Fashion trend: we now wear flared leggings

Trousers can hardly be more comfortable than  leddings . In addition, the second skin is now absolutely suitable for everyday use and even for the office. That’s why we don’t want to do without them anymore. So what more do we want?

Maybe a little variety. And tadaaa, our wish was heard: The fashion trend has received an update that we know from the 90s … 

Fashion trend: The leggings are now coming with a punch

Thanks to the 90s hype, bell- bottoms made of denim can currently be admired on all influencer legs. A new variant has now been added: the flared style leggings. 

As so often, two trends come together here – and result in an even bigger fashion trend. And we also understand why: The flared model looks much less like sport than ordinary leggings. This makes the fashion trend a little more suitable for everyday use without sacrificing comfort.

If you want to take the whole thing to the extreme, add a third fashion trend – a slit on the hem. Very stylish!

With this we have clear proof that cozy fashion trends are far from history …

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