To dream: These are the 5 most beautiful bridal fashion trends 2021 from Bridal Couture in New York

Even if it is completely uncertain how we will be able to celebrate weddings in the next year, one thing is certain: whether in a small or large circle, brides can prepare for incredibly beautiful wedding dress trends in 2021.

The Bridal Couture New York invited this year to take a virtual event to showcase the most beautiful bridal fashion trends for the coming year. Briefly summarized: The new bridal fashion relies on a lot of pomp and romance and gives cause for dreaming and indulging. Exactly what we need in these uncertain times.

These are the 5 most beautiful bridal trends for 2021

1. Bridal fashion trend 2021: wedding dresses with tulle

The German label Kaviar Gauche was part of Bridal Couture New York for the first time this year with its “Cloud No 9” collection. No designer duo knows how to combine romance and the present. Wedding dresses with lots of tulle are combined with delicate corset tops with decorations. A real dream in white.

2. Bridal fashion trend for 2021: wedding dresses with bows

The princess look for 2021 is not only reflected in exciting tulle creations, wedding dresses with bow details also provide the right dose of romance, which we simply desperately need in times of pandemic. The label Temperley Bridal shows that a princess feeling doesn’t always have to be associated with a lot of adornment and presents a simple dress without frills with a wide ball skirt, long train and big bow in the back.

Modern princess: At Temperly Bridal, simple shapes meet a long train and a pompous bow at the waist

formal dresses online

3. Bridal trend for 2021: overalls with a feminine touch
Pantsuits instead of wedding dresses look modern and emancipated. 
Bridal fashion designer Naeem Khan proves that the pant suit doesn’t have to be without pomp. 
For next year he is presenting a trouser suit with a holder neck top and a sexy neckline and extra-tight legs that look particularly futuristic. 
Above that, there is a voluminous part of the skirt, which gives the suit a feminine touch. 
Romanticism has rarely felt so modern.

Naeem Khan presented this modern romantic look with a jumpsuit

4. Bridal trend 2021: the little white

It doesn’t always have to be a long robe. The Little White is getting a special boost in the coming year and is certainly the perfect choice for small-group celebrations. So you don’t have to do without playful details. The label Odylyne The Ceremony is now showing a mini dress in wrap look with XL puff sleeves and ruffles. A dress can hardly look more modern.

Little White 2021 is so modern and romantic

5. Bridal fashion trend 2021: wedding dresses with puff sleeves

XL puff sleeves have become a real everyday trend that stands for modern glamor. The new power shoulders with a romantic attitude should not be missing in bridal fashion either. Vivienne Westwood is now celebrating her iconic silhouettes with an anniversary bridal collection – a wedding dress with XL puff sleeves and draped cleavage in off-white is now like a modern version of Lady Di’s wedding dress – simply to melt away. formal dresses with sleeves

This is how Vivienne Westwood interprets Romance 2021

We wear these 4 jeans trends up and down in autumn

In the last few months, jeans weren’t exactly our first choice. Due to Corona and the many weeks in the home office, we decided to wear comfortable sweatpants. And we will certainly come back to them frequently in the autumn as well. At the moment we are honestly much more in the mood for jeans and the cool looks that they allow – especially casual models are very popular this autumn. formal dresses for women

These jeans are all the rage this fall

1. Jeans trend: wide leg jeans

Bye-bye, skinny jeans, hello wide leg jeans! Pants with wide legs are more popular than ever (keyword: baggy jeans ). No wonder, the wide jeans are so much more comfortable than the skinny version and they also look super cool. We prefer to wear sneakers with wide leg jeans for a casual look or chic high heels for a more elegant look.

2. Jeans trend: pleated jeans
The pleated jeans are also casual and wide cut – especially on the thighs and hips, the shape is narrower towards the bottom, which makes our legs look even longer. 
Due to their cut, the jeans throw a few slight folds, which we already know from 
Papgerbag pants 
Which shoes do we wear with the jeans trend? 
Ankle boots look best because they stretch the leg even more.
3. Jeans trend: mom jeans
If there’s a new classic among jeans, it’s mom jeans. 
No other denim model has been so hyped in recent years. 
The straight cut makes the look super modern. 
Whether with chic high heels, chunky sneakers or chunky boots – 
mom jeans go with everything. 
4. Jeans trend: pocket jeans
Does the pocket jeans sound familiar to you? 
Right – we’ve seen the jeans trend with patch pockets on old photos of mom and dad. 
Who wants to drive the 70’s look to the extreme, now as then stylt  
Cowboy Boots hip boots with chunky heel so. long sleeve formal dresses australia

In vs. Out: These dresses are the trend in autumn 2020 – and these are no longer

With the beginning of autumn, two fashion hearts beat in our breasts. One that wants the warm days and airy  fashion trends such as skirts, shorts and dresses back and one that is happy that you have to wear more clothes on your body again and can hardly wait to experiment with several layers of styling again.

To bring these two hearts into harmony, you need a fashion trend that combines the best of both worlds. It’s clear: we ‘re talking about autumn clothing trends. But: Not all autumn dresses are the same. We’ll tell you which clothes make your fashion heart beat faster – and which clothes are less popular this fall. formal dresses online

Fall 2020: We no longer wear these dresses – and these 4 are instead trendy

1. Out: oversize knitted dresses // In: figure-hugging rib knit dresses

Knit dresses are comfortable. Knit dresses are cozy. And knitted dresses are oversized. At least that was the fashionable mantra for a long time. Because at best, knitwear trends were cut so large that you could make yourself really comfortable in them. Quasi a blanket to wear.

The knitted dresses are also cozy in autumn 2020. Only they are a little narrower – means: more figure-hugging. Narrow rid knit dresses are the absolute trend this year. Thanks to their silhouette, they look super classy and chic, but can also be easily trimmed for casual with rough chunky boots.

Influencer Ellie pimps her simple knitted dress with eye-catching accessories

Kenza Zouiten skilfully stages her baby bump with a figure-hugging knitted dress

2. Out: dresses with small patterns // In: dresses with a large retro print

It should have long been clear that being small is not a disadvantage. True to the motto “Small, but powerful!” Small patterns such as dots, flowers and the like have also done to us . The prints on dresses create a playful romantic look in spring and summer.

Now in autumn the small patterned dresses take a break. In keeping with the ongoing 70s trend, dresses with large-area retro prints in bright colors are now in fashion. Simple boots in brown or cream go wonderfully with it. 

Stylist Hanna wears a dress with a large print by Mara Hoffman

Hanna Stefansson is obviously in a really good mood in her print dress

3. Out: turtleneck dresses // In: dresses with XXL Peter Pan collars

Granted, turtleneck dresses will never go out of style in fall and winter. The trend parts are simply far too stylish for that and, on top of that, incredibly practical. After all, we can easily keep our necks warm with them. But: sometimes you need a little variety when it comes to collars. The dresses with peter pan collar in XXL are just the thing. They provide trendy retro vibes and are already extremely popular with influencers and street style icons.

And best of all: if you like, you can easily style thin turtleneck sweaters under the dresses with XXL peter pan collars in layering.

The Scandi girls Marie Hindkær and Mie Juel both swear by the collar trend in autumn 2020

Cecilie Thorsmark wears a trendy dress by Ganni with an XXL collar

4. Out: smooth satin dresses // In: dresses with pleats

Satin looks super classy and chic thanks to its smooth surface – the perfect material for the holidays in winter. We’re already looking forward to the trend. And to really savor the anticipation, satin dress trends are taking a little break this autumn. They are being replaced by dresses that are hardly less elegant: dresses with pleats .

Great: Pleated blinds are available in all possible sizes this autumn. If you like it more playful, you can use very fine folds in the style of Sania Claus Demina. Coarser pleated blinds like Leonie Hanne’s look cooler and also a little more casual – especially when combined with coarse and slightly masculine pieces (e.g. oversize blazers or chunky boots).

Sania Claus Demina’s dress by Totême has very fine pleats

Leonie Hanne combines her pleated dress with a masculine blazer formal dresses with sleeves

Bye bye, high heels! Which flat shoe trends are accompanying us through autumn

The  summer is definitely the ankle straps, mules and pumps in the world. Styled with a dress or an airy skirt, high heels look just great. But as soon as the days get shorter and colder again, we need more comfort on our feet. It’s good that the new shoe trerds bring exactly this coziness with them. Whether chunky boots or cool sneakers- autumn, we are ready for you! formal dresses online

Autumn shoe trends: we’re wearing these flat shoes now

1. Autumn shoe trend: chunky boots

Robust, more robust, chunky boots: the boots with the coarse sole were THE shoe trend par excellence last year. Whether with a dress, jeans or a long skirt – the black boots were worn up and down. And this autumn they are again a hit when it comes to warm, cool and trendy boots. The best thing about it? Even in winter we can still wear the chunky boots, because thanks to their chunky soles our feet never get cold

2. Fall shoe trend: loafers

Every fashion fan knows the situation: the sun is shining, but it’s still a bit cool. What is the answer to the all-important shoe question? It’s still too warm for thick boots, but the summer sandals don’t work either. The perfect shoe? Black loafers – also with a thicker sole. The classic shoe always looks chic and still has something casual about it. The look is particularly cool with the trend shoe with white socks – that also warms you up. formal dresses with sleeves

3. Fall shoe trend: New Balance sneakers

Hardly any other sneaker brand has been as popular as New Balance in recent months. Whether Pernille Teisbaek, Marie von Behrens or Matilda Djerf: Really all blogger girls wear their sneakers up and down. Whether with cycling shorts, a long dress or jeans – New Balance sneakers are always good. And that the sporty shoe trend is probably the most comfortable step in our shoe cabinet, we don’t even have to mention at this point, do we?

Fall trend: Victoria Beckham has found the perfect blazer

The bad news: we have to gradually get warmer again. The good news: We have to gradually get warmer again. Because the cool weather that awaits us soon also means that we can freshen up our looks with cool jackets.

Of course, this also includes blazers . The fall trend is still far from boring us. Mainly because it is reinvented every season and a different model keeps us warm. Victoria Beckham knows what it will be this fall . formal dresses online

According to Victoria Beckham, the wool blazer is now becoming the fall trend

If anyone can predict what the fashion trend will be in the future, then it would be designer and fashion professional Victoria Beckham. That is why we of course pay close attention to the beautiful fabrics in which the former musician wraps herself. And that’s up to date: wool.

Victoria is now on Instagram in a plaid wool blazer that is part of her new fall winter collection. The cuddly jacket in the restrained, dark colors is actually the perfect autumn trend that creates a cozy atmosphere. And while we’ve known him for a long time, it’s been a while since we wore a plaid wool blazer.

That’s why we’re more than ready to make a little space in our wardrobe for the beautiful piece.

We fell in love: With the Sister Laela blazer

If the autumn trend can get any better, it is only because it warms you properly and can be converted into a protective jacket. And that is exactly what the “Frida” by Sister Laela does.

The blazer is cut long so that no fresh wind can find its way under the jacket. Thanks to the wool mix, it is also significantly warmer than classic variants and – as long as it is not deep winter – it is really perfect to wear as a jacket.

In dark tones and with a large plaid pattern, it is also quite elegant. But don’t worry: the autumn trend is a real combination talent. Casual jeans or sneakers can also be stylishly styled with this trendy piece. formal dresses with sleeves

Shoe trend: You really need these 3 models now – and the autumn wardrobe is ready

“Sometimes it is difficult to be in the shoes of a single woman, which is why we occasionally need very special shoes – so that the difficult journey is a little more fun.”

Such wisdom à la Carrie Bradshaw is still remembered today from the series “Sex and the City”. But regardless of whether you are single or taken: As much as we would like to follow her advice – our budget for buying shoes is unfortunately limited. formal dresses online

You really need these shoe trends now

Any shopping investment should therefore be carefully considered. But which models are  really important in  autumn 2020? We did the check using the Lyst fashion search engine .

Et voilà – these three shoe trends are now particularly popular in Germany:

1. Shoe trend for autumn: knee boots

For a long time, overknees  were considered the ultimate and shaft boots that reach down to the knee looked somewhat old-fashioned.

But the 70s called more than ever this season – and left the knee boots behind. They are an indispensable part of fashion and a long-term investment. In terms of search queries, they are currently number

2. Shoe trend for autumn: slippers

A bit of slipper, a bit of très chic: Is it because many of us will still be working from home in 2020? In any case, the fact is: Slippers are the shoe style that is currently the second most sought after in Germany. 

The shoe has a history. Actually, it used to be a model that was mainly worn around the house. They got their name from the English word “slip” for slip, because they usually have no clasp.

In case you ‘re wondering what the difference to loafers is: They are a special form of slipper because they have a small heel, are often made of leather and have a solid sole.

Brave people combine slippers with socks in autumn.

3. Shoe trend for autumn: mules

This shoe took the fashion world by storm – at least since the woven sandals by Bottega Veneta have felt everywhere. Special features of the mules: They always have a heel and a free heel. formal dresses with sleeves

Many models also come with an open toe.