Top 5 Glamorous Wedding Trends 2016


We welcome 2016 with excitement as we can’t wait to see what kind of gorgeous trends will be hitting the wedding scene. With Pantone’s announcement of Rose Quartz and Serenity, we foresee a lot of weddings to have this soft pastel color scheme. We partnered up with the experts at La Belle Fleur Events to forecast some glamorous wedding trends for the new year and we can’t wait for you to discover the top 5 wedding trends 2016 they shared with us!

Trend 1: Lucite Accents

A unique touch that can carried through many design aspects of the day. The best part about lucite is that it is unexpected which always adds a wow factor. Acrylic materials allow the words that mean to most to pop, but be sure the font color don’t blend into the background of whatever the piece will be laid against.


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Trend 2: Cascading Florals

Say goodbye to traditional circular floral centerpieces! 2016 is all about cascading flowers that mix in textures to create pieces that move. Ways to incorporate this trend? Bouquets, centerpieces, suspended florals and wedding cakes.

Ashley La Fleur, owner of La Belle Fleur Events, recommends couples host design ideation sessions with their floral or design team to inspire creative ways to embrace florals within various aspects of the day. “Often couples get stuck thinking that they have to have the cookie cutter wedding reception look, but nowadays, anything goes! Meeting with a design team early in the process allows the couple to understand that most design teams want to brainstorm and execute glamorous new ideas! Cascading florals is definitely my favorite trend hitting the scene.”

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Trend 3: Champagne Escort Cards

An escort card table is an excellent way to add a personal touch. After all, this is the official welcome into the reception, therefore it should be something to stand out. Welcome your guests with a bubbly table of champagne for a glamorous entrance.


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Trend 4: Jewel Toned Accents

From emerald to navy and amethyst, jewel tones make for stunning accents especially for fall and winter weddings.

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Trend 5: Wedding Dresses with Dimension

The 2016 bridal runway showed us that next year is all about adding dimension to wedding dresses through appliques. Some of our favorites included beading, floral appliques and feathers.

Sylvie Gil

Sylvie Gil

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Monique Lhuillier Fall 2016, October 2015, New York

Monique Lhuillier Fall 2016, October 2015, New York


Various Epidermis Wedding Dresses

Are merely couple which dreamed relating to your “perfect day” and concept how to place it into fruition? Will not need to use a wedding director? Are you overwhelmed on where and also just how to start planning your own wedding? Well, here’s the perfect virtual event planner – -! Do an individual any demande? I am sure you do!


A bridesmaid outfit nz in order to selected with care. It is as important as the bride’s wedding outfit. It should not be too flashy or too really. If you want it become simple as a way to compliment the bride’s wedding dress, the accessories clubbed with the dress should increase look among the dress. A bridesmaids wear can be either of the same color for the reason that bride’s dress or from the different color, but shouldn’t complement the bride’s coloring highlights .. A bridesmaid is supposed to further improve the whole occasion by her charm, and this is very well performed with a perfect bridesmaid dress. If your bridesmaid dresses are lower than the mark, it will spoil the entire effect with the evening.

The summer wedding gowns nz are made according towards the weather scenarios. They consider the humidity, the daylight and the warmth of sunlight and make it comfortable for wearing your market summer. The reflection and also the comfort for your one who wears and comfort for 1 who sees the dress is also taken proper. This means, the gown is built in such an approach not to mirror the sunlight and putting others within a problem.

1st issue is for you personally to make sure your hopes for. Do you’ve a theme? Do you desire colored apparel? When you determine what you’ll need, it would be easier to narrow down your search. Discounted wedding dresses might be located every single style imaginable, from the regular formal gowns right down to the informal dresses and / or discounted designer wedding wedding dresses.

Classical flower girl dresses becan within the Victorian times where white and ivory clothing are flourishing. The designs associated with era are pretty straight forward, that dashes innocence and sweetness.

Once it is set along with the party is on going, just sit and relax while and watch your child fiddle with her friends at her fabulous Summer Tea Jointly. Hey, don’t forget to take rrmages.

Next on the wedding gown, the flower girl dress nz is often the most memorable aspect of having a marriage holiday. So make without your flower girl is prepared for the occasion as she sashays to the altar right before you!

flower girl dresses
flower girl dresses

flower girl dresses

The flower girl is possibly the sweetest little wedding guest of them all, stealing hearts, since she precedes the bride in her individual miniature fairytale dress. What an ideal opportunity to make the wonderful ultimate touch, tying all of the pieces of your wedding party jointly.

The girl gowns have a sort of magic. Though gorgeous the flowers or reasonable the wedding-day weather, there’s something regarding seeing flower girl following the flower girl in an elegant procession that sets the tone for this particular event. The flower girl gowns capture the enduring beauty of the wedding ceremony and presents flower girl dresses in a diversity of exquisite fabrics, plus styles, and colors.

Flower Girl Dresses NZ Tips

Say it with Style
The Season
Wrinkle Factor

Whereas, girls bring smiles to your wedding party also guests. Your girl will appear and desire the princess she is with a flower girl gown. Discovery an age-appropriate dress for your flower girl is straightforward and hold a huge selection of flower girl gowns that seem stylish plus adorable, in an assortment of colors and styles to praise your wedding. Even have mini bridal gowns that appear merely as beautiful as the bridal gowns they’re styled after.

There is always an enormous compilation of Girl gowns together with wedding dresses also bridal gowns obtainable online and at retail stores. Though, save you sweat and as sipping coffee, ensure the similar stores that vend these dresses online, right from the soothe of your home. Or superior still have a bunch of girlfriends over and argue the theme and wedding gown style. There is nothing which is more fun than screeching over the ideal wedding dress over a slumber. Systematize a bit fashion show for yourselves that night, only between you girls showing each other the designs or samples of Flower Girl Dresses, or bridal gowns or wedding dresses. With the fun concerned, you would get to widen your search variety and have more alternatives in the offing.

The majority of the online stores has been over just another bridal shop, they vend your dreams which turn into a reality, albeit it is for some hours, these stores demonstrate that currently you can get that ideal dress you had expected and they even furnish to prom dresses. Visualize you have a pressing date that has come up from that dream soccer sophomore player you have clandestinely loved in your head also lastly he has asked you out for a dance, are you going to be merely the common plain Jane and wear only anything or is it something particular that you would desire to be in. Be the Cinderella each girl dreams of also not someone who can be horrendous on the first date, therefore, look at these stores online or offline and make a dissimilarity in the initial impression that you would presently create. Get your modifications done as per your requirements and desires such as, if you favor long sleeves or would like to diminish or boost the dress length you can at present ask them to get it done for you devoid of wasting any time. flower girl dresses

Getting The Perfect Flower Girl Dress For Your Wedding flower girl dresses flower girl dresses

Flower girl dresses come in different styles, colors and shape. The image of a pretty little girl wearing a beautiful flower girl dress holding a bouquet of flowers in her hands while going down the aisle is breath-taking and can put a smile on any person’s face.
Having a flower girl in a wedding is an age old tradition that is being practiced all over the world. This tradition can be traced since the beginning of Ancient Rome. During these times, the flower girl will lead come before the bride bearing flowers and herbs symbolizing wealth and blessing during that time. These people believe that weddings bring about luck and blessings from the God’s so they offer these herbs and flowers as a token of their appreciation for everything that is to come.
Looking back, flower girl dresses were not as stylish and flamboyant as those today. There is a wider variety of styles and colors to choose from. When buying flower girl dresses, make sure not to buy it too early as the girl may outgrow it. There are different types of flower girl dresses to choose from but the most popular one is the Mini Bride’s Dress. This dress is copied from the bride’s couture and brought to life in a flower girl dress making your wedding motif look perfect. A mini bride’s dress doesn’t have to look exactly like the bride’s wedding gown, you have the option to alter parts to make it unique as long as it still follows the wedding gown’s pattern. Another popular flower girl dress is the colorful and vibrant dresses. They are perfect to match the wedding’s color scheme and is also pleasing to the eyes. There are many color combinations to choose from when deciding to buy this type of flower girl dresses and you can have fun choosing them with your partner.
Getting the perfect flower girl dress for your wedding is very important because everything in this occasion needs to be perfect! The flower girl is one of the most important part of the bride’s entourage. She is the one that will scatter the petals for the bride’s journey to her groom’s arms. All the people in the wedding ceremony will see the flower girl preceding the bride, therefore, she needs to look as pretty as the bride – or even prettier—to brighten the aisle and lift the spirits of your guests.