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Here we have a lot of formal dresses,evening dresses,bridesmaid dresses,prom dresses,jewelries,necklaces,earrings,rings and so on!As long as you have  websites,blogs,facebook,twitter,pinterest,weheart and other social media accounts with a large number of fans,welcome to apply for a giveaway.

To participate in the activities:

1, Applicant obtains the giveaway and you need to make publicity for your fans to introduce the activity and the review of the giveaway before or after you receive our products.

2, You can organize an activity for free trial products through your blogs,websites and other social media accounts to attract your fans to participate in.You can select a winner randomly for the
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Our products are shown on our website , you can choose a giveaway, we ship to you or your fans for free, each applicant can only apply for one giveaway!If you are interested in our giveaway,you can contact me!

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