Bye, gray jogger! Model Tami Williams is making cargo style track pants a fashion trend

When we are currently scrolling through our social media channels and scouring our databases for new trends, we see everything gray in gray – both in terms of color and style. At the moment it mainly consists of  joggingpants, leggings, knitwear and puffer coats. formal dresses online

Should a look break out of this monotony, it will be noticed. And huge. Like the latest outfit from model Tami Williams. And we love it!

New fashion trend for spring: the cargo-style track pants replace the gray jogger

In doing so, she doesn’t massively modify our current favorite look. The 22-year-old beauty only tweaks a few screws – but that alone creates the impression of an ingenious new fashion trend . 

Fashion screw 1: Tami gives the jogging look an update. Instead of cotton sweatpants, she chooses cargo-style nylon trackpants. The comfort is the same, only the model looks fresher. 

Fashion screw 2: it breaks out of the gray-on-gray cluster with color! The highlight piece comes in pink, which makes you want spring. For the rest of the look, she chooses light cream tones. This turns the style into an absolute mood booster – and with winter blues and lockdown we all need more at the moment anyway. 

At least we’re ready for a bit of variety and color in our wardrobe – and hopefully spring won’t be too long in coming either.  formal dresses with sleeves

According to Pinterest: These are the most important fashion trends in 2021

Pajamas, jogging suits, leggings : if we had to choose our most worn outfits in 2020, these pieces would probably land on the podium. After all, due to the effects of the corona pandemic, we have spent more time in our own four walls than ever before – which is also reflected in the fashion trends of the past year. formal dresses online

But what can we expect in 2021? Even more pajamas, even more unusual leggings looks or completely different fashion trends? The social media platform Pinterest, which is used by many as a source of inspiration for everything to do with fashion, interior and beauty, predicts three major fashion trends for 2021 based on the search queries.

Fashion trends 2021: This is coming in the new fashion year – according to Pinterest

And they can best be described with two words: cozy and creative! Because according to Pinterest, the fashion trends for 2021 will also be determined by the ongoing corona crisis. They have to fit into our new normal and still be stylish. In the video, we show you which fashion trends will dominate the year 2021 according to Pinterest . (Spoiler: both leggings and pajamas can stay in the closet more often in 2021!) formal dresses with sleeves

Fashion forecast: These are the 4 biggest shoe trends in spring 2021

Anticipation is the greatest joy! That’s why we’re showing you the five hippest  shoe trends for the coming spring. formal dresses for women

Fashion forecast: These are the 5 biggest shoe trends in spring 2021

Shoe trends 2021: Thong heels

Thong heels were already a big shoe trend in summer and were worn up and down by influencers and bloggers. So it’s no wonder that they will stay in 2021. You can put this trend shoe on your shopping list. Especially popular: in cream or pastel tones. 

Thong heels will still be a shoe trend in 2021

Shoe trends 2021: loafers

Loafers celebrated their big fashion comeback in autumn 2020 – preferably with a chunky sole. Whether Louis Vuitton, Prada or Chanel – suddenly every high fashion brand had loafers in their collections again. In 2021 we will wear the trend shoes with cool prints or with glitter clasps. The main thing is that a special detail adorns them.

Shoe trends 2021: Strappy Heels

The fine sandals became a shoe trend last summer. We’ll carry it on in 2021. Their fine straps make them look incredibly sexy on the foot and go well with both chic and casual looks. Particularly cool: in bright colors like pink, orange or green.

Strappy heels instantly pimp any look

Shoe trends 2021: mules

Also  Mules play in 2021 continues to be important. The open shoe that you can slip on is perfect for the first warm spring days – not too warm, but not too cold on the foot either. The shoe trend in neutral or pastel tones looks hip and timeless. long sleeve formal dresses

Mules in neutral tones look super casual

These 4 fashion mistakes are quick to make you feel old

Some days we feel energetic and full of energy. On others rather tired and weak and – really old! This can of course have many causes (sometimes we just slept badly) but we never thought that our outfit could have anything to do with it! We reveal here which items of clothing can make us feel old. formal dresses online

Fashion trend? These 4 fashion mistakes are quick to make you feel old

1. Fashion flaw: a heavy bag

Anyone who travels a lot knows this: laptop, sports gear, lunch, sometimes even a change of shoes: everything goes into the handbag, which we quickly throw over one shoulder in the morning. What we rarely think about: The whole thing can quickly add up to an extra weight of five to eight kilos.

Ouch! Not only does the weight make us feel bulky (and sweaty), it also makes our muscles cramp. The result is neck and back pain  – and we quickly complain about ailments like grandma and grandpa.

If you can’t muck out even after a close inspection, it is best to think about investing in a backpack. They’re hip right now anyway.

2. Fashion mistakes: shoes that are too flat or too high

Die negativen Effekte von hohen Schuhen brauchen wir wohl nicht zu erklären. Wer jetzt denkt, dass Ballerinas und Loafer die bessere Alternative sind, irrt sich. Denn auch zu flache Schuhe können für ordentlich Fußschmerzen sorgen: Ohne richtige Sohle, die den Fuß stützt, tun nämlich irgendwann Füße, Knie und Rücken gleichermaßen weh und man fühlt sich alt und erschöpft.

An Tagen, an denen du viel laufen musst, solltest du bequeme Sneaker oder orthopädische Einlagen tragen, die deinem Fußbett angepasst sind. Auch die hippen chunky Boots oder chunky Loafer sind ideal.

3. Fashion mistakes: clothes that are too tight

Have you ever tried to pick something up while wearing your tightest jeans? Just! If your pants are so tight that they interfere with your freedom of movement, they will get caught in the closet for a long time. formal dresses with sleeves

And: Nothing is worse than feeling like you can’t move freely. As soon as you become physically aware of your body with every movement, you automatically feel that you have aged by decades. If you like the look of skinny jeans, you should therefore rely on a high percentage of stretch. Knit pants are also trendy and super comfortable.

Mega sneaker trend: two of our favorite labels are now working together

Vintage vibes determine fashion like never before. If two brands now get together and revive their iconic designs, the result is a retro trend in a class of its own. Especially when it comes to two of our favorite labels: We’re talking about Levi’s  and New Balance.  formal dresses online

They have designed a joint collection for the winter in which they revive their iconic designs in a modern style. Our favorite: The New Balance Sneaker  327, which is based on the original 320 running shoe and has been given a new coat of paint thanks to a Levi’s denim wash. In addition, the typical waffle sole from the 70s meets a modern, oversized New Balance logo on the side of the trendy sneaker. So cool!

Psst: Not only we, also celebrities like Katie Holmes (she wore the 327 model from the Staud x New Balance collaboration) are crazy about the 70s sneaker trend. Now you still have the chance to get hold of a piece from the limited collection.

The Levi’s x New Balance collection also includes a reversible, lined version of the classic Levi’s trucker jacket for women and a graphic t-shirt with co-branding and matching counterparts in the men’s department. formal dresses with sleeves

Ashley Roberts leads the way: coats now have to be this color to be trendy in winter

What fashion technology did we learn from 2020? Definitely, that cozy doesn’t mean stylistically – quite the opposite. The new comfy trend scores with two special features. First: The clothes fit loosely, which means they fall more casually and automatically look cool. Second: Due to the oversized cuts, cozy trend materials such as wool, fleece, knitwear and felt are now often combined with one another. cheap formal dresses

Ashley Roberts is one of the guys who has it all when it comes to casual looks. The former  Pussy Cat Dolls star recently wore a look that we immediately fell in love with. Especially in the fashion focus: your  coat After all .it comes in a new  trendy color. 

According to Ashley Roberts: Coats in the color silver gray are now a winter trend

After years of relying on black and beige for coats, the 39-year-old singer is now turning a different color into the winter trend. For her latest outfit, the blonde relies on a  silver gray wool coat: elegant, classic but at the same time casual and cool.

Ashley compliments the look with other soft colors. She styles a turtleneck sweater in cream white and wide-leg pants in beige. In addition, the 1.61 meter small all-rounder relies on super trendy beige-colored sneakers. As accessories she chooses a practical crossbody bag and cool sunglasses in 90s style.

Winter trend: Here you will find the trendy coat in silver gray à la Ashley Roberts

Trend color silver gray: Why we love the color in winter

Anyone who has ever owned a white coat knows that it will not stay so shiny and clean for long. Smear marks from bicycles and cars, coffee and sauces are quickly spread on it – and the coat has to be cleaned. The silver gray version is the perfect alternative for light coat lovers.

A coat in silver gray is just as elegant and classic, but not quite as hard and is much easier to care for. In addition, a light gray goes perfectly with all other colors, so it is easy to combine. The new must-have color in your wardrobe that you will see more often in 2021! long sleeve formal dresses australia

Winter trend: Here you will find even more great coats in silver gray