Fashion trend: we now wear flared leggings

Trousers can hardly be more comfortable than  leddings . In addition, the second skin is now absolutely suitable for everyday use and even for the office. That’s why we don’t want to do without them anymore. So what more do we want?

Maybe a little variety. And tadaaa, our wish was heard: The fashion trend has received an update that we know from the 90s … 

Fashion trend: The leggings are now coming with a punch

Thanks to the 90s hype, bell- bottoms made of denim can currently be admired on all influencer legs. A new variant has now been added: the flared style leggings. 

As so often, two trends come together here – and result in an even bigger fashion trend. And we also understand why: The flared model looks much less like sport than ordinary leggings. This makes the fashion trend a little more suitable for everyday use without sacrificing comfort.

If you want to take the whole thing to the extreme, add a third fashion trend – a slit on the hem. Very stylish!

With this we have clear proof that cozy fashion trends are far from history …

Fashion trend: Caro Daur loves these earrings that go with everything – you can shop lookalikes here


Caro Daur did it! In just a few years she has worked her way up from a successful fashion and fitness blogger to probably THE most famous German influencer and style icon. In her stories and videos, the Hamburg woman still seems wonderfully personable, funny and down to earth.

The fashion trends that the 25-year-old wears also testify to this . Well, in her wardrobe there are of course countless high-priced items from well-known fashion designers with whom Caro has already worked. In addition, the influencer often wears cheaper high street brands that we can also afford.

And: Even if Caro could probably walk around with new jewelry every day of the year , she remains especially true to her selected favorites. We have recently been able to see the blonde on Instagram more and more often with glittering hoop earrings – which not only look incredibly good, but also go with everything.

Fashion trend: Caro Daur earrings that go with everything

Caro already wore these earrings with a knitted sweater, blazer, blouse and summer dress. She proves with her outfits: Regardless of whether the look is monochrome and minimalistic or brightly patterned and playful, the earrings with the rhinestones go with everything.

They immediately give every outfit an elegant and special touch, but are not too intrusive despite the statement character. So exactly what you want from an accessory. 

And: The hoop earrings go just as well with loose hair as they do with pigtail or bun hairstyles – regardless of the hair color.

Caro Daur swears by the glittering earrings – they actually go with all outfits


After a short research it was clear: Caro’s preferred glitter earrings come from Celine and are already sold out. On top of that, we wouldn’t exactly describe the designer label’s jewelry as bargains.

How good that you can rely on our fashion nose again. We discovered similar hoop earrings at the Luilu label – for a price of 75 euros. They are available in gold and silver as well as in a version with colored rhinestones.

If you are really in the mood for styling with the jewelry trend hoop earrings, then you will get a few look inspirations here from Caro Daur. And further down in the article you will also find more hoop earrings for shopping afterwards.

The earrings with glitter by Caro Daur also look great with bright, clean outfits


Style icon Caro Daur also wears these glitter earrings up and down


You can find even more outfit inspiration with earrings by Caro Daur here: cheap formal dresses online







Perfect for late summer: 3 dress trends that we are now shopping at Zara


While we are currently still enjoying the warm rays of the sun on our skin, the fashion world is already in the starting blocks for the new autumn / winter season. But before we slip into thick coats , boots and long trousers again, we want to really enjoy the wonderful late summer weather again and wear light clothes from morning in the office to evening at the bar. Our favorite address for summer gowns that spare the bankroll and are still super trend-conscious: the Spanish retailer Zara, of course! As real Zara addicts, we have already rummaged through the new collection and are introducing you to three great clothing trends for late summer that are now worth investing in.

3 trend dresses for late summer that we are now shopping at Zara

Dress trend # 1: draped details

The new clothes of the Spanish high street label now stand out with their artistic folds of fabric on the cleavage or along the waist. This not only has a positive effect on the figure, but also creates a cool trend accent. The gathers in a duet with mini dresses, which we save for the next party, are particularly beautiful.


Dress trend # 2: shades of purple

In late summer all signs point to purple! Because whether lavender or amethyst – Zara dresses now shine in the most beautiful shades of violet and ensure a good mood in the wardrobe . And we want to really celebrate that again before muted tones from gray to brown to black dominate again in winter .


Dress trend # 3: shirt blouse style in midi length

In late summer, many of us return from vacation to the ( home) office . The perfect, fashionable companion for the mild working days? A shirt-style midi dress! The look always looks stylish and elegant and is currently available in numerous variations at Zara. Our favorites come with classic collars, plain- colored designs and a waist belt that conjures up a slim silhouette. cheap formal dresses


Trend recycling: We will still be wearing these 3 ankle boots from last year in autumn 2020


According to studies, around 391,752 tons of textiles end up in the rubbish bin in Germany every year. That makes an average of 4.7 kilograms of clothes that each of us throws away over the course of a year. The reason for these horror numbers, which are anything but sustainable: Among other things, the fast pace of fashion trends . Just as quickly as they appear, they are being replaced by new looks – because the retailer’s range is changing at record speed. Hardly any part is worn for more than one season.

Time to change that and finally reduce the mountains of waste: We don’t just throw trend favorites in the bin, but take them with us into the next year. Just in time for the start of the new season, we will reveal which ankle boot trends can be easily recycled in 2020 and worn again – without looking from yesterday.

Fashion trend recycling: 3 ankle boot styles that we will wear (again) in autumn 2020

Trend # 1: cream-colored ankle boots

Cream-colored ankle boots will again be the trendsetters in autumn 2020! Anyone who invested last year should definitely rediscover the look. And if you don’t have white boots yet, you can of course treat yourself to a new pair – because we are sure that this trend will still be fashionable in the year after next. Tip: Choose muted shades of cream, because these not only look super elegant, but also a little more timeless than brilliant white.

Look more expensive than they are: You can easily buy these 3 fashion trends for summer cheaply

Valentino! Prada! Christian Dior! From season to season we indulge in the most beautiful catwalk dreams between fluffy couture robes and trendy ready-to-wear looks. In everyday life we ​​unfortunately have to pinch ourselves, because the luxurious price tags quickly wake us up from our designer fantasies. Fortunately, you can also dress stylishly without breaking the credit card limit completely. With the following three fashion trends for the summer, for example, which we can get hold of at cheap labels like H&M, Asos and Co., but which still look more expensive than they actually are …  

Budget Shopping: These cheap summer fashion trends look super high quality 

1. Fashion trend for the summer: linen

Linen has long had an ecological character, but for a few years now natural fibers have finally been one of the summer favorites of fashion girls again. The airy material not only cools you down comfortably on hot days, but also always looks elegant, regardless of whether it is interpreted as a wrap dress, coordinated co-ord set or blazer. Our tip: To make the outfit look a little more sophisticated, we recommend monochrome styling in white or light beige nuances. Casual, light, luxurious: the linen look looks a bit like you just got off a yacht in Ibiza …

Stylist Monikh Dale in a white linen ensemble


Beauty expert Marta Lozano wears a white linen wrap dress with a cap and a Louis Vuitton bag


2. Fashion trend for the summer: knit dresses

Knitted dresses in summer ?! That might sound like a sweaty affair at first, but the knit dress is actually the surprising dress trend of the season, which stars like Kendall Jenner are also betting on. But don’t worry: We don’t opt ​​for thick sweater robes, for example, but for delicate fine or ribbed knitwear, which hugs the body airily and always looks très chic in a duet with muted colors and simple cuts! The new fashion trend also works wonderfully in the office with a midi hem.

Simple and luxurious: Caro Daur in a white knitted dress, combined with loafers and a Birkin bag


Luxury vibes: Kendall Jenner wears a green knit dress and an XL sun hat


3. Fashion trend for the summer: pleated blinds

Fine pleated folds are celebrating a fashion comeback this year and are one of the trends that always look stylish and high-quality, even in cheaper versions. Because pleated blinds give dresses, swinging skirts or trousers a feminine, classic and timelessly elegant character that suits every occasion. When shopping for the fashion trend of pleated blinds, it is best to pay attention to noble color nuances such as blue, olive or beige in order to make the look appear a little more expensive.

Fashion expert Brittany Bathgate relies on a sporty, elegant combination with a pleated skirt


Blogger Aimee Song wears a color-coordinated blouse with pleated flared trousers


Extra styling tip: less is more!

When styling your new, affordable fashion trend looks, you should make sure to combine them with a few, but high-quality accessories. Mules, subtle jewelry accents or a statement earring here and there as well as a simple leather bag round off the outfit perfectly and underline the elegant charm. Of course, you can also choose one or the other designer piece from the accessories and combine them with the cheap pieces. cheap formal dresses online


The most important autumn trends 2020 that all fashion fans should know


Although almost all of Germany is happy about the sun at the moment, fashion fans know that now is the right time to stock up on the latest fashion trends. Instead of having fun at the lake or in the mountains, we are currently enjoying browsing the online shops and discovering the new autumn trends 2020, which of course we want to tell you directly. 

Fashion: these are the most important autumn trends of 2020

1st Fall Trend 2020: Ensembles

While we have celebrated matching pants suits in all variations over the past few seasons, the costume is now coming back. Labels like Prada , Oscar de la Renta or Michael Kors now have matchy blazers and rock in their range and focus on the feminine. In order not to make the ensemble look conservative or bourgeois, we wear bright colors under the costume in muted tones and are braver when it comes to shoes , tights or headgear. 


Fall Trend 2020: Victorian Secret

This trend sounds like lingerie for the first time, but is actually quite chaste. Victorian-inspired dresses, blouses and skirts are the trend in the fall of 2020 and continue to drive the trend and the desire for feminine clothing. The athleisure fashion is increasingly being replaced by extremely feminine autumn trends that draw attention to themselves with frills, flounces, striking arm details and patterns. At the forefront of this trend: Gucci.


3. Fall trend 2020: metal hammer

Metallic tones transform us into a human disco ball, because silver-colored sequins, brocade and shiny materials now make us really sparkle, especially when it comes to designers like Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs or Donatella Versace. If we are no longer allowed to go to the clubs, then let’s get the club feeling in our closet.


4. Fall trend 2020: brilliantly geometric

Math is not one of the absolute favorite subjects. Most of us are probably glad that we no longer have to deal with stochastics and algebra. Geometry is now becoming an issue again, because fashion brands like Givenchy or Alexander McQueen rely on circles, triangles or rhombuses in autumn. Thankfully, we don’t have to calculate Pi and Co. for these autumn trends, but the calculation still works: you will look great in them.


5th Fall Trend 2020: Get REDy!

Don’t worry, we know there is no a in ready up there, but the pun just fits so much, much better. Red dresses were already popular in summer, and in autumn at the latest we will see them everywhere. The alarm color is predominant in the autumn trends 2020 and is a powerful competitor to the classic Autum tones petrol, curry and bordeaux. We were able to admire red dresses at Valentino (of course, the label is famous for striking robes in the signal color), Alberta Ferretti, Bottega Veneta or Carolina Herrera. From red sequins to strict sheaths to playful frill dresses, everything is included.  semi formal dresses australia