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Swimwear: What to buy for every body type

Swimwear: What to buy for every body type

I hate to break it to you, but bathing suit season is right around the corner.

Trust me, I’ve got my fair share of work to do before this body slips into even the most modest of maillots.

In fact, I’ve already joined a group on Facebook to help motivate me to get in shape for just that reason.

Let’s just say though, that I’m not where I want to be by the end of May or early June when the pools start to open. How can I fake it in a pretty fabulous suit until I make it into the one I really want to wear?

The trick is to find suits to play up your strengths and minimize your “problem” areas.

Here are some gorgeous suits for all body types:

Pear Shaped

This is one of my problems – big hips. Great for birthing. Not so much for looking long and lean. Try tankinis with higher cut legs that lengthen or go the itty-bitty string bikini route. The tiny top will show off a great chest and the bottom’s string ties can be strategically placed to minimize the width of your thighs. But always, always draw the eye towards your chest with deep v-neck suits or bikini tops that are tastefully revealing. Swimsuits with asymmetrical cuts and/or tiny prints are also ideal.






Lucky you, you’re probably in great shape with very few (if any) rolls to hide. But maybe you really want to create cleavage with some bust-enhancing details. Choose suits with ruffle detailing or a ring bandeau to separate and accentuate. Halter-tops also pull the girls up and in to make you look a little more voluptuous than you actually are.




Short Torso.

You really want to concentrate on creating separation between your bust, waist and hips. Choose suits that are supportive, have an “X” pattern that lengthens or graphic cuts and colors. An roll-down bikini can also be adjusted to show more or less torso, makes legs look long and creates three separate body sections too.






While some women are complaining about too many curves in the wrong places, you tall and lean girls would probably kill for killer curves. Create some with front-tied tops or frills. Ruffles always add curves where there are none. Choosing hot colors like red and fuchsia always increase the va-va-voom factor.




Apple shaped

Be glad you have lean legs (I’d kill for those!) But your tummy may need a little minimizing. Ruching and a chevron print are always flattering for a bigger belly and a deep v-neck shows off your assets. Or choose one piece suits with side details – the optical illusion creates a leaner waistline.


The pooch

Still trying to recover from giving birth a time or two. Even if it’s been years since you’ve brought little ones into this world, your pooch may be ever-present. Brands like Spanx(R) are made for you. Sleek suits with tummy-taming technology are ideal for holding it all in. Or choose retro high-cut bottoms with ruching. Channel your inner pin-up girl in one of these suits.


See these suits and more on my Pinterest board


Now for some tips on shopping for swimsuits:

Go carb-free for a couple of days.

Cut the carbonated sodas, excessive amounts of pasta and bread, and gas-producing veggies like broccoli and cabbage. Your tummy will be flatter and you’ll look less puffy altogether. Your reflection in the mirror wearing all that beautiful plus size swimwear will thank you.

Don’t limit your suit-search to ones that you can try on in town.

Many companies like,,, and more have free shipping and returns on swimwear. Order a million styles if you have to, and try them on in the comfort of your own mirror.

Prepare your skin.

Hair-removal is a must. Pretend like you are heading to the pool with smooth legs and bikini line instead of the swimwear department at Dillard’s. A little self-tanner will help even more. After all, all women know that tan fat looks better than white fat.

Make sure your bathing suit fits even when you’re not just laying around in the sun.

Do squats or lunges, run in place or do jumping jacks in a suit you like. If it won’t stay put in the dressing room, how do you expect to chase your kids around the pool deck all day?

If all else fails, have a few cocktails and take a buddy.

Loosen up with your bestie beforehand. She’ll give you a much-needed second opinion on the great ones and will laugh with you at the really bad options. Just make sure she’s suffering alongside you while trying on her own swimwear from!

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