Winter trend layering: Model Liu Wen shows how the look can be really ingenious

Lasagne, tiramisu or the delicious, but extremely high-calorie puff pastry. The more layers, the better. And that doesn’t just apply to food, but also to fashion trands. formal dresses online

Especially in winter we can’t put enough layers of clothing on top of each other. It’s called a layered look. Or layering.

On the one hand, of course, there are very pragmatic reasons why layered styling is such a popular trend in winter. More clothing on the body means more warmth. In addition, the styling can easily be adapted to the changing temperatures outside and inside. Simply take a layer off or put on again and you don’t have to freeze or sweat.

On the other hand, layering looks also look incredibly stylish. The different layers give the styling more structure and make it look more interesting. 

Winter trend: Model Liu Wen wears the most beautiful layering look

Model Liu Wen has perfected the game with the layers. The 32-year-old Chinese recently showed up at Shanghai Airport with an incredibly ingenious and stylish outfit. But why not get an idea of ​​their winter trend for yourself …

The key piece of the look is a loosely cut leather jacket in black, whose cut is reminiscent of a classic shirt. Bold pockets and slightly rolled-up sleeves give this trendy item a casual touch.

Under that, Liu Wen could easily have pulled a simple sweater. Instead, she opted for a combination of a black turtleneck and a white oversize shirt.

The wide trousers with pinstripes and the chunky shoes go perfectly with it. All parts of the winter trend look are actually typical business pieces, but become modern and cool due to the oversized silhouette and the chunky details. 

The different layers of Liu Wen’s winter trend also harmonize perfectly with each other in terms of color. The black trousers matches the black leather jacket and the black shoe trend. Because the white shirt can be seen under the sleeves of the jacket and on the waistband, it loosens the look and ensures that the dark leather jacket and turtleneck do not look too massive.

The white color can be found in the pinstripes of the dark blue trousers. The model’s handbag is also blue, with a gaudy shade that makes for a colorful eye-catcher. Subtle earrings round off the winter trend.

Our tip : If the leather jacket becomes too thin in icy temperatures, simply pull a woolen coat in dark blue over it. Alternatively, coats in gray or dark brown also look great with the Liu Wen look. formal dresses with sleeves

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