Snippets, Whispers & Ribbons – 20 Beautiful Art Deco Bridal Bouquets


Today’s post couldn’t be any prettier! As we continue our look at all things Art Deco, today it’s time to swoon over some truly beautiful bouquets. And its fair to say the glitz, glamour and luxury the era is renowned for, was just as evident in the wedding dresses nz bouquets as it was in the fashion of the time – we’re talking oversized, opulent and oh so perfect! Here are 20 modern day takes on the Art Deco bridal bouquet by some of the very best florists in the business…..


Shower (or Cascading) Bouquets

Entering fashion toStorewards the end of the Edwardian era, Shower bouquets hit their peak of popularity in the 1920s and 1930s. Opulent and beautifully structured they have always been the bouquet of choice for a formal wedding, but with the addition of rustic, seasonal foliage they can be given a more relaxed look perfect for today’s modern bride. The size and length of the cascade really depends on personal choice, budget, your biceps (some of them look SO heavy) and of course how much of your dress you are willing to hide ball dresses nz!…..

Art-Deco-White-Bouquet Autumn-Bouquet Bouquet Bouquet-with-Feathers Brooch-Bouquet Cala-Lill-Bouquet Cascading-Bouquet Cascading-Bouquet-2 Copper-Cascading-bouquet Delicate-cascading-bouquet Extravagant-cascading-bouquet

Floral Design ~ HollyFlora, Photography from ~ Silvie Gil Photography via Wedding Sparrow

Sheath Bouquets

Made popular in the 1900’s, and known for a time as the Bernhardt bouquet after the many bunches of blooms presented to much adored French stage and film actress Sarah Bernhardt, the Sheath or presentation bouquet has a distinctly vintage feel and a timeless elegance. Vertical in shape and created with long-stemmed flowers, it is usually carried rested in the crook of your arm – but it can look equally beautiful, for more relaxed portraits, held by the stems with your arm dropped by your side. Choose flowers like roses or cala lillies for a formal and more traditional look, or choose a mixture of flowers in a romantic vintage palette for the more organic ‘just picked’ look that is so on trend at the moment…..

Lady-Mary-Sheath-Bouquet-e1439525550190 Presentation-Bouquet Presentation-Bouquet-2 Sheath-Bouquet Sheath-Bouquet-2 Sheath-Bouquet-3 Sheath-Bouquet-3b Shower-Bouquet Teardrop-bouquet Trailing-Bouquet


Floral Design ~ Magdalen Hill, Photography ~ Natalie McNally, See the recipe and the making of it here

Vintage Inspired

If neither Shower or Sheath bouquets are for you, it is possible to give hand tied and round bouquets a hint of vintage. The addition of some feathers for a flapper inspired feel, cascading ribbons for a more budget friendly shower-style bouquet or even just the type and colour of the flowers you choose – Cala lilies immediately evoke the Art Deco era and of course roses, especially in dusky shades, will add some vintage charm to any bouquet…..

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