The next few weeks are all about bridal style here on Bridal Musings, as we get the first glimpse of the 2016 wedding dress nz collections. (Eeek!)

But while we have a serious soft spot (or rather, obsession) for the gowns, we’re also pretty smitten with the accessories that go with them too.

And if there’s one thing that can take the most simple gown and elevate it to the next level or take an already stylised look and bring it all together beautifully – it’s a gorgeous bridal head piece.

And no one knows that better, than creator of unique, timeless, and elegant bridal accessories,What Katy Did Next.

1 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-28-630x420 2 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-30-630x417

(View more dress from cmdress.co.nz

Her latest, vintage-style collection (and the incredible shoot by Charis Talbot to go with it), is laden with beautiful pieces that range from the chic and simple, to the daring and fashion forward, from headpieces worthy of an old time starlet, to simple heirloom adornments you’ll treasure forever.

But before you swoon over her gorgeous creations, we’ll pass you over to the talented lady behind them, Katy Howieson, to tell us a little more about her latest collection, the shoot that inspired it and how you can bag an exclusive BM reader discount…


After the success of my Gold ‘Reign’ Collection launched last winter, I was lusting after a new project. When London-based vintage style girl group The Wild Tonics got in touch and asked to collaborate on a Gatsbyesque photo shoot with them I jumped at the chance and set about creating the ‘Lovefool’ collection. 

We compromised with a light, fresh and modern take on the theme – of course The Great Gatsby was a huge influence, but I tried to keep within my style at the same time and provide something new and different for my brides.

My aim was to create an assortment of versatile pieces that could adorn an array of bridal tastes from vintage lovers to fashion forward ladies.

I used quality materials and put my all into producing exquisitely detailed pieces stretching from statement deco caps to deliciously delicate hair vines and flirty glitter bands all with a varied price range. 

3 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-22-630x922 4 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-29-630x951 5 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-26-630x929 6 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-27-630x417 7 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-24-630x939 8 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-21-630x951 9 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-15-630x951 10 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-16-630x951 11 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-17-630x949 12 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-13-630x417 13 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-8-630x951 14 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-10-630x988 15 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-1-630x951 16 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-6-630x958 17 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-4-630x410 18 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-11-630x992

(bridesmaid dresses nz)

19 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-38-630x909 20 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-39-630x954 21 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-40-630x965 22 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-36-630x417 23 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-32-630x951 24 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-33-630x417 25 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-34-630x965 26 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-2-630x417 27 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-31-630x916 28 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-35-630x961 29 What-Katy-Did-Next-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-37-630x997



Aren’t they so beautiful? I just love the Gatsby styling too, though What Katy Did Next’s accessories would really pair well with a simple or more modern wedding dress too, don’t you think?

To see more of her gorgeous Lovefool collection, visit the What Katy Did Next website. And don’t forget about Kay’s generous Bridal Musings discount, enter BMUSINGS15 at the checkout for 15% off orders over £100.

Sell My Wedding Ceremony Dress Quickly – The How To Guide!

16 pantone-spring-2015-titanium
Do you require dress concepts for your indie wedding? If you are a one particular of a kind girl you want a one particular of a variety custom made wedding dress  produced by an indie artist. Some of the most stunning wedding ceremony dresses available bypass the conventional merchants and come to life by artists who will work with you to generate a properly fitting Eco-pleasant wedding ceremony dress that will suit your indie life-style.

Good wedding dresses has a lacey Victorian seashore dress that is ideal for a Vintage fashion with a contemporary touch. This dress is even inexpensive at only $182. Beadwork embellishes the bodice and the waist on this strapless beauty produced of light-weight materials.

This latte dress is best for a Cinderella evening. It has a gorgeous wrapping top, with a flowing bottom. It is only eighty dollars! It comes in the sizes two through twenty 6 (except sixteen) Consider advantage of this excellent deal! For a lot more data about this dress, look at the over internet site.

During the Edwardian occasions, dresses with satin sashes continue to be common. The style of the dresses generally followed that of the grownup gowns. They began to emulate not only in shade, but the fashion of the bridesmaid dresses. From 1920’s to the 1960’s, flapper design designs had been typically employed for flower lady dresses. It wasn’t right up until the 1960’s that complete classy style was introduced.

For a big event, you must hold in mind what time you place it. Do not wear the identical prom dress if marriage is the day that if it is evening. If the wedding day is recommended to dress in a cocktail Special day Dresses, informality of this depends on the partnership that exists in between the couple and you (family, close friends, acquaintances… ). As an example, the dress or the 2014 bridesmaid dress to stand out from the rest by its elegance. Most prom dresses are often short, above the knee, accompanied by a headdress or a hat. Nonetheless, if the wedding ceremony is at evening, the stars are generally extended celebration dresses, gala. Dresses are traditional and suit every womans figure.

Michele opened Winning Crown Boutique in 2009 and it has since turn into 1 of the most well-known stores for pageant apparel though all sorts of specific occasion dresses dresses are sold there. She won her title the 1st 12 months she began competing – 2007.

Pick up the supplies you need to reorganize. You can get do it by yourself closet systems that have every little thing you want at a good cost, and include to this system any unique organizers you have found that will maintain you organized. Do it by yourself closet organizers are accessible in a broad variety of variations and sizes, so select a core technique that functions well in your closet but leaves a small additional area for personalization. Set up your organizer, and then place your things back neatly. Anything that requirements restore, cleansing, or modification need to be set aside; don’t put these issues away until you’ve addressed their problems.

It effectively acknowledged that this kind of stuff is costly, unless one has an extravagant budget, budgeting stays an situation for such options. They can fetch anything at all amongst $2,500 to$10,000 and much more. The price is relative to the kind of dress and the identify behind it. But, then there methods to receive them at reduced rates. Many on the web shops provide the choices ones at reduce costs but do not forget to check the testimonials ahead of putting the purchase. Also make positive that the buy is placed way ahead.

View more dresses from cheapcustomdress.com

Snippets, Whispers & Ribbons – 5 Vintage Getaway Ideas For An Unforgettable Wedding Exit

Good morning lovelies! Can you believe we’re at the end of January already? Next it will be Valentines Day and soon we’ll be thinking about Spring! Before all that though, this week’s Snippets, Whispers & Ribbons. After the confetti has been thrown,wedding cake cut and the sparklers have fizzled out, it will be time for you and your husband to make your exit, and just like the rest of your day you want it to be unforgettable! Something stylish and fun, something that reflects your personality, as well as the tone of your big day, and most importantly something that will make for some fabulous photos – and completely wow your wedding guests! Whatever your theme, style, venue or budget here are 5 wedding getaway ideas that are sure to leave a lasting impression…..1 Vintage-Getaways

1. Classic Car

From the 1920s to the 1960s a classic car adds glamour and wow to the exit of any wedding – and is guaranteed to be loved as much by your Groom as by your guests!

2 Classic-Car

3 Classic-Car2

4 Classic-Car-5

5 Classic-Car-4

6 Classic-Car-3

1 ~ Photography Paula O’Hara via Ruffled, 2 ~ Photography  Kirill Bordon via Chic Vintage Brides, 3 ~ Photography Chris Isham via Southern Weddings, 4 ~ Photography Jose Villa , 5 ~ Photography Victoria Phipps Photography via Bridal Musings

2. Horse Drawn Carriage

Or for something with a little more olde world romance consider a gentle getaway on a horse drawn carriage…..

Jeremy Harwell | Snippet & Ink

8 Horse-Drawn-Carriage9 Horse-Drawn-Carriage-2

10 Horse-Drawn-Carriage-5

11 Horse-Drawn-Carriage-4

1 ~ Photography Jeremy Harwell via Snippet & Ink, 2 ~ Photography Katie Stoops, 3 ~ Photography KT Merry , 4 ~ PhotographyClark Brewer via Southern Weddings, 5 ~ Photography Jeremy Harwell via Southern Weddings

3. Vintage Motorbike or Scooter (side-car optional!)

For a fun exit full of retro charm there is nothing more cool than a vintage scooter or motorbike (with or without sidecar) But think about your wedding dress before you go ahead and book because anything long or full finitely won’t work – perhaps a good excuse for a chic reception dress?

12 Vintage-Motorbike-4

13 Vintage-Motorbike-3

14 Vintage-Motorbike-2

15 Vintage-Motorbike-5

16 Vintage-Vespa-and-Sidecar1

1 ~ Photography Sarah Kate via Wed Society, 2 ~ Photography Kimbry Studios via Magnolia Rouge, 3 ~ Photography Tessa J. via100 Layer Cake, 4 ~ Photography Sylvie Gil, 5 ~ Photography Jessica Claire via Green Wedding Shoes

4. A Bicycle Made for Two!

Or for an exit that is a little more budget friendly, but no less romantic, how about a pedal driven option? Sit atop the handlebars and have ‘Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head’ play as you ride away!

17 Bicycle-Made-for-Two-3

18 Bicycle-Made-for-Two1

19 Bicycle-Made-for-Two-5

20 Bicycle-Made-for-Two-2

21 Bicycle-Made-for-Two-4

1 ~ Sylvie Gil Photography, 2 ~ Petronella Photography via Burnetts Boards, 3 ~ Photography Anne Robert via Style Me Pretty, 4 ~ Photography  Dawn Alexandra via Green Wedding Shoes, 5 ~ Photography Ruth Eileen via Style Me Pretty

5. Sail Away

Or (and this one is my absolute favourite) what could be more dreamy than drifting away into the sunset with your new husband in a boat just for two…..

22 Sail-Away1

23 Sail-Away-4

24 Sail-Away-5b-e1422580761579

25 Sail-Away-2

26 Sail-Away-3

1 ~ Photography Anastasiya Belik via Magnolia Rouge, 2 ~ Photography Taylor & Porter, 3 ~ Photography Trent Bailey viaRuffled, 4 ~ Photography L. Hewitt Photography via Ruffled, 5 ~ Photography Ryan Ray

And here are some great Dos and Don’ts for decorating the Getaway Vehicle from The Knot – you might want to pass them along to your best man and maid of honour!

Have a great weekend lovelies,


This season Vera Wang describes her Bridal Collection as: Sexy, Sensuous and Skin. The seduction of cleavage, bare arms and legs… Young, cool and beaded. Vera Wang Bridal Fall 2015 collection is comprised of voluminous figure-flattering A-lines, lace ball gowns wedding dress, and body-skimming sheaths


(Right) Light ivory lingerie strap chantilly lace wedding dress with hand applique chantilly lace detailed by satin floral and crystal embroidery plus large silk flower accent at neck
(Left)Light ivory and nude long sleeve chantilly lace bridal gown with hand appliq


(idress.co.nz/wedding-dresses can offer the wedding dresses from the Pics)



Light ivory chantilly lace A-line bridal dress with a sweetheart neckline and tulle buildup, hand appliqué chantilly lace, and silk organza flowers at train



Vera Wang Fall 2015 Light Ivory hand appliqué chantilly lace mini/short wedding dress with sheer buildup at neckline



Vera Wang light ivory strapless sweetheart silk crepe ball gown wedding dress with architectural drape and hand appliqué chantilly lace at train



Vera Wang light ivory V-neck halter silk crepe bridal gown with double strap detail accented by silk organza petals at train



Vera Wang ivory and nude hand appliqué chantilly lace ball gown wedding dress with negligee neckline, accented by scattered crystals and silk organza flowers



Vera Wang Fall 2015 ivory silk georgette halter mermaid bridal gown with hand appliqué chantilly lace and silk organza flower embroidery accented by tulle bow at neck



9Vera-Wang-strapless-silk-crepe-mermaid-wedding-dress-2015-600x900 10Vera-Wang-Fall-2015-strapless-silk-crepe-ball-gown-wedding-dress-600x829 11Vera-wang-fall-20015-tiered-soft-tulle-gown-with-gathered-neckline-600x900 12Vera-Wang-Fall-2015-nude-spaghetti-strap-chantilly-lace-wedding-gown-with-hand-applique-lace-600x900 13Vera-Wang-Bridal-dress-with-hand-applique-metallic-flowers-chantilly-lace-underlay-accented-by-crystal-and-bead-embroidery-600x840 14Rose-V-neck-empire-ball-gown-and-Rose-V-neck-empire-wedding-gown-600x900

Gorgeous Game Lodge Wedding at Bonamanzi by Fiona Clair


You guys don’t need me to tell you how much I love the African bushveld, it is my BEST THING. So of course I have a soft spot for couples who share that love, and as soon as I saw Melissa & Keenan’s wedding I knew that they were just that sort of couple. Long-distance lovers who now live in beautiful Kwazulu Natal, they planned a game lodge fabulous wedding complete with a chic bush ceremony arch, zebra bridesmaid robes, and just about every variety of protea. It’s super joyful and beautiful, and super South African, which makes it the perfect wedding to kick off our super SouthBound year! The phenomenal Fiona Clair was on-scene to capture these gorgeous pics.





Love Story
Keenan is South African and I am American. We met at university when I came to study in Pietermaritzburg as an undergrad. Keenan and I are both biologists and ended up working together on a project studying zebra and we just clicked. The beginning of our relationship was tough because we spent a lot of time apart while I was still living in California. However, we knew it would work in the end because we are the perfect match for each other. I finally moved back to South Africa to get a Masters degree and we are now living together in KwaZulu-Natal. During our entire relationship, we have enjoyed traveling and exploring together, both in South Africa as well as in California, but never straying far from nature.

The Proposal
Keenan proposed to me while we were on a joint family camping trip in the Kruger National Park. My dad really enjoys his food, so Keenan took a jaffle (toasted sandwich) to my parents’ tent as a peace offering and proceeded to ask their permission to marry me. My parents quickly said yes and then Keenan waited for the right moment to whisk me off to my favourite place in the world— Mathekanyane (Sand Flea) Koppie near Skukuza. From this koppie, you have a view of the bushveld as far as the eye can see. I visited this koppie many times growing up while vacationing with my family and remember this as the spot where I fell in love with South Africa. Keenan knew this, and, true to form, Keenan proposed there wearing his beloved khakis. This koppie is usually quite busy with tourists but when Keenan proposed, we had it all to ourselves so we could enjoy the view and the moment alone. Instead of an afternoon game drive, we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon drinking champagne and gin and tonics around a fire.

007-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 008-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan

The Venue
From the moment we first visited Bonamanzi Game Reserve, we loved it. The main camp, Lalapanzi, is situated on a small dam and has spectacular sunsets. We had a weekend wedding with a number of guests arriving a few days before the wedding. Bonamanzi offers a number of activities (e.g. sunset river cruises and trips to Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game reserve) for guests to enjoy. Lalapanzi camp was also big enough to accommodate all our of guests. We adored the open-air restaurant at the camp and instantly decided that we would hold our reception there. Most importantly, Bonamanzi suited our style and we loved the scenery and ambiance.

Wedding Style
We both love the African bush and wanted our wedding to reflect that, so we went for a rustic bush theme. We used a palette of greens, browns, and pinks at our reception venue and our ceremony spot in the bush. We also used porcupine quills and guinea fowl feathers in our decorations.

009-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 010-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 011-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 012-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan

Wedding Details
Every aspect about our day had a personal meaning to both of us. This included a message my dad wrote to me on a piece of one of his blue work shirts that was sewn into the inside of my dress. My bouquet included jewellery from my two biological grandmothers and step grandmother as they could not attend our wedding. I also included a pin from my mom, even though she was there celebrating with us. Another close family friend, who could not attend the wedding, is from California and is an elder in the Chumash Native American tribe. He made Keenan a deer antler knife as a welcome gift when Keenan first came to visit me in California, and we used this to cut our cake!
My brother, Will, wrote and officiated our ceremony, which was just amazing. He included personal anecdotes, meaningful readings, and advice. Keenan’s brother delivered the most heartfelt reading of Wayne Visser’s poem, “I am an African.”
While growing up, I spent some time in French Polynesia, in the South Pacific, so we incorporated many Tahitian customs into our ceremony. We did a lei ceremony in which Keenan and I presented each other with leis (floral necklaces) made by two of my best friends. The flowers are all strung together to form an unbroken circle that represents your eternal commitment and devotion to one another. The beauty of each individual flower is not lost when it becomes a part of the lei, but is enhanced because of the strength of its bond. We also did the traditional Tahitian marriage ceremony in which both sets of parents wrap us in a quilt. This symbolizes the joining of the couple for life, and reminds them to always think of and consider each other as they are now one.013-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 014-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 015-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 016-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 017-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 018-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan

DIY Elements
My artistic abilities leave something to be desired, so any DIY that was done, was done by Keenan. He spray painted signs that were used to give directions on the day. He also drew and designed the wine labels for the table wine as well as the ceremony stationary. We left the rest to the professionals.

The Flowers
Proteas were a major theme at our wedding! We love proteas, so we wanted as many types of them as possible mixed in with everything else. Our decorating team, Function Flair, was so amazing. They listened to our crazy visions about our floral decor being stuffed with proteas, succulents, and porcupine quills… and totally delivered! We also wanted our arch to reflect our love for the bush so we asked Function Flair to incorporate our black wildebeest skull into it, which they made fit in perfectly with the proteas! All of my bridesmaids and I wore blushing brides in our hair and our flower girl wore a flower crown of blushing brides.


The Dress
Finding my wedding gown from idress.co.nz was the easiest part of the entire wedding process! I went to Olivelli in Durban and Tracey Laubscher, the owner, instantly made me feel special. I had no idea what I wanted, but I knew what I did not want! Tracey listened to everything I had to say (as well as Keenan’s mom and my mom!) and helped me select dresses that she thought I would like. When I tried on ‘Denver’ by Rosa Clara, I loved it from the moment I was buttoned into it. It was structured, but soft at the same time, and I could imagine myself wearing it in the bush. It ended up being perfect and was so comfortable the entire day.020-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 021-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 022-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 023-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 024-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 025-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 026-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 027-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 028-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 029-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 030-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 031-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 032-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 033-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 034-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 035-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan 036-MK-african-game-lodge-wedding-melissa-keenan