwear in this material is so popular that we also wear it in the city. Fleece jackets now make an exciting break with girlish blouses, skirts and dress pants. Multifunctional jackets, on the other hand, look too sporty in everyday life and should only be reserved for outdoor activities.

With her fleece jacket from The North Face, Sonia Lyson creates an outdoor look that is chic enough for the city

Fashion trend: we now wear flared leggings

Trousers can hardly be more comfortable than  leddings . In addition, the second skin is now absolutely suitable for everyday use and even for the office. That’s why we don’t want to do without them anymore. So what more do we want?

Maybe a little variety. And tadaaa, our wish was heard: The fashion trend has received an update that we know from the 90s … 

Fashion trend: The leggings are now coming with a punch

Thanks to the 90s hype, bell- bottoms made of denim can currently be admired on all influencer legs. A new variant has now been added: the flared style leggings. 

As so often, two trends come together here – and result in an even bigger fashion trend. And we also understand why: The flared model looks much less like sport than ordinary leggings. This makes the fashion trend a little more suitable for everyday use without sacrificing comfort.

If you want to take the whole thing to the extreme, add a third fashion trend – a slit on the hem. Very stylish!

With this we have clear proof that cozy fashion trends are far from history …

Jeans Trend: 5 Cool Ways To Style Your Mom Jeans This Spring

Gradually we unpack the spring wardrobe – and the winter items. But not everything has to go. Our favorite jeans trends remain natural. Right at the front: the momjeans.The casual classic is also ideal for cool spring looks. What do they look like? Here we have five cool styling inspirations for you. 

1. Jeans trend in spring: Mom jeans with blazers and ankle boots

The loose-casual jeans can use an opposite pole. How about a chic blazer, for example? In white with matching ankle boots, the outfit has a spring-like look. 

2. Jeans trend in spring: mom jeans with a sweater and Chelsea boots

Of course, the jeans trend is also popular as a styling partner for a cozy casual outfit. What do you need to make the look cozy but not boring? A cozy oversize sweater and trendy  chunky boots. The styling gets an extra pinch of sophistication when the boots are two-tone and have a little more platform.

3. Jeans trend in spring: Mom jeans with a short jacket and lace-up boots

Spring also means replacing long coats with jackets. And they go perfectly with mom jeans that sit on the waist. A light-colored jacket model puts you in a really good mood. Dr. Martens give the look extra coolness.

4. Jeans trend in spring: mom jeans with body and mules

 If it is sunny enough in spring, we no longer need a jacket. A look that also works in summer: wear a tight body instead of an ordinary top – or convert your swimsuit. Colorful mules make the outfit even more summery and – thanks to the heel – also more elegant.

5. Jeans trend in spring: mom jeans with teddy coats and loafers

What distinguishes spring above all else: One day the sun is shining, the next it is bitterly cold again. That is why the jeans trend is still combined with a coat every now and then . Particularly beautiful and, above all, cozy: a cozy teddy model. Then  style chic loafers.