Wow! Lily Collins styles the leggings fashion trend so elegantly

Although there are hardly any taboos in terms of fashion today, we still don’t really dare to approach some pieces. An example? Vinyl leggings. Although the material can be really downstyled with the help of longsleeve and sneakers, one is always a bit afraid of looking too much like fetish wear. “Emily in Paris” star  Lily Collins now proves that this is total nonsense. But not by down-styling her vinyl leggings – on the contrary. formal dresses online

Fashion trend: Lily Collins styles her vinyl leggings so classy

Lily Collins styles her black vinyl leggings extremely elegant. She takes a light blue, transparent blouse with a bow and combines it with a blazer of the same color that she has casually thrown over her shoulder. This monochrome mix of materials looks incredibly classy, ​​but thanks to the thrown-on blazer, the look remains nonchalant and cool. The perfectly coordinated style is  skilfully broken up by the  skin-tight patent leather leggings . The leggings become the perfect eye-catcher – but remain classy. 

Lilly Collings shows: The vinyl leggings can look totally elegant

When styling, just imagine that your black vinyl leggings are simple, black trousers that you want to style elegantly – then styling à la Lilly Collins succeeds and you take vinyl leggings to a completely new level.  formal dresses with sleeves

Sweatshirts now have to be this color to be a fashion trend – and this is how you style them

A sweater is not just a sweater. It is the piece of clothing that others notice about us first and therefore always a little fashion statement! Ideally, the sweater should not only look cool, but also keep you warm and, above all, be comfortable.  cheap formal dresses

But there is another criterion that the sweatshirt has to meet these days: It has to be in a very specific, new trend color. Spoiler alert: We have found a model that actually combines all of these features.

Sweatshirts in this color are now a fashion trend

In dreary winter everyday life, when everything appears gray on gray and most of the clothes come in muted colors, we are always happy to have a little variety and a little mood lightener. So it’s no wonder that the new trend color of the hour – tadaaaa – is pink. Pullovers and sweaters in the soft color match perfectly with blue jeans, gray denim trousers but just as well with khaki, black and brown.

Our favorite model is the super soft and quick-drying sweater made of sustainable cotton from the label KCA-LAB. With its oversize cut and subtle puff sleeves, the sweater looks casual, but at the same time not too masculine. Cool twist: there is a KCA-LAB logo embroidery on the back. This makes the sweater not only an ingenious home and sportswear piece, but also definitely has the potential to become a real street style star.

Shop the sweater with logo embroidery on the back from KCA-LAB:

Fashion trend: 3 ways to style a pink sweatshirt in everyday life
Is pink always girly? 
We have long since passed these stereotypes! 
You can style the sweater in totally different ways. 
Fancy a few inspos? 
With pleasure! 
1. Sporty: So you can style the fashion trend sportily
If you want to style the colorful sweatshirt more sportily, wear it casually with sweatpants and sneakers. 
Add an elegant coat and a pink it-bag and voilà, the look is ready.

2. To cool for you: This is how you can really cool the fashion trend

With leather pants and a blazer, the pink sweater looks super fashionable and therefore automatically cool. Due to the mix of materials, don’t dress up with garish accessories – then it quickly becomes too much. Better: a relaxed statement bag in black. formal dresses with sleeves

3. Classy: So you can style the fashion trend really elegant

The third variant is perfect for dinner dates or for the office: Simply style the sweater with a white turtleneck underneath, so the styling immediately looks more serious. Because the look hardly shows any skin on top, a brown mini skirt and high boots go particularly well with it – and look very elegant and classic.

Winter trend layering: Model Liu Wen shows how the look can be really ingenious

Lasagne, tiramisu or the delicious, but extremely high-calorie puff pastry. The more layers, the better. And that doesn’t just apply to food, but also to fashion trands. formal dresses online

Especially in winter we can’t put enough layers of clothing on top of each other. It’s called a layered look. Or layering.

On the one hand, of course, there are very pragmatic reasons why layered styling is such a popular trend in winter. More clothing on the body means more warmth. In addition, the styling can easily be adapted to the changing temperatures outside and inside. Simply take a layer off or put on again and you don’t have to freeze or sweat.

On the other hand, layering looks also look incredibly stylish. The different layers give the styling more structure and make it look more interesting. 

Winter trend: Model Liu Wen wears the most beautiful layering look

Model Liu Wen has perfected the game with the layers. The 32-year-old Chinese recently showed up at Shanghai Airport with an incredibly ingenious and stylish outfit. But why not get an idea of ​​their winter trend for yourself …

The key piece of the look is a loosely cut leather jacket in black, whose cut is reminiscent of a classic shirt. Bold pockets and slightly rolled-up sleeves give this trendy item a casual touch.

Under that, Liu Wen could easily have pulled a simple sweater. Instead, she opted for a combination of a black turtleneck and a white oversize shirt.

The wide trousers with pinstripes and the chunky shoes go perfectly with it. All parts of the winter trend look are actually typical business pieces, but become modern and cool due to the oversized silhouette and the chunky details. 

The different layers of Liu Wen’s winter trend also harmonize perfectly with each other in terms of color. The black trousers matches the black leather jacket and the black shoe trend. Because the white shirt can be seen under the sleeves of the jacket and on the waistband, it loosens the look and ensures that the dark leather jacket and turtleneck do not look too massive.

The white color can be found in the pinstripes of the dark blue trousers. The model’s handbag is also blue, with a gaudy shade that makes for a colorful eye-catcher. Subtle earrings round off the winter trend.

Our tip : If the leather jacket becomes too thin in icy temperatures, simply pull a woolen coat in dark blue over it. Alternatively, coats in gray or dark brown also look great with the Liu Wen look. formal dresses with sleeves

Fashion trend: Jennifer Lopez gives her autumn outfit a winter update

Jennifer Lopez’s piggy bank should be about to burst. The singer’s estimated fortune is around 270 million euros. In 2020 alone, thanks to her appearance at the Super Bowl and other orders, she has raised an estimated 30 million euros. cheap formal dresses

She could use this to buy 7.5 million InStyle books, which, if lined up next to each other, would be around 45 kilometers long. 

It makes a lot more sense for the 51-year-old singer and actress to invest her hard-earned money in fashion trends. One of them even seems to have done so much to her that she now also has it in the winter version in addition to the autumn version.

Fashion trend: This is how Jennifer Lopez styles her fall cardigan in winter

We already raved about this fashion trend a few weeks ago. Here you can read all about it again. It was a beige pants trand with wide legs that J.Lo combined with light-colored boots, a white basic shirt and a beige-patterned cardigan in a rustic Norwegian style. 

In short: the perfect styling  for autumn. On the one hand because of the wide-cut pants , which conjure up a great figure and are suitable for a wide variety of temperatures. On the other hand, because of the cardigan, which provides the necessary cuddle factor, but which can also be taken off in no time and carried casually over the shoulder. Thanks to the light color, both fashion trends also provide late summer or early autumn flair.

For comparison: This is what Jennifer Lopez’s styling looked like in the autumn version

Jennifer Lopez now transfers these ingenious advantages of the look to the cold season and gives the styling an update for the winter. The beige pants are replaced by black ones. Instead of the bright ones, the pop star wears coarse black boots with tread soles and the cardigan, which like the autumn model comes from the Brunello Cucinelli label, has instead of a bright pattern simply one in gray, black and brown. A cool Baker Boy hat and a black handle bag add the finishing touch to the fashion trend look. long sleeve formal dresses australia

Now all we have to do is wait and see which styling modification Jennifer Lopez has in store. 
Who knows, she might surprise us with an update in pastel in spring …

Stylish and comfortable: Kaley Cuoco wears the perfect autumn outfit to imitate

We love to slip into sexy high heels and sparkling sequin dresses on special occasions or parties – in everyday life, on the other hand, we prefer to be relaxed and comfortable. The former “The Big Bang Theory” actress Kaley Cuoco shows how you can look super stylish . cheap formal dresses

Cozy into autumn: with the outfit by Kaley Cuoco

For twelve years Kaley Cuoco was seen in “The Big Bang Theory” as cute Penny – after the end of the popular sitcom, however, she now leaves the role behind and takes the lead in the much darker HBO series “The Flight Attendant”, which will start on the streaming service in the US at the end of November. While we will probably have to wait some time for the series in Germany, we can at least get fashion inspiration from Kaley Cuoco. During the shoot, the 34-year-old was spotted in a super comfortable and pretty autumn outfit.  

We love to slip into sexy high heels and sparkling sequin dresses on special occasions or parties – in everyday life, on the other hand, we prefer to be relaxed and comfortable. 
The former “The Big Bang Theory” actress 
Kaley Cuoco shows how you can look super stylish 
Cozy into autumn: with the outfit by Kaley Cuoco
For twelve years Kaley Cuoco was seen in “The Big Bang Theory” as cute Penny – after the end of the popular sitcom, however, she now leaves the role behind and takes the lead in the much darker HBO series “The Flight Attendant”, which will start on the streaming service in the US at the end of November. 
While we will probably have to wait some time for the series in Germany, we can at least get fashion inspiration from Kaley Cuoco. 
During the shoot, the 34-year-old was spotted in a super comfortable and pretty autumn outfit.  long sleeve formal dresses australia

Cozy into autumn: Kaley Cuoco’s outfit for after-shopping:

Cardigan – the favorite piece for autumn 
Knitted jackets have long been considered old-fashioned. 
This autumn, however, they are shedding their dusty granny image and becoming a favorite for cool autumn days. 
Because cardigans can not only be combined in many ways, they also keep you cozy and warm when the temperatures outside drop to frost.
Not only Kaley Cuoco is already a fan of cardigans. 
jackets could also be seen everywhere 
on the 
prada , Marc Jacobs, Chloé and Gucci 

While the season’s cardigans come in different styles, we opt for short-cut models in soft neutral shades à la Kaley Cuoco, which can be cut a little wider and more boxy.

Lingerie: Every woman should own this item – according to Rebecca Mir

Lingerie experts know that what a woman is worth to herself can usually be seen in her underwear . Because when in doubt, nobody sees them – except you. formal dresses online

If you feel like you’ve been caught discreetly: Don’t panic, it’s the same for us. We write these lines in the home office – we don’t see much reason to exchange our old socks and unexciting underwear for super sexy.

New campaign: Rebecca Mir in lingerie for the first time

Now, however, there is a good reason to leave this comfort zone and invest in new parts again. Because Hunkemoller announced that none other than Rebecca Mir isthe face of the new campaign. We met the 28-year-old for an interview and talked to her about what she wears at home.

Such a campaign is also the first time for the experienced model: Rebecca in lingerie – that has never happened before. Plus: “We have never done a campaign like this in which I hung in the stores more than life-size,” says Rebecca Mir.

We would say: A serious mistake, because in the conversation it becomes clear that Rebecca is pretty good at lingerie and attaches great importance to it herself.

Rebecca Mir: “I don’t own sweatpants”

Don’t you think so? The proof for us was this sentence: “I don’t own sweatpants. At home I just wear normal clothes or a negligee. ”Ok, drop the mic. Is that her secret of her marriage to Massimo Sinato?

However, Rebecca doesn’t forego comfort: “I often use the classic balcony. But such a bralette is of course also super comfortable to wear. In the evening you can then use the push. “

Lingerie: Every woman should own this item – according to Rebecca Mir

We now feel motivated to clean out the laundry drawer again and invest in new laundry. But where do you start? Rebecca’s tip: “Bodies are the most multifunctional. And the corsages – you can wear them in the evening in combination with a skirt or jacket. So if I only chose one piece from our collection, it would probably be this one. “

And what makes perfect underwear? “Of course I pay attention to the quality of the fabric, the accuracy of fit – how does the bra fit – and then to the design. If these three factors are correct, then you have found the perfect underwear. formal dresses with sleeves

The tips are hereby noted – and we say goodbye at this point, because we have to go into town quickly to buy new underwear.