Jeans Trend: 5 Cool Ways To Style Your Mom Jeans This Spring

Gradually we unpack the spring wardrobe – and the winter items. But not everything has to go. Our favorite jeans trends remain natural. Right at the front: the momjeans.The casual classic is also ideal for cool spring looks. What do they look like? Here we have five cool styling inspirations for you. 

1. Jeans trend in spring: Mom jeans with blazers and ankle boots

The loose-casual jeans can use an opposite pole. How about a chic blazer, for example? In white with matching ankle boots, the outfit has a spring-like look. 

2. Jeans trend in spring: mom jeans with a sweater and Chelsea boots

Of course, the jeans trend is also popular as a styling partner for a cozy casual outfit. What do you need to make the look cozy but not boring? A cozy oversize sweater and trendy  chunky boots. The styling gets an extra pinch of sophistication when the boots are two-tone and have a little more platform.

3. Jeans trend in spring: Mom jeans with a short jacket and lace-up boots

Spring also means replacing long coats with jackets. And they go perfectly with mom jeans that sit on the waist. A light-colored jacket model puts you in a really good mood. Dr. Martens give the look extra coolness.

4. Jeans trend in spring: mom jeans with body and mules

 If it is sunny enough in spring, we no longer need a jacket. A look that also works in summer: wear a tight body instead of an ordinary top – or convert your swimsuit. Colorful mules make the outfit even more summery and – thanks to the heel – also more elegant.

5. Jeans trend in spring: mom jeans with teddy coats and loafers

What distinguishes spring above all else: One day the sun is shining, the next it is bitterly cold again. That is why the jeans trend is still combined with a coat every now and then . Particularly beautiful and, above all, cozy: a cozy teddy model. Then  style chic loafers.


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