Fashion trend: Jennifer Lopez gives her autumn outfit a winter update

Jennifer Lopez’s piggy bank should be about to burst. The singer’s estimated fortune is around 270 million euros. In 2020 alone, thanks to her appearance at the Super Bowl and other orders, she has raised an estimated 30 million euros. cheap formal dresses

She could use this to buy 7.5 million InStyle books, which, if lined up next to each other, would be around 45 kilometers long. 

It makes a lot more sense for the 51-year-old singer and actress to invest her hard-earned money in fashion trends. One of them even seems to have done so much to her that she now also has it in the winter version in addition to the autumn version.

Fashion trend: This is how Jennifer Lopez styles her fall cardigan in winter

We already raved about this fashion trend a few weeks ago. Here you can read all about it again. It was a beige pants trand with wide legs that J.Lo combined with light-colored boots, a white basic shirt and a beige-patterned cardigan in a rustic Norwegian style. 

In short: the perfect styling  for autumn. On the one hand because of the wide-cut pants , which conjure up a great figure and are suitable for a wide variety of temperatures. On the other hand, because of the cardigan, which provides the necessary cuddle factor, but which can also be taken off in no time and carried casually over the shoulder. Thanks to the light color, both fashion trends also provide late summer or early autumn flair.

For comparison: This is what Jennifer Lopez’s styling looked like in the autumn version

Jennifer Lopez now transfers these ingenious advantages of the look to the cold season and gives the styling an update for the winter. The beige pants are replaced by black ones. Instead of the bright ones, the pop star wears coarse black boots with tread soles and the cardigan, which like the autumn model comes from the Brunello Cucinelli label, has instead of a bright pattern simply one in gray, black and brown. A cool Baker Boy hat and a black handle bag add the finishing touch to the fashion trend look. long sleeve formal dresses australia

Now all we have to do is wait and see which styling modification Jennifer Lopez has in store. 
Who knows, she might surprise us with an update in pastel in spring …

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